How to Microwave Pop Tarts

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*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more. Crunchy pastry crust with sweet meet, pop tarts are a quick breakfast or nosh theme to fulfill both a sweet tooth and hunger craving. Loaded with fatness, starch, and sugar, the relish is enhanced when heated in the toaster or microwave .
The key to heating pop tarts are to not melt the frost on top. however, microwaving pop tarts makes an tied gooier texture and drastically improves the spirit .
How do you microwave pop tarts ? Remove any foil or plastic package from the Pop Tarts and place them on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave for 10 to 20 seconds depending on the microwave wattage and how melted you would like inside.
Pop Tarts are delectable and arrant pastry to place in microwave to reheat before serving. They offer crunchy edges with mouthwatering melted inside that makes every morsel celestial .
If you are looking for another method acting than toaster oven, here we are discussing best microwave tips that result in tasty Pop Tarts every clock. Answered below are frequently asked questions about fool-proof microwave time to make Pop Tarts extra enjoyable .

Can you cook Pop Tarts in the microwave?

Yes, you can cook Pop Tarts in the microwave. The microwave is suitable to cook Pop Tarts quickly resulting in a hot and gooey filling with warm crust. 
It is only dependable to microwave 10 seconds to warm up a one serve. The time will vary based on the microwave electrical power and number of servings .
When microwave properly, the fill will become warmly enough to melt .
Be careful not to overcook the Pop Tart to a point where the fill becomes excessively hot because it can burn or dry up .

Can you microwave Pop Tarts in the wrapper?

No, you cannot microwave Pop Tarts in the wrapper. The Pop Tart wrapper is made with layers of foil that are not microwave-safe.

The foil is a type of metal that may melt, trip or catch fire in the microwave to destroy Pop Tarts angstrom well as the microwave appliance .
consequently, the negligee is lone to keep them fresh for memory purposes and not for cooking. so, constantly remove the hydrofoil wrap when placing Pop Tarts in a microwave .

How long to microwave Pop Tarts?

Heat up single Pop Tarts for 10 to 20 seconds in the microwave. Cooking time will vary depending on the microwave wattage and preferred filling texture.
When using an 800 electrical power microwave, it will take a full of 10 seconds to warm up inside and external, and an extra 10 seconds to get a fully melted inside occupy .
guarantee not to overcook the Pop Tarts to prevent the frost from melting .

Tips to microwave Pop Tarts

To make Pop Tarts taste just like it was cooked in the toaster, review these tips to microwave Pop Tarts and save time .
here are microwave tips that will make your Pop Tarts more enjoyable :

  • Avoid using the foil wrapper when microwaving, these wrappers are made with aluminum foil that can melt or create fire in the microwave. 
  • Use microwave-safe plate to heat Pop Tarts, or a microwavable paper towel will also work
  • Do not overcrowd the Pop Tarts, place a maximum of 4 pieces in the appliance at one time.
  • When taking out the cooked Pop Tarts from a microwave, be careful when breaking because the filling may be burning hot.
  • Lower the power to medium and lengthen to heat in 5 second increments until you feel the pastry is hot.
  • If cooked more than 10 seconds, take the Pop Tarts out of the microwave let it cool for a few minutes. 

Best way to microwave Pop Tarts

Toasting Pop Tarts is the recommend method acting to heat up. But microwave is besides desirable to cook Pop Tarts to result ardent occupy without altering the taste or texture of the crust .
Remove the Pop Tarts from foil wrapping and place them on a microwave-safe plate. It is recommended to heat one or two pieces of Pop Tarts in the microwave at a meter, and do not exceed 4 pieces at one clock time .
Microwave on high power for 10 seconds and avoid overcooking them. If the wattage of microwave is lower than 800 wattage, consider lengthening the cooking time to 20 seconds or until desired internal temperature is reached.
When removing the cooked Pop Tarts from microwave, be cautious as the filling may be burning hot .
Pop tarts in microwave

Microwaving Pop Tarts: Conclusion

Whether it is served for breakfast or noon nosh, Pop Tarts are delectable pastries filled with fruit crush or brown university carbohydrate filling. They can be enjoyed straight out of package, but warming in the microwave improves the resultant role .
They do taste much better when warmed up, and the microwave is a perfect appliance to heat up any season Pop Tart quickly.

All Pop Tarts come in a metallic foil box, so remove the wrapper before placing in the microwave because heating metallic foil in the microwave is very dangerous and can lead to a fire .
Put them on a microwave-safe plate or use a newspaper towel. Set the timekeeper on microwave for 10 seconds on high office .
Let them cool devour for 10 seconds before picking them up from microwave or use oven mitten to avoid from burning. When breaking the pastry in half, be careful as the filling may be extremely hot and could cause a burn .