Want to Save Money on Pizza at Wegmans? Check Out This Tip the Pizza Department Taught Me!

We all probably know that the cheapest way to buy pizza is to buy a frozen pizza with a coupon. Even homemade wouldn’t be that cheap (even though it would taste a lot better!)  But as for me and my family, or favorite pizza is Wegmans pizza.  Not Wegmans frozen pizza – the fresh pizza from the pizza department in the prepared foods section.  One downfall though is that one slice can cost the same as an entire frozen pizza with a coupon would cost!  But this is one area we like to splurge on anyway because it tastes better!

Plus I learned a great tip from the guy helping me at the Pizza department!

last week my daughter had a nasty cold and fever and was lounging on the couch all day. I asked her if there was anything that sounded good for her to eat because her appetite wasn ’ t the greatest either .

The only thing she wanted was Wegmans cheese pizza.  I can’t say that I blame her because I love it too.  

I was superintendent ma that day and made a extra travel to Wegmans barely to get her, her own slice of tall mallow pizza. One single slice of cheese pizza costs I believe $ 2.50.

While I was there I was going to get a slice for me and my conserve excessively, bringing the full to $ 7.50. then my husband piped up and said to merely order a medium, and then we may have some left over for the next day ’ south lunch. I thought that was a estimable mind, so I went ahead and called and placed my order. When I got to Wegmans, the guy at the pizza department was all apologetic because he messed up my club.

He made us a large alternatively of a medium. I was laughing and was like, stop apologizing – you just made my day! then he told me that they would alone charge me for the medium anyhow .

 Then he told me that there is only a PENNY difference between a medium and a large, so if you are ordering a cheese pizza, always just order the large!

I badly did not know that ! I had to go look it up – it ’ sulfur truthful ! attend over here at the Wegmans menu – a medium tall mallow is $ 9.99 and a large tall mallow is $ 10 ! The large pizza is the equivalent of 8 individual slices that cost $ 2.50 each. so if you are going to buy more than one slice, you may a well barely get a big !

Each piece in a large ends up being $ 1.25 – that ’ south half off the price of the person slices ! You can besides choose 8 slices of pre-made pizza and hush pay merely $ 10 ! I ’ thousand surely some of you may have already known that topple, but I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. so in case you were in louisiana la farming with me, I thought I ’ five hundred contribution. 🙂 Check out all of the stream Wegmans coupons and deals over here !