How to Store Pizza Dough (The Best Ways and What to Avoid)


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It is always dainty to be able to make food in advance, making mealtimes faster and easier. however, pizza is decidedly one of those foods that tastes best when it is hot out of the oven .
So how can you prepare pizza ahead of time while still making it taste super newly ? just make the boodle in promote ! Unless of course you ’ ra making pizza without boodle .
There are a few ways in which you can store pizza boodle while keeping it fresh and delectable. Store your pizza dough the right direction and you will be able to promptly throw together a pizza, baking it on-demand, anytime !
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How to Make Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is actually quite easily to make. In precisely a few simple steps, you can have a perfective, restaurant-worthy boodle that will be the perfect free-base for any pizza ( even ones without sauce ! ) .
Yeast To begin, active yeast and urine are mixed together and left to sit for respective minutes, making the yeast come to life. future, the remaining ingredients ( normally flour, salt, carbohydrate, and olive oil ) are added and the dough is kneaded together ( make sure not to over-knead ) .
After a smooth dough has formed and you have kneaded the dough as directed in your recipe, the pizza boodle will need to rest .
During this time, the yeast will begin to expand and release gases, causing the dough to rise ( see why this is therefore significant ). This is what makes for a courteous downy pizza crust ( or any kind of downy bread ! ) .
After the boodle has risen, you will punch it down, deflating the boodle and shaping it into your pizza crust. Some recipes will call for the dough to rise again before baking while others will say the pizza dough is ready to use after just one rise .
Read your directions carefully- both ways work well !

Portioning Dough for Storage

If you are making pizza boodle, you very might equally well double or triple the recipe, making extra to prepare for your following pizza nox .
Most pizza boodle recipes will multiply merely fine, giving you the lapp boodle results for 4 pizza crusts that you would attain when making just a single batch. so why not make more ! You may have to knead the boodle a fiddling longer but that can easily be done .
When you make a big batch of boodle, it is a well mind to fortune the dough before you store it. then, if you made a 4X batch of pizza dough, after the dough has risen once, divide it into 4 adequate pieces before storing. It is much easier to use the boodle subsequently on when it is nicely divided like this .
Anytime you are fix for a pizza, you can good take out one of your pre-portioned doughs and make your pizza ! No want to cut boodle apart or mess with mixers every time you have a pizza craving .
sol take the clock time to separate the dough before you store it- you will be glad that you did !
If you find that your dough doesn ’ triiodothyronine want to stretch, try the steps mentioned in this article .

When To Store Pizza Dough

After you have mixed the pizza boodle and let it rise one fourth dimension, you should store it using your favored method acting. Divide the dough and storehouse as desired ( keep learn to find out the best manner to store pizza dough ! ).

Before you make your pizza, you will need to let the dough warm up and rise one more time. however, this is much easier and less time consuming than making dough from scratch every fourth dimension you want pizza !

Storing Pizza Dough on the Counter

If your boodle was just left at room temperature, on your kitchen counter, for exemplar, the yeast would continue to expand the dough, causing the dough to over-ferment and giving it a bad smack .
When left at board temperature, the yeast will grow for a while and then die .
If you bake pizza dough with inactive yeast, it will not rise since all the power of the yeast has already been used. rather, the dough would just be a bully, chewy, solid, unappetizing crust .
so, the lesson is, if you want to store pizza dough, it needs to be chilled in order to prevent the yeast from growing excessively fast and dying. Chilling the dough slows down the yeast, causing it to go dormant .
think of the electric refrigerator or deep-freeze as a plaza your yeast can go to hibernate, resting and waiting until you are ready to enjoy a pizza !

Storing Pizza Dough in the Fridge

Opening Fridge After you have let your dough rise once and divided it into balls the size of one pizza crust ( miniskirt or big ), wrap the dough well in an airtight container .
You can plainly place the boodle in a plastic storage container with a lid or you can wrap the boodle directly in formative wind. It is besides easy to place the dough in a large zip up bag, press the air out of the bag and seal it .
once wrapped, the dough can go correct into the electric refrigerator. Pizza boodle will keep for about 2 weeks in the electric refrigerator. When you are ready to use the boodle, remove it from the electric refrigerator, unwrap the dough and station it on your buffet or in a lightly floured bowl .
Cover the dough loosely and then let it come to room temperature. For a ½ pound ball of dough, this will take about 30 minutes. Roll the dough into a pizza crust and then add your favorite toppings and bake !

Storing Pizza Dough in the Freezer

Storing pizza dough in the deep-freeze is much like storing it in the electric refrigerator. You will need to wrap the boodle tightly in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out .
then, place the portioned dough in the deep-freeze until you are ready to use it. Pizza boodle will keep in the deep-freeze for about 3 months .
When you are fix to use your flash-frozen pizza dough, you should move it from the deep-freeze, into the electric refrigerator to let it thaw nightlong. then, take the thawed dough out of the electric refrigerator and unwrap it .
Move the dough to a lightly floured airfoil, loosely cover, and allow it to come to board temperature. once warmed, hustle or stretch the boodle into your pizza crust, bake and delight !
If you need to speed up the process, try one of these option ways to defrost pizza boodle .
Homemade pizza As you can see, it is quite easy to store pizza dough. The dough will bake perfectly, no topic if it were frigid or plainly refrigerated for a few days .
You should decidedly never make a unmarried batch of pizza dough ever again- make 3, 4, 5 times the sum of boodle, wrap it and store it ! It is the perfect, easily solution to making fresh pizza at home anytime you ’ d like !