How Do You Move a Brick Pizza Oven to its Base?

Lifting Pizza Oven Into Place

We carry authentic brick ovens ranging in burden from 1000 pound to 1800 pound. While most customers think moving the brick ovens into invest is the most difficult undertaking, it is n’t equally hard as you ‘d think and decidedly deserving it !
The oven is shipped packed in a crate on a pallet so it can be initially moved around with a pallet mariner .
Brick Oven Moved with Pallet Jack
To lift the pizza oven into plaza on its base, most customers use one of the postdate methods :

1. Open the crate and move the oven with an locomotive hoist or forklift ( attaching chains to the 4 eyelets on the corners of the oven )

2. Move the entire crate using a forklift onto the root. Remove the crate from around the oven so it is only sitting on the pallet. slowly lift the oven a few inches with the forklift so you can remove the pallet from under the oven. Lower the oven back to the base .

3. Open the crate and move the oven with a crane ( attaching chains to the 4 eyelets on the corners of the oven ) – believe it or not, in some areas you can get this done for under $ 200 .

Lifting Oven With Engine Hoist

An engine hoist can be rented from a local hardware shop. When using an locomotive hoist to lift your brick oven, make certain the equipment can handle the weight of your oven. then, connect the straps securely to all four corners of the pizza oven .
See the mental picture below showing a customer moving the traditional Lisboa brick pizza oven with an engine hoist .
Brick pizza oven on engine hoise

Watch this fantastic television from Le Gourmet television with Glen & Friends Cooking !

Below is another Lisboa brick pizza oven moved to its cinder block base with an locomotive hoist. We recommend putting a towel or blanket over your oven to ensure the straps do n’t scratch your new oven.

Brick pizza oven stand with engine hoist

Lifting Oven With ForkLift

Watch this short television to see how we moved one of our pizza ovens using a forklift at the Jacksonville Home & Patio Show. The adorable pink and whiten towels were used to protect the oven dome from any strap rub .

Below is a photograph our customer shared showing his gorgeous Buena Ventura brick oven being lifted properly by a forklift .
Moving a Brick pizza oven to a base
As you can see in the video, the chains were not touching the oven dome and the oven was nicely moved to its al-qaeda .

Lifting Oven With Crane

Some customers need their oven in a location that ca n’t be accessed with a forklift or engine hoist. In some instances, the area surrounding the pizza oven stand is plainly not big enough or accessible for equipment. In those cases, a crane might be the answer !
here is a television showing a brick oven owner moving their oven over a wall into their backyard :

obviously, you need to make certain you ‘ve taken all the proper steps for securing the straps and hooks before lifting your oven to these heights. But, with a professional crane operator, your oven should be in good hands and you ‘ll be baking pizza in record time !
As we do n’t know the local contractors in your area, we recommend either asking the contractor doing your backyard work if they can provide one of the options mentioned above or checking on Angie ‘s tilt or Home Advisors to find a reliable local contractor.

If you need help building a base for your oven, you should read this web log position on building a pizza oven base adjacent .
not indisputable if a brick oven is the best oven for you ? Take the Pizza Oven Quiz to learn about your options and find the best oven style for you !