How Long Is Leftover Pizza Safe To Eat?

We much order besides much pizza on “ accident ” and are stuck with delectable leftover pizza. This is a bang-up way to prep future meals, but one problem is that leftover pizza is normally left out excessively long. Since this is such a common happening, it is good to learn how long pizza lasts in the electric refrigerator or when left sitting out. Pizza is safe to eat for three-four days in the fridge and for up to two months if frozen. According to USDA, pizza should be refrigerated within two hours of it being cooked. Bacteria may rapidly grow on food left out too long in temperatures between 40ºF-140ºF.

This obviously does n’t mean that you will surely get ghastly from consuming the pizza after the exact two-hour tag. It should be noted these USDA guidelines are meant to be identical conservative and safe. however, it is still good to know that the risks of bacteria growth increase drastically after that steer. In the rest of this article, we will look at how to keep pizza warm for longer, why it is important not to leave your pizza out excessively hanker, and how to freeze it when needed. You may also like these other pizza-related articles:

How to Keep Pizza Warm at a Party

sometimes you may need to keep your pizza warm and available for longer than 2 hours when having a party or just entertain guests. Here are two solid ways to keep your pizza warm and safe for longer than 2 hours:

1. Put the pizza in the oven and warm between 165ºF and 200ºF

You can combine the pizza into the boxes and pop them straight in the oven to keep warm if you have room. If you do n’t have room for the pizza boxes, you can wrap the individual slices in foil. Pop the slices in the oven at least 165ºF to be sure it gets above the danger zone for bacteria growth. Some ovens have a quick set. You do n’t have to worry about the boxes starting on displace until you get closer to 400ºF. good remember the longer the pizza is there, the more the quality will decrease .

2. Fully Reheat the Pizza After One Hour

When the pizza is cooled, separate the slices and reheat the pizza using an oven. You can put them on a pan with foil and cook for 5 – 10 minutes at 350ºF. Reheating your pizza can besides be accomplished with a toaster oven if you entirely need to heat a few slices. otherwise, if an oven is not an choice, you can reheat your pizza using another method acting like the microwave, stove, or grillroom .

What to do With Pizza Left Sitting Out

We are credibly all guilty of leaving pizza out but do we actually have to toss it if we leave it out besides long ? If pizza is left sitting out too long at room temperature, it should be thrown away. It is recommended that all perishable hot or cold take-out food should be trashed if left out for more than two hours. Bacteria can start growing rapidly around 2 hours after it cools below 140ºF. This is a department of agriculture food base hit guideline that was published in 2013.

There are a couple of reasons people do n’t like this answer besides good not wanting to throw away tasty pizza :

  1. People have eaten pizza left out before and not gotten sick.
  2. Heating the food back up kills bacteria, right?

First off, it might sound crazy, but you can get sick from bacteria and not in truth notice it. You might think if you are n’t nauseated or throwing up, you did n’t get sick from the food. This bacteria can frequently merely cause digestive discomfort, which is silent not good for you. Heating the pizza can kill active bacteria, but you might not get the right temperature for long enough to kill all types of bacteria. Some specialize bacteria can go dormant and possibly survive extreme temperatures and lack of nutrition for a time. This means if you let the pizza sit out excessively long, you can later refrigerate and reheat it, but there is a opportunity you could placid get sick as the bacteria can become active again when reaching the right temperatures. In the end, if you are dead intent on risking eating pizza left out too long, you can do the following to help mitigate the risks:

  • When reheating pizza, choose the oven over the microwave and ensure that it reaches an internal temperature of at least 165ºF for at least a minute to help kill most bacteria.
  • Drink a beer or glass of wine with the leftover pizza as alcoholic beverages have been proven to lower the risk of getting sick from food-borne illnesses.

Can You Store Pizza in the Box?

Should you store leftover pizza in the corner, and how long does it last sitting out ? If you need to, you can store pizza in the box, but it should still be refrigerated 2 hours after you get it. It is better to store pizza in a sealed container or bag to slow the drying out process and help maintain the quality. Storing pizza in an airtight container will also prevent it from smelling up the fridge and should take up less space. Storing pizza in the box is fine for a day, but because pizza boxes are not airtight, your slices will dry out fast. Containers are sealed with publicize in them excessively, but boxes allow circulation of air. To properly store your leftover pizza in the fridge, within 2 hours:

  1. Let it cool to room temperature 
  2. Separate the pizza slices
  3. Wrap the individual slices in plastic
  4. Then store them in an airtight container in the fridge

How to Freeze Pizza

You can constantly freeze pizza if you have way excessively much leftover pizza or just know you are n’t gon na eat it in the few days following. When properly frozen and stored in the freezer, pizza can last up to two months. The pizza should be first cooled then stored in either two layers of plastic or a layer of plastic and one layer of aluminum foil.  Here are the basic steps to freeze pizza:

  1. Let it cool to room temperature 
  2. Separate the pizza slices with a knife
  3. Wrap the individual slices in plastic
  4. Put the slices in plastic freezer bags or wrap them in foil
  5. Write the date you froze them on the foil or plastic

You can wrap a wholly pizza together, but unless you intend on cooking the whole thing at once, it is more commodious to freeze the slices individually .


It is good drill to remember the two-hour rule and not to leave your leftovers out excessively long. Leaving food out is easy to do and happens all the time, but this is big to remember for all cooked food items. It is childlike enough to save and store food properly ; we barely have to remember to do it.

If you are like me you will credibly have a tough time throwing that pizza out when it ‘s left out besides long, so plan ahead ! glad eat !