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Pizza Huts Pay Stubs & W2s

Pizza Hut is a wholly-owned subsidiary company and one of the largest international restaurant chain companies in the worldly concern. It is besides known as the most successful pizza restaurant in the world and home of delectable pizza. Yum ! The brand is the parent company of Pizza Hut, and there are about 19000 restaurants around the globe. Pizza Hut has many franchises. Most of the franchises are distributing yield stubs and w2 statements through the lapp web site. Some franchises are distributing w2 statements hired hand to hand from W-2 stores or sent through the messenger. here, I will discuss unlike payroll portals of early franchises .
Huts Maryland

There are lots of restaurants in the Mid Atlantic State Maryland under the Pizza huts Maryland franchise. All the employees under Pizza Huts Maryland franchise are distributed pay stubs and w2 statements through the Employee Self Service Portal of My Pay Center.

For getting access to this portal site for your pay stub and w2 statements, please follow the trace steps :

  • Navigate to the portal with this link:
  • Log in with your Username and Password.
  • If you are a new user, you must complete the registration process by clicking on the Register button.
  • Provide your Invite Code (You have to collect your Invite Code from the Payroll Office), Client Code, Last 6 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) or TIN (Tax Identification Number), and provide other information properly.
  • Click on the Register User button.

Huts of Fort Wayne In

Pizza Huts of Fort Wayne In franchise is always concern about the consumers deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as employees. It is committed to the benefits of the employees. This is a great position to eat for consumers and work for employees with a fun and supportive culture. All the employees are provided pay stubs and w2 statements via this portal .
Get your documents via following steps :

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your Username. Username: Employee # ( 2 digits of Store number + 7 digits of employee number)
  • Enter your Password. Password: Last four digits of SSN.
  • Click on the Login button.

Brands, Inc.

Yum ! Brands, Inc. is the parent company of Pizza Huts. It is a Fortune 500 company operating some brands like Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wing Street, etc. in about 150 countries global. Yum ! Brands, Inc. has been able to build a club that acknowledges the all-important brilliant efforts. Yum ! Brands, Inc. is distributing Pay Stubs and W2 statements via the Hut Link portal site at
How to Log in ?

  • Navigate to
  • Login by entering your Yum! Provided or Learning zone ID as Username and Password.
  • If you are a first time user, then you can submit a request for your Username with the Request Access option and provide proper information step by step.
  • After getting your username and creating your password, you can easily log in to this portal and get your documents.


RAGE Inc. believes in pushing boundaries as a function of inheritance. It is much succeeded according to the impression because there are more than 16 thousand restaurants in over a hundred countries across the global where more than 350000 employees are employed serving the consumers. All the employees can receive their give stubs and w2 statements via RAGE Inc. Self Service Portal at

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To getting access to the desire documents on this portal vein, please log in with your credentials properly. If you face any problem, then contact your employer or payroll coordinator .

NPC International franchise is operating the largest act of Pizza Hut locations, and it is approximately 20 % of the domestic Pizza Huts System. presently, this largest franchise is operating 1213 Pizza Huts Units in about 27 states. There are employed over 36000 meek employees, and all of them are working for this franchise ’ second consumers. Employees can get their pay stubs and w2 statements, and other benefits from the NPC Web Portal at
As an employee, you can log in to this portal vein with your login credentials as a username and Password. Before logging into this portal site, you have to collect your credentials from your employer or Payroll coordinator.

CFL Pizza started its business travel in December 2009, and In March 2012, there were 6 Pizza Huts Restaurants under the CFL Pizza franchise. And in 2015, most of the Pizza Huts located in metro Cincinnati, Indiana, and Kentucky were purchased by this franchise. presently, there are more than 134 Pizza Huts restaurants are operating this franchise. All the employees are working under this franchise are provided their yield stubs and w2 statements via InfoSync payroll service on the UltiPro portal site at
How to log in ?
Navigating to the portal site login page, you can easily log in with your Username and Password. then you can get your desire documents and information.

But, if you are a first-time exploiter, then login with your user name and initial password. ( You have to know your username and initial password from your employer. )
After the initial login, you have to change your initial password and answer security questions according to the system ’ s education .
then you will be navigated to your splashboard or personal UltiPro Screen and horizon, print, or download your documents .