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A pizza stone is one of the best tools to bake perfect pizza at home, but it ’ s useless if you don ’ t know how to use it properly. To make absolutely crisp pizza, you need to preheat your pizza stone, and hera ’ s how .

Preheat Pizza Stone or Not – Does It Really Matter?

The whole point of baking pizza on a pizza stone is that the hot stone helps crisp up the pizza. If the stone is not hot when you put the pizza on, you ’ ll end up with a inert, uncooked pizza. It ’ s consequently necessity to preheat your pizza rock .
A pizza stone works by retaining heat, that ’ s then used to bake the bottom of the pizza. This results in a nice and crisp pizza crust .
What a pizza stone is trying to do is to simulate the environment in a pizza oven. A pizza oven works by baking the pizza with a combination of heat from the floor and radiating heat from the ceiling, or dome, of the oven. The main dispute between baking in a pizza oven and a home oven is the floor baking. This is happening when the pizza boodle is in direct reach with the hot floor of the pizza oven. And is something you can ’ metric ton achieve baking pizza on a bake sheet. The reason is that it takes time to heat a cold bake sail. And the baking sheet is not starting to bake the pizza until it reaches sufficient temperature.

To get a result similar to a pizza oven, the pizza has to be baked on a hot surface. Like a pizza stone! You, therefore, have to preheat your pizza stone before baking the pizza.
In accession to not baking the pizza properly, placing a cold pizza stone into a hot oven may result in a break through stone. Pizza stones are normally made from clay or ceramic, that ’ s prone to cracking from temperature daze. If you want to read more, and learn how to prevent your pizza stone from cracking, check out this article .

At What Temperature Should I Preheat My Pizza Stone?

To get the properly pizza crust consistency, nice and crisp on the away, while placid soft on the inside, the pizza has to be baked quickly. The only manner to achieve this is in a blaze away hot oven. A commercial pizza oven can get deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot as 800°F ( 425°C ), and a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza oven can reach more than 900°F ( 485°C ). You can however not get your home plate oven that hot, but you want to try to get vitamin a close as potential .
A pizza stone should be preheated at minimum 500°F (260°F), or as hot as your oven goes. The hotter the better!
What will happen if the pizza stone is not hot adequate during bake is that you ’ ll end up with a doughy, or even raw pizza. Worst case scenario, the pizza will get stuck to the pizza rock, and you ’ ll end up with a huge fix .

The Temperature Will Drop When You Add Cold Pizza

Something deserving mention is that the surface temperature of the pizza rock will drop when you add a pizza. The cause is that the cold ( room temperature ) pizza will cool down the rock. therefore if you ’ rhenium baking many pizzas in a rowing, it ’ mho significant to let the pizza stone re-heat between the pizza. Else, each pizza will turn out less and less crisp .

How Long Does It Take to Preheat a Pizza Stone?

It takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to preheat your pizza stone.

I ’ ve heard a fortune of people discuss the need to preheat pizza stones for a full hour. Some claim that 15 minutes is sufficient, but from my experience that plainly isn ’ t enough .

Preheating Experiment – How Long Does It Really Take?

To get to the buttocks of this, I did an experiment. I tried baking four pizza on a pizza stone preheated for different durations. Since I already knew the consequence of no preheat ( that resulted in a crack pizza rock and bare-assed pizza last time I tried… ), I skipped that .
I baked all four pizza for 6 minutes in 570°F ( 300°C ), the highest temperature I could reach in my convection oven, with the broiler on .

15 minutes For the first pizza, the edge got a little crispier than on a baking sheet, but it’s still almost completely pale. The middle of the pizza was very soft, not completely raw, but definitely not done. Clearly not enough heat for this pizza.
30 minutes The second pizza didn’t appear raw, but it wasn’t very crispy either. It also lack any color and was completely white. Better but still not hot enough.
45 minutes The third pizza got some browning and was nice and crispy. The browning was even, unlike the first two pizzas. I was quite happy with the result, and this was pretty much what I expected to get from a pizza stone.
60 minutes The last pizza got slightly more color than the third and was also a little bit crispier. This was what I was looking for – perfect, crispy pizza

From my test, I found that 60 minutes, or 1 hour, is the ideal time preheating time. There was a minor deviation between the 45 moment and the 60-minute pizza, but not a huge difference. then 45 minutes is approve, but if you have a full hour to preheat your stone, that ’ s preferable !

Baking Many Pizzas

In my experience, it ’ south approve to bake 2 pizza right after each other. But if you ’ re baking more than that, I recommend giving the stone 10-15 minutes to come back up to temperature after every two pizza .
If you have a large pizza stone, you can place each back-to-back pizza on the opposite side of the stone. then the side that ’ s not in habit has time to heat up before the adjacent pizza .

How to Preheat your Pizza Stone – Step by Step

It ’ s truly easy to preheat your pizza rock, and the method is pretty much the same whether it ’ s in the oven or on the grill.

Preheat Pizza Stone in Oven

  1. Place the pizza stone in the a cold oven. It’s important to put in the pizza stone while the oven is still cold, to prevent the stone from cracking. It’s also safer positioning the the stone in the oven when it’s not hot. Then let it slowly come to temperature with the oven.

    If you have a broiler in your oven, the best place to but the pizza stone is as close to the broiler as you can. The reason is that the broiler will help the pizza stone get even hotter than air temperature of the oven.

  2. Turn on the oven on the hottest setting. You want both the oven and the pizza stone to get as hot as possible, you therefore want to use crank up the oven as hot as possible. And if you have If you have a broiler, turn that on too, to make the pizza stone even hotter.
  3. Let the pizza stone preheat for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. To make sure the stone is hot enough, it needs 45 minutes, or ideally a full hour. Don’t be inpatient and skip this step! That will result in soggy, raw pizza.

Preheat Pizza Stone on Grill

  1. Place the pizza stone on the a cold grill. You should place the pizza stone on the grill while it’s still cold to prevent the it from cracking. The grill will also be very hot, and it’s easy to burn your fingers, if you were to put the pizza stone in place when it’s hot!

    It’s a good idea to place the pizza stone in one side of the grill, and heat it with indirect heat. Else you’ll end up with a pizza stone that’s too hot, and the bottom of the pizza may burn before the cheese is melted.

  2. Heat the grill. If you’re using a gas grill, turn on all the burners, but leave the burner, or burners, right under the pizza stone on 50-75%, while you turn the rest up to 100%. You don’t want too much heat right under the pizza stone. Rather let it come slowly to temperature using indirect heat. If you’re using coal. You should also not place too much coal directly under the stone, for the same reason.
  3. Let the pizza stone preheat for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. To make sure the stone is hot enough, it needs 45 minutes to an hour.


The importance of preheating your pizza stone should not be neglected. Without proper preheat, you ’ ll end up with raw, pizza and potentially a fix. And you ’ ll end up wasting both clock time and money on a pizza stone since you use it incorrectly .
To achieve perfect, crisp pizza in your home oven, you need to bake the pizza at the hottest temperature potential. This means that you should use the hottest setting your oven can reach. You besides need to preheat for at least 45 minutes, or ideally an hour, to make certain the pizza stone is hot adequate. It ’ south besides crucial to place the pizza rock in the oven, or grill, when it ’ s coldness, to prevent crack, and unnecessary hazard of hurting yourself .
With proper preheat, and the manipulation of a pizza stone, you ’ ll bake the best pizza you ’ ll always try in your home oven !