Holding pizza hot and fresh in a pizza warmer

The pizza marketplace is a huge slice of the restaurant industry, reaching over $ 38 Billion in Pizza oven 2015 according to PMG Pizza Magazine. Pizzas are flying out of the ovens at an incredible rate as the restaurant diligence is forecasted by the NRA ( National Restaurant Association ) to continue to grow. Millennials are leading the direction in pizza purchasing power and Mintel is projecting them to account for 30 % of all U.S. retail sales by 2020 .
Millennials are a generation of foodies who want pizza, and they want it now. To keep expect times down and quality improving, many pizza restaurants are using pizza warming cabinets. These pizza hot boxes are designed to keep pizza hot while maintaining a high quality, military service ready product. The millennial epicure is mindful of the quality products that are available ; They know and seek out new, intense flavors, and textures of craftsman dishes .
It ’ randomness overriding that pizzerias keep the high-quality product that they are turning out of their kitchens all the way through the sales processes. The investment and efforts that are put into the staple menu item should not be neglected in the few cherished minutes before the customer bites into the slice. 80 % of what makes that product great, is what happens between the oven and the denture .
particularly designed foodservice equipment such as pizza warmers, or holding cabinets, are TS-1633-36 made to maintain condom food temperatures while keeping the pizza as hot and fresh as it is right out of the oven. To do this, companies such as FWE / Food Warming Equipment have figured out the ideal temperature and humidity settings specifically for pizza. FWE has found that maintaining and holding pizza at 150°F – 160°F with a relative humidity* of 15 % – 20 % will keep the pizza at an optimum serve choice.

FWE ’ s hot holding pizza cabinets come with something very unique in the industry ; They have a minor removable body of water pan located by the heat elements and an air circulating fan, that allows for merely the right measure of vaporization to lift out of the water and humidify the cabinet. This heated holding environment is made with your pizza in mind. Being product specific when designed means they have engineered the right electrical power for food temperature, along with the chastise vent to moisture levels to maintain product consistency .
As the pizza industry is sure to continue to feed the generations following the millennials, the consumers are going to seek firm serve and higher quality. Foodservice solutions are available to help as labor becomes unmanageable to find, and as customers become more inform and finical. Something american samoa bare as a pizza strong cabinet can help you get and keep that slice of pizza industry commercial enterprise .
* the total of water vaporization award in air expressed as a percentage of the come needed for saturation at the same temperature .

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