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How To Make Pizza On A Grill

There are 2 ways to grill pizza : on a pizza stone and immediately on your cook grates. Both methods require a close lid to take advantage of a grill ’ south convection heat, which will produce slightly charred, golden-brown crusted covered in the bubbling toppings of your choice. If big veggies like peppers are among those toppings, we recommend you pre-cook them because the water they release when grilled will make your boodle doughy. We can think of few things sadder than doughy boodle .
Margherita pizza cooking on a pizza stone in a gas grill

Grilling Pizza with a Pizza Stone

beginning by placing your stone on the cooking grates and preheating the grill as normal. It ’ s extremely significant to preheat the pizza stone along with the grill because putting a cold stone on hot grates may cause it to crack. As the grill preheats to around 500–550 degrees Fahrenheit, take time to roll out your dough and assemble your pizza. A tip for outdoor entertainers : After your dough is ready, set up unlike top stations and let guests create their own pizza.

To ensure your gem is at the correct temperature, sprinkle corn grits or cornmeal on its surface. The cornmeal will smolder if the stone is around the target temperature of 550 degrees. If it immediately catches fuel, however, you know the rock is besides hot to cook the boodle properly. In that case, just drop the temperature, clear the corn grits from the stone, and re-test with another scatter. In addition to indicating temperature, this coat of cornmeal on the pizza stone prevents the dough from sticking and helps draw out moisture for crisp crust .
once your pizza is assembled and the stone is at the proper temperature, merely place your pie on the stone ( topping side up ) and close the eyelid. Neapolitan pizza and other thin crusts need only 3–5 minutes to cook on a stone, while thickly boodle can take up twice as long. You should always use a pizza peel to move your pie, and we recommend first-timers invest in a metallic peel off because it ’ second thin and easier to use than the wooden option .
It ’ s besides possible to bake pizza on a flatulence grillroom, which is done on a rock and at lower temperatures around 350–425 degrees. merely place your pizza on the stone as usual, then step back and let the convection heat of your grillroom work its magic trick for about 10–12 minutes.

  • Margherita pizza cooking on the grill grates of a gas grill.
  • Grilling Pizza on the Grill Grates

    This method calls for moderate temperatures of about 425–450 degrees to account for the conduct estrus your dough will be exposed to. It ’ s the choose way to grill freeze pizza, but it works merely american samoa well for the homemade stuff. Preheat your grillroom, lightly brush olive petroleum one side of the fully formed boodle, then place the oiled side on your grillroom grates. Allow thin-crust pizza to cook for about 1½ minutes, and let thick-crust pizzas sit for around 3–5 minutes .
    From there, use a spatula and tongs to bring the dough back to your homework counterpunch, placing the cook side devour. Apply oil to the raw english before flipping over the pizza and arranging your toppings on the cooked dough. Put your pizza back on the grates, raw side devour, so it can cook for the lapp total of time as the first side. now all that ’ sulfur left to do is take your pizza off the grill and serve ! Just save us a slice, will you ?

Type of Pizza Temperature Range (° degrees Fahrenheit) Approximate Cook Times
Thin crust (fired on a stone) 500-550 degrees 3-5 minutes
Thick crust (fired on a stone) 500-550 degrees 6-8 minutes
All crusts (baked on a stone) 350-425 degrees 10-12 minutes
Thin crust (fired on the grates) 425-450 degrees 1½ minutes per side
Thick crust (fired on the grates) 425-450 degrees 3-5 minutes per side

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