Homemade Pizza Rolls Recipe

I love a challenge. When I was urged to create a recipe for homemade pizza rolls for a Super Bowl nosh, I knew it ‘d be an matter to project. But inaugural I had to sample the pizza rolls from the deep-freeze part. obviously they ‘re now made by a party called Totino ‘s. The last time I ate them, they were made by Jeno ‘s .

Yes, it ‘s been that long.

I was a little surprised there weren’t more flavor options. I mean, pizza comes in a multitude of flavors, but the lone options I saw were pepperoni with blimp or knit pepperoni. No vegetable option ? No mushrooms ? nothing blue ? I guess that ‘s precisely another reason for making your own .

The ingredients list reads like a novel. There are n’t that many ingredients in my electric refrigerator ! It seems impossible that anything that modest could have that many components .

But how did they taste? “ not angstrom bad as I expected, ” my husband said. I found them queerly addicting, in a curious sort of way. I kept nibbling at them, trying to figure out what they reminded me of. Pizza ? Um, no. well, possibly, kind of. Vaguely .

I knew I could do better with the filling. I did a classical blimp and tall mallow meet, with tomato sauce—next time I ‘ll get more creative. I used my “ deceiver ” pizza sauce ( tomato puree seasoned with Penzey ‘s pizza season ). I mean, in truth, they ‘re pizza rolls. No indigence to pull out the visualize stuff .

The crust had me puzzled, though. What the heck was that? The pizza rolls are baked, but the crust-like stuff seemed like it was precooked in some room. And possibly a short greasy. Fried ? Hmmmm. At first, I tried avoiding the fry part. Like oven-fried chicken or baked potato chips, I thought I might be able to create a crust that would bake up brown and tasty, reasonably similar to the pizza rolls .

But no, that was n’t working. I managed to create a crust that was crunchy and brown and tasty, but cracker-like. I kind of liked them, but they still were n’t airless enough to the master .

so I relented. Frying. It had to be done. Since I did n’t want to waste a bunch of oil on french-fry, I shallow-fried the little devils. Worked fair fine, and they were n’t greasy at all. And they got all bouffant and blobby and interesting looking .

The filling lone gave me one little trouble. The first time I made them, I put the cheese and meat on individually, then dolloped on a bit of sauce. That did n’t work—it left besides much breeze in the center and the rolls puffed up excessively much when cooked. I knew better, but ohio well. I then tried mixing the ingredients—this worked like a charm .

The dough is more like a pasta dough than a bread dough. It ‘s potent. While it could be kneaded and rolled by hand, it would be quite a bit of work. I used a food central processing unit to mix the boodle, and the pasta roller on my Kitchenaid stand sociable to do the roll. A hand-cranked pasta machine would be fine, excessively. Rolling pin would work, if you like that kind of thing .

These pizza rolls are good justly from the pan, and come with the same warning: this filling is molten hot. You can besides make them in advance, refrigerate, and heat them in the oven to serve. I imagine they ‘d freeze well, but the Super Bowl is n’t that far away .

I figured these needed a well italian name, so I took a small poetic license with my own mention : Dona Maria’s Pizza Rolls.

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