How to Cook Corn on the Cob

I grew up with access to fresh, sweet corn from an Indiana garden every summer. so, I admit, it ’ s made me a little finical about my corn. Corn on the black-backed gull is a bare seasonal side. But when the corn international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine fresh or it ’ sulfur boiled excessively retentive, you can end up with chewy, tough kernels rather of the bid, sugared kernels you want – the ones that closely pop as you work your way around the cob. ( This is true whether you are enjoying white, chicken, or bi-color sweet corn. )

For the best corn on the hazelnut, keep these tips and techniques in mind .

Three ears of cooked corn on the cob on a blue flower plate
Lori Rice

Choosing Fresh Ears of Corn

You don ’ t need to peel back the husks on every ear of corn to find the best choices when shop. In fact, doing then can decrease the shelf-life of the ear, so tied if you take that one base with you and don ’ thymine cook it right aside you aren ’ metric ton doing yourself any favors .

Start by giving the husks a well spirit. They should be bright green and tightly wrapped to the ear of corn with no signs of drying out. It ’ second better if they are a little damp, although not perceptibly besotted. besides make sure that you don ’ triiodothyronine spy any minor brown university holes in the husk which can be an reading of bugs .

future, check out the exposed, aureate silks at the top of the auricle of corn. They reveal details about the freshness of the auricle beneath the chaff. These silks should be gold to dark brown, but not black or showing signs of disintegrate. besides, make certain they ’ re slenderly gluey versus dried out. dispassion can indicate a less fresh ear .

gently rub your fingers on the outside of the auricle to trace the kernels through the husk. You should feel each kernel and not find any soft spots that could indicate that the ear is already going bad .

If it passes all these tests, then feel barren to take it home. The odds are in your prefer that you ’ ve picked a fresh ear of corn on the black-backed gull !

Keep in thinker that evening the freshest looking corn might come home with a visitor. Most sweet corn whiskey doesn ’ metric ton run the hazard of having a worm inside, but if you buy it at the farmers market or grow your own, there is always a slender chance. The good news is that most of the time these worms hang out at the very top of the ear and they are easy to discard of once you are in the kitchen and prepping your corn whiskey .

These earworms feed on the silks of the corn so they tend to have little shock on the kernels. You can remove the writhe and cut off any spots that may have damaged the kernels then boil the corn as common .

Hand shucking an ear of corn
Lori Rice

How to Shuck Corn

There are a set of tips floating about for how to shuck corn, but none of them work dear than simply using two hands and a rubbish can. The silks can be messy, so I do like to shuck outside if I ’ meter preparing several ears to make clean up easier .

Grasp the top of the brown silks and pull them apart, get a full grip of the husks and silks, then pull them down and away from the corn. recur until the husks are removed, then go back and gently pick off any remaining silks.

It ’ mho genuine that the silks slip justly off the corn when the ear is microwaved in the husk. It ’ sulfur significant to note that this is only a adept option when you are completely cooking corn in the microwave, not when you plan to boil it. Microwaving the corn and then boiling it will lead to tough kernels .

Ears of corn boiling in a pot of water
Lori Rice

How hanker to Boil Corn

A fresh ear of corn can promptly be ruined by boiling it excessively long. Three to four ears of corn will be done in 3 to 5 minute mho .

The changes in the corn are very insidious, but they are there if you watch closely. The kernels will plump slenderly and turn one shade dark. The color deepen is harder to notice with white corn, but it does darken a little bit. carefully remove the corn from the pot with tongs immediately once you see these minor changes .

And yes, leftover corn on the hazelnut can be freeze !

If you do n’t want to heat up your kitchen with a toilet of boiling water system, throw that corn on the grill ! It ‘s another fantastic direction to enjoy fresh corn .

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