Octodad: Dadliest Catch/Gervason’s Grocery

compass over this ledge to grab the Sports Johnson cereal first .Secret ShopperBronze Trophy unlocked.png
50  50 Gamerscore points unavowed Shopper

Get the Sports Johnson cereal before the lady puts it in her cart.

This stage begins with Octodad at the entrance of Gervason ‘s Grocery. For the beginning achievement/trophy, invalidate going down the middle aisle, as this will trigger a scene in which a woman puts the last box of Sports Johnson cereal in her cart, before Octodad can grab it. alternatively, start by going down the freeze food aisle and ascent onto the display on the right. This should put Octodad correct beside the left shelf of the middle aisle, where the cereal is located. Use Octodad ‘s arm to reach over the shelf and grab the Sports Johnson cereal, earning the achievement/trophy. Before going for the fixed pizza, you can find two ties : place the cube meat on the watch at the back of the store to grind them up, after which the inaugural tie (1/3) will appear. then, climb up onto the shelf holding the milk. By the wall at the end of the ledge, you should see some pipes. Use them as steps to reach the bell, after which you can step onto the vent, where another tie (2/3) is sitting. Return to the freeze aisle to find only one open door, all the room at the end of the aisle. Enter through this door and squash Octodad along the path at heart, over and between shelves. finally, he ‘ll be sucked into the public discussion and down onto the early end of the aisle, allowing Octodad to pick up the box of freeze pizza .
Unacceptable Purchase! 25 Gamerscore points unacceptable purchase !

You’re the Earl of Lemondad.

In the grow section, you ‘ll have to find “ the perfect apple, ” which is the only yellow one in the batch. You can besides set away some bananas to find a yellow tie (3/3) hide between them. For an accomplishment only on Xbox and Steam, grab a lemon and bring it to the cash register, where you should see a scanner. undertake to scan the lemon by placing it on the scanner, and you should earn this easy accomplishment .
Person-al ShopperBronze Trophy unlocked.png
15  15 Gamerscore points Person-al Shopper

Help all of the shoppers fill their carts.

Climb the tower and wait for the flat to pass by to grab the sodium carbonate. For another achievement/trophy, Octodad must drop an token into every other shopper ‘s haul. There are four shoppers in sum : a womanhood in a blue dress, a woman in a yellow dress, a woman in a k apparel, and a homo in a suit. If you have trouble placing the detail in the haul, stand in front of them so that they stop moving, and pick out smaller items to squeeze in between their own items, such as the sunglasses located at the presence of the store ( Octodad can besides wear these ). The stopping point two items to pick up are mango pop and chocolate milk. For the mango pop, climb the pop display and grab it off the plane. For the chocolate milk, convulse aside some cartons of regular milk to find it in the very back of the ledge. All that remains is to grab a sushi sample in the rear of the store. Proceed past the kernel incision, through the newly-opened doors, to find a sushi sample that Octodad can grab. Doing thus will trigger a chase. Simply outrun the chef ( you ‘ll have to stop to mop the sticky floor in the middle of the pursuit ) to survive this stage. Proceed to register and scan all of Octodad ‘s items to checkout and complete the degree .