4 Microwave Issues and What Might Cause Them – Capital City Appliance Service

many people feel that when their microwave oven starts failing, they should precisely replace it with a new one. But in fact, it can frequently be quite bare to get your microwave repaired. Depending on what ’ s going improper, the prognosis may be great and you may not need to throw out your microwave after all .
here are four issues your microwave could develop and what might cause them .

1. Sparks

Sparking and arcing can be identical chilling. After all, anywhere else in the house, they ’ vitamin d base you ’ re in at hand danger of electric fire. fortunately, a pair of sparks in the microwave normally don ’ t signify an impend disaster. Microwave sparks can be caused by :

  • High mineral content in foods
  • Metal in the microwave
  • Food residue
  • A metal cooking rack that’s not put in properly

however, these symptoms can besides be caused by electrical or mechanical problems. And if there ’ s a lot of arcing, it can damage the microwave. so if you ’ rhenium not certain what caused the sparks, or if the microwave won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop spark after you thought you ’ vitamin d removed the induce, you should take your microwave in for servicing.

2. Strange Sounds

If you use your microwave on a regular footing, you know what it normally sounds like. If it ’ s an old model, it might run identical noisily on a regular footing. But if it starts making unusual sounds, it might need repairs. For model :

  • A noisy humming or vibrating noise can mean you need the magnetron tube replaced
  • An abnormal clicking sound can also be a sign of a bad magnetron 
  • A grinding or groaning sound can signify a problem with the turntable roller guide or turntable drive motor
  • Grinding can also mean there’s a problem with the stirrer motor

Fixing the noise can be a childlike as replacing the turntable roller guide ( the formative depart with wheels underneath the glass turntable ). Or it can require a new fan centrifugal or magnetron. Be certain to get the problem diagnosed professionally sol you don ’ metric ton keep operating an dangerous appliance .

3. Refusing to Start

A non-starting microwave may simply have no power provide. After you ’ ve checked that it ’ mho plugged into a serve exit and the tour surf hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tripped, check again to see if the display has come on or not.

If not, it ’ s possible the microwave ’ south fuse ( the one attached to the microwave, not the one in your fuse corner ) is blown. Or there could be a problem with the door switches, magnetron, or diode .
Don ’ t be fooled, though ; merely because the microwave doesn ’ triiodothyronine seem to have any world power doesn ’ metric ton beggarly that it has no electricity. A microwave can hush electrocute you even when it ’ s unplug, then always take it to a qualify repair expert preferably than trying to figure out what ’ randomness wrong yourself.

4. Failing to Heat

even more annoying than a dead microwave is a microwave that runs when you turn it on but doesn ’ metric ton actually make your food any warm. If the display turns on, there ’ s obviously not a power provision trouble. however, if the microwave is making an odd sound and not heating your food, there ’ s likely a problem with the magnetron. A lack of inflame can besides be caused by a diode trouble .
These four microwave problems can much be fixed if you take your unit to a qualify repair professional. Again, remember that your microwave is much more dangerous than it looks and you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate test to diagnose or investigate the problem yourself, let alone attempt a DIY repair .
alternatively, get in touch with Capital City Appliance Service for capable repair services. If you ’ re anywhere in the Columbus, Ohio area, we ’ vitamin d love to help you troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your microwave in a safe and effective manner .