Warmies Heatable / Freezable Plush Animals Hot Cold Animals

The Warmies. Soft heat.  Lavendar Infused.
Warmies are heat accumulators that can be heated in a microwave oven or in a traditional oven, as they are made of specific materials that are microwave-safe and heat-resistant .
In summation, they can be used to cool off : equitable wrap them in a formative bag and leave them in the deep-freeze compartment for about a couple of hours .
The Warmies are available in many models : the lumbar strips, the animals neck warm, the slippers foot warmers and a wide rate of thermal stuffed animals.

The special blend of millet and lavender gives health and has a steady and relaxing effect .
Ideal as an aid to fall asleep better, they are a perfect alternative to rubber thermal bags and electric thermal blankets thanks to their bare, faster and above all safer ways of practice .
The pad is made of 100 % natural products .
The hotness is stored for a long prison term and gradually released. They heat up in the microwave oven in just 90 seconds at 800 watt of ability ; the hotness is released in 90 minutes .
Warmies are besides ideal for practice in place of the ice bag to relieve swelling and sprains or fever .
Before using the product, remove the information label. It is recommended not to heat more Warmies® products at the same prison term .
It is possible that the merchandise releases moisture during the inflame phase ; this phenomenon disappears after 3-4 steps in a microwave and / or traditional oven .
estrus in the microwave for 90 seconds at 800 watts of power .
heat in the traditional oven for 10 minutes at 100 ° C ; insert the stuff animal into a plate or a broil serve before placing it in the oven .
How do Warmies warm up?
There are two ways to warm up the Warmies :
MICROWAVE OVEN : 800 Watts of power for 90 seconds .
traditional oven : maximum 100 ° for 10 minutes.

Warning ! Put the gorge animal in a bake dish before inserting it in the oven ; make sure that the soft dally does not touch the oven walls and that the Grill mood is not active voice .
I can wash the Warmies
Yes : all the Warmies are dry cleanable. The plushes of the EXTRACTABLE line are besides machine washable, after extracting the bag containing lavender and millet .
Can Warmies only heat up?
No : Warmies can besides be placed in the deep-freeze to relieve the fever or in case of bruises. Simply insert the soft play into a credit card udder and place it in the deep-freeze for at least an hour .
How warm are the Warmies?
If warmed up by rights, the Warmies remain warm for more than an hour ; this depends, however, on the temperature of the environment in which the Warmies are used .
Can children of all ages use Warmies?
Yes. Warmies can besides be used by newborns .
For the small ones, however, it is advisable to use a lavish short hair or a soft play of one of the surveil lines : MINIONS, SOCKY DOLL, DELUXE .
What is the stuffing of the Warmies made of?
Inside, the Warmies dwell of a concoction of lavender and millet : the millet holds the hotness to gradually diffuse it, while the aroma of lavender has a steady and relaxing effect .
Is it normal for the plush to be moist once it has been extracted from the oven?
Yes. It is potential that the product releases moisture during the heating system phase ; this phenomenon, absolutely natural, disappears completely after 3 or 4 steps in the microwave. It is therefore not in any way a quality blemish, on the contrary it depends on the fact that the pad is 100 % natural ( mix of millet and lavender ).

Are the Warmies safe?
Yes. All Warmies stuffed animals comply with the toy dog condom directives EN 71-1 / 2/3 .