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Do you have a wood-fired pizza oven ? If you do, you will know that they are quite a slippery space to clean. however, by using the right method acting, clean can be a cinch .
Cleaning your oven thoroughly on a regular basis is important to keep your pizza tasting the best, and prevent other complications from occurring in your oven .
Use a long handled scraper or pizza peel to remove burnt on debris from the oven floor, followed up by a brush to clear the dust. An ash vacuum cleaner is a useful tool to avoid the clouds of dust made from sweeping up. Then finish off with a damp cloth wrapped around a pizza peel or other handle to leave you with a nice clean surface.
For further details, and how to prepare the floor just before cooking, check out the details below.

Baking in a wood-fired pizza oven is unlike using a conventional oven in many ways. The main remainder in using this kind of oven is that you need not be concerned about a whole draw of fallen dirt and food at the bed. Which is constantly very crafty to clean up ! You do, however, need to clear out the ash .
We have the lowdown on the very best way to clean your wood-fired pizza oven. once you have mastered these steps, cleaning your pizza oven will be incredibly easy .

Useful steps to cleaning your wood-fired pizza oven.

They are mainly self-cleaning.

The good news is that your wood-fired pizza oven is chiefly a self-cleaning appliance. The super gamey heats will ensure that most things breakdown to carbon – it ’ s fair your job for this final step .

Clean your wood-fired pizza oven when it has cooled down.

It is always a good estimate to clean your wood-fired pizza oven only once it has cooled down. This is pretty obvious but if you clean it when it is still hot, you run the risk of getting burned !

Use a shovel or a scraper to remove the ashes.

Invest in a commodity quality, power shovel or scraper to remove the ashes. The first step here is to rake all the ashes towards the middle of the oven. Next, use your power shovel or scraper to lift the ashes and then cautiously remove them from the oven .
After this has been done, brush or void any residual ash out. The best way to do this is with an ash vacuum clean. Try to avoid using your regular vacuum blank for this job as this may damage the appliance .

Cleaning ash just before cooking

You ’ ve lit your fire for hanker adequate and immediately pushed the embers to the side. Make certain to move any large embers, then brush the ash towards the embers. A flying swab with a damp fabric on a wield or undress and you are effective to go to and will avoid a pizza free-base broad of ash .

Clean the walls by starting a fire!

Yes, you heard that correct : your wood-fired pizza oven ’ south walls can be cleaned by starting a fire ! The soot that builds up on the inside of the oven will be burned off by a identical hot fire. Once it turns white, it ’ s clean and it ’ s temperature is ready to use .

Recycle your ash.

Did you know that ash can be recycled ? It can be used as a dirt fertilizer straight away on your garden with it ’ second nutrient rich capacity. Or store your ash in a large airtight container and then use it in the winter rather of salt for icy sidewalks – it has frost melting properties of it ’ s own ! This saves you money adenine well as the harass of disposing of your ash .
Investing in a wood-fired pizza oven is a big and clever addition to your cook appliances. With the adjust worry and use, your wood-fired pizza can last for years and years. It will never give you any problems such as fail controls or tour boards !
Remember : ensure that you clean your wood-fired pizza oven on a regular footing to continue to enjoy the best pizza, and keep your oven in beneficial health.

Lighting Your Pizza Oven

Lighting a woodwind fired pizza oven can be both fun and thwart. It is fun when you know the accurate steps to follow. I encountered difficulties when I started out. fortunately, time have taught me a thing or two and I will love to share a few tips to help you get the best out of lighting your forest fired pizza oven .

First Things First, Get The Necessary Materials

I guess it goes without saying that you need the necessary materials before building a fireplace. Well, while that is obvious, the subject of concern is the materials that are required to build a firm and durable pizza oven. now, this is where it gets slippery. The methods of building a wood fired pizza oven varies with people. And so does the materials required. Some of the materials include kiln dry forest, firelighters – a peer, butane torch or a lighter, papers or cardboard .
note : The nature of the wood determines how the arouse burns. I will advise you to buy kiln dried hardwood because they are dry and last longer when used .
If the wood international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine dried, you get to deal with the fastball – and the fire might not get hot enough cook the pizza well. As I always advise, save yourself the trouble and get kiln dried wood .

Build the Fire

Although building the open fire is the most all-important view of lighting a forest fired pizza oven, you can be in and out in a few minutes. And get it right the first base time. here is a way around it. First, set the fireplace. To do this, you will have to build a cube-like structure but this fourth dimension without the one-fourth separate, serving as the capture to the oven .
Do not use the kindle ( the inner separate of the wood ) to build this structure, use the stronger logs alternatively. Place the beginning log at the back of the fireplace horizontally and the other two logs vertically at both sides of the horizontally-placed log .
moment, fill the fireplace with newspaper or cardboard – whatever works for you is ticket. Third, station some kindle over the logs and the newspaper. The kindle should be placed at the middle in a tower-like form, leaving enough space to aid proper ventilation. constantly keep in mind that your fuel needs vent to grow .
You could besides place two more logs ( of course, half the size of the base log ) on top of the column. This is to ensure the longevity of the fire you intend to build. I normally fix the log a few minutes after firing the oven. You can try that excessively .

The Firing

now, to the actual deal – the fire. Don ’ thyroxine let that scare you. It is, in fact, the simplest of all steps involved. To start the fire, you will need a firelighter – a couple or a light or a butane flashlight .
I prefer the butane torch as it does not involve any relighting, or filling my lungs with smoke. I just stick the butane blowtorch in the column and watch it do the charming.

Keep The Juice Flowing

Keeping the fire burn wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be therefore much worry if you follow the aforesaid steps. At this stage, the burn will have grown to a reasonable level and starts to dwindle. so, you will need to feed it with more logs to keep the juice flowing. simpleton !

Start Cooking

And it is time to get the party started. You can now start making your pizza. You could use a pizza pan or have it directly on your oven using your peel off. Be sure to maintain the fire to get the amount of heat and longevity required to cook your pizza .


And there you have it – our complete guide to light a wood fired pizza oven. You can rest assured you won ’ thyroxine encounter any troubles if you follow these steps scrupulously. Give it a sample and thank us later. happy cook !