How long does pizza dough last in the fridge

Pizza dough last in the fridge If stored correctly, pizza dough will last at least 3 days and up to 5 days in the electric refrigerator. Fresh pizza boodle has a limited ledge life and should be stored adequately to retain its novelty and longevity. not knowing the chastise store procedures can result in bracing dough turning sour into a muggy mess that is n’t feasible. aside from that, it can make you ill, which is the stopping point thing anyone wants from making delightful homemade pizza dough. today, we will be taking a deep dive into the agitation summons of making dough, knowing when it ‘s bad, and how farseeing pizza dough lasts in the electric refrigerator or deep-freeze .

The effects of making pizza dough

A criterion pizza dough recipe is made up of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and water. once this dough is prepared and left to rise, the yeast ferments and grows quickly, creating publicize bubbles, which gives pizza dough its clean, crisp texture. Check out my no yeast pizza dough alternate.

The amount of prison term you can store boodle depends on 3 factors .


The more yeast you add, the quicker it ferments and breaks down the flour starches that avail pizza boodle originate .


The temperature of the dough is besides key to how cursorily the boodle rises. Using warmly water with active yeast alternatively of coldness water when making the boodle helps it grow faster but reduces longevity .


Each season random variable contains a different come of proteins. The more proteins in the flour equal more gluten, which helps hold the stretchable structure you associate with arrant pizza dough recipes. typical flour dough like 00 and bread flour has more proteins and stores longer than even flour. Taking all of this into account, it is best to use less yeast with a higher protein flour and let the boodle get up in the electric refrigerator overnight to ferment lento. Allowing the boodle to ferment a long as potential makes it easier to stretch as the gluten is more relax .

How to refrigerate pizza dough

Storing pizza boodle in the electric refrigerator will last up to 5 days when preparing it with cold water and allowing it to ferment in the electric refrigerator. Whereas using warm water and letting it rise at room temperature will last astir to 3 days. once the dough has doubled in size from proofing, it is best to make little dough balls ( around 200-250 grams per ball ), covering each ball in credit card wrapping, or use a food sealer machine before refrigerating them in an airtight container. If you purchase boughten pizza boodle, it will last up to 5 days from when it was packaged .

How to freeze pizza dough

To store pizza dough in the deep-freeze, it is best to make dough balls after the proof action and position the individual balls inside an airtight container or a deep-freeze bag. It makes it easier to take a ball when you want to make pizza and thaw it overnight before making tasty pizza. Frozen dough lasts up to 3 months.

Does pizza dough go bad?

Yes, pizza boodle goes bad during the zymosis process when it has been left for excessively long and becomes over fermented like sourdough. This results in a bland pizza dough that does n’t hold its structure. Pizza boodle besides goes badly when left at room temperature for excessively retentive. It will start to smell overwhelmingly of yeast, and harmful bacteria will grow if the dough is n’t stored in the electric refrigerator or deep-freeze. The boodle can besides go slimed and become discolored in the electric refrigerator after 5 days once it has been proofed and shaped into balls. You may even notice a crust starting to form around the dough or grey color. Frozen dough is susceptible to freezer cut and visible deep-freeze crystals after several months in the deep-freeze. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to throw the dough in the bin and make a fresh batch .

How to make pizza dough last longer

There may come a prison term when you have good intentions of making a delightful smooth boodle for making pizza with, only to be interrupted by something, and then you forget about it, and it goes dark. To make your bleak dough last a few excess days to give you time to make a pizza, try following these few tips .

Use basic Ingredients

As mentioned previously, the correct formula for making the best pizza boodle is flour, water system, salt, yeast, and sugar, which gives the dough a longer ledge liveliness. Avoid adding dairy products to the boodle like butter, milk, yogurt, or dark cream, as they will drastically shorten its life. If you plan to use a recipe with dairy products, make indisputable to bake it and eat it the same day or the adjacent day.

Store it correctly

Knowing when you plan to consume the dough will give you a good idea of how you want to store it. If you plan on eating it within a few days, it is best to store it in the electric refrigerator, and for over a workweek, you should freeze the dough .

Cut Back On The Yeast

Cutting back on the measure of yeast you use will significantly increase the dough ‘s life when storing it in the electric refrigerator. Add one-half or less than the commend come the recipe calls for to allow the dough to rise in the electric refrigerator at a slower rate will give you the best-tasting pizza boodle .

Pizza 101


If stored correctly, pizza boodle will last at least 3 days and up to 5 days in the electric refrigerator before it goes bad and even longer in the deep-freeze. Making homemade pizza dough is easy, far more delicious, and cheaper than boughten pizza boodle .