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Cicis is a restaurant chain that offers unlimited pizza, pasta, and salad buffet.

Cicis is one of the best pizza places in the nation. They have a vary and besides low-cost batting order of italian dishes. Their deep cup of tea, stuffed crust, and flatbread pizza offerings are among the best I ’ ve tried. But when I go to Cici ’ randomness, I always end up ordering pizza. I ’ m a huge pizza fan, so it ’ second very hard for me to resist eating at least one slice. recently I changed things up and ordered their new-baked pasta recipe. It actually surprised me that Cicis modern pasta is about equally good as their popular flatbread pizza, which is my darling. The interchange went gloomy better than expected. unfortunately, the new-baked pasta will be available for a limited time. If you want to try it yourself, you can get it on the Endless Buffet. Cicis Pizza fresh serve is made with layers of penne pasta, cheese, bruschetta tomatoes, mouth-watering sausage, and sauce. One bang-up thing about Cici ’ s Endless Buffet is that it is indeed Endless, meaning you can eat all you want. The unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert buffet starts at $ 5.99.

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That means that for less than 6 bucks you can try everything on the menu which is an amazing deal if you ask me. For exemplar, the company introduced two modern Pan Pizzas to its menu end workweek. And both the Meat Eater Pan Pizza and the Supreme Pan Pizza are nowadays available at no extra charge. Since most menu items have the same price, we won ’ t be repeating the same information over and over. We ’ ll entirely add prices where necessary. Cici ’ s To-Go menu besides starts at $ 5.99. But prices may vary depending on what you want to eat and where you live. We ’ ll dive more into that late. Unlike the buffet, Cicis To Go offer is not unlimited. If you want to add supernumerary cheese and toppings for model, you must pay a few more bucks to get what you want. The only menu items with different price points are the Value-Packs and the chicken wings. The pull the leg of ’ sulfur buffet is cheaper, but that ’ s it, everything else costs the like.

If you ’ rhenium interested in getting Value Packs, call your local Cicis for prices and ordering. however, below we ’ ll contribution with you the prices at which they ’ re sold in most locations. This will allow you to get an mind of how much each menu detail costs, therefore allowing you to plan with confidence. One matter you should know is that prices vary by localization. Please keep that in judgment before making purchasing decisions based on the information found on this page .