‘Gross’ Video Allegedly Reveals How Little Caesars Pizza Sauce is Made

In keeping with the late TikTok swerve of fast food employees sharing how fan-favorite items are prepare, a erstwhile Little Caesars worker has gone viral showing how the chain allegedly produces their marinara sauce. Tye, who goes by the username @ tye_pearson on the video-sharing platform, shared now- viral footage of his day at study at a little Caesars franchise in Georgia last workweek. The brief snip shows Tye using an extend mix attachment on a might bore to stir the marinara sauce ingredients in a large fictile container placed on the floor. He blends the tomato paste, herb and spices, and water system together with the drill, before cutting to a final snip showing the finished pizza sauce. “ Making sauce at Little [ Caesars ] ! ” he captioned the video, which has since been viewed over 4.3 million times and liked closely 430,000 times. many flocked to the comments section to discuss how the chain reportedly prepares their sauce, with several expressing contemn.

“ Who else thought that was mud barely me okay, ” one viewer wrote. “ [ I ‘m ] so brainsick I saw this, ” another added. “ @ healthdepartment, ” one viewer boldly commented. Most viewers apparently took issue with the fact that the sauce was being prepared on the floor, which in the video recording appears to be damaged and dirtied. “ Bro it ‘s on the floor wtf, ” one said. “ Yeah not on the deck homie, ” another chimed in. Tye even claimed in response to one concerned spectator that the marinara sauce was made on the floor “ because they do n’t care. ” respective other fiddling Caesars employees besides weighed in, with a few apparently confirming similar conditions in their franchises. “ I exposed our small Caesars … we had expired cheese [ and were ] silent using it, ” one person claimed. “ I used to do this with my hands and would be so run down after, ” another alleged. Tye shared with Newsweek that he had no purpose of producing such a viral video. “ I fair was making sauce one day and felt the need to post it and it good went viral overnight, ” he said. He besides posted subsequent videos showing how little Caesars makes their boodle and “ crazy boodle. ” He showed what the boodle looks like when it rises and how it is flattened for the breadsticks.

however, Tye claimed that upon the video ‘s parody on TikTok, he was let go from small Caesars. “ They asked me to delete [ the video recording ] and when I did they fired me, ” he claimed. “ They said I was n’t supposed to record saying that it was in the terms but I never signed anything like that. ” Tye besides told Newsweek that he did not post the video recording with malicious intent. “ I do n’t feel like showing people what [ they ‘re ] consume is badly or harmful, ” he noted. “ I feel as if me posting the video helps Little [ Caesars ] being both bad and good because the comments were good and bad fair like everything in liveliness, ” he added. indeed, several in the comments proclaimed their commitment to Little Caesars, careless of how they prepare their marinara sauce. “ For those that think this is insalubrious or dangerous. At least they make their sauce. Can not say the same for Domino ‘s, ” one alleged. “ Why y’all complaining it ‘s spread, seasoning and water made in a clean bucket. It ‘s besides going to be in an highly hot oven, ” another noted.

Tye besides told Newsweek that he was struck by how many viewers resonated with the video. “ I did n’t think it was going to explode like it did … [ I ‘m ] merely a small town regular person who posted what they did at work, ” he said. Newsweek reached out to little Caesars for gossip on the television but did not immediately hear back in fourth dimension for publication. similar to Tye, other TikTokers have shared “ company secrets ” with their trace. In recently May, a Chick-fil-A employee shared how his localization utilizes a conveyer belt knock to speed things up at the drive-thru. last week, a KFC employee shared how her localization prepares their celebrated mashed potatoes .Little Caesar viral pizza sauce video