We’re Open Omaha: Don Carmelo’s Pizzeria

OMAHA, Neb. ( KMTV ) — The first New York pizzeria in Omaha, Don Carmelo ‘s Pizzeria, is open and is a great choice for Takeout Tuesday. “ Carlmelo Magistro founded our restaurant in 1958, ” said owner Andrianna Magistro. “ So we ‘ve been afford for about 60 years, 40 of those years in Nebraska. ” If you ‘re craving homemade New York- manner pizza, Don Carmelo ‘s Pizzeria has two locations – one in Elkhorn and one in Rockbrook Village. “ pizza is what I think we ‘re primarily known for, but I personally love our calzones, ” said Magistro. “ I ‘m a carbs daughter. I would say our calzones are fantastic. We have strombolis, salads, wimp salads ; we have beautiful pasta, it ‘s like a rainbow and vegetables and pastas – it ‘s gorgeous ! We besides serve pastas, which again, carbs, we have Philly cheesesteaks which are very good. ”

The pizzeria are run and managed by Magistro and her family. “ Don Carmelo ‘s Pizzeria is named after my grandfather, Carmelo Magistro, ” Adrianna Magistro said. “ A lot of times people think his first gear name is Don, and that ‘s not the case. Don is like a sign of obedience for an italian man, kind of like, Don Corleone. That said, I do n’t think my grandfather was ever in the throng, that I know of. ” For their pizzeria, COVID-19 did n’t wholly affect how they run their business, since they already had carryout and delivery established. “ so for our customers, it was just business as common. They did n’t have to think, ‘I wonder if they ‘re open, ‘ ” Magistro said. But however, business is not the same.

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“ It ‘s been chilling, disruptive, but hush, there ‘s been effective in something everyday, ” Magistro said. “ And to know that we can turn the open polarity, unlock the doors, turn on the ovens and bring in a crowd to work, it ‘s just the most fantastic consecrate proper now. ” Magistro said masks and gloves are available to employees, and they ‘re limiting exposure by offering curbside pickup and allowing customers to pay over the earphone. While the pizzeria is doing its best to keep its outdistance from it customers, they ‘re doing what they can to make people feel unite. “ The other thing besides that I wanted to mention, was that in talking to my dad yesterday, you know I said, ‘Maya ‘s going to come and talk about the restaurant. What ‘s on your heart, what do you want me to share ? ‘ And he said, ‘Really, I ‘m barely grateful that we can keep loving our community and loving our customers, ‘ ” Magistro said. “ And I said, ‘Well, what do you mean by that ? ‘ And he said, ‘Well, food is love. ‘ food is his love terminology, and I think he ‘s impress that in all of us besides. To cook for person is to love them. And indeed the fact that we can continue to cook for our residential district, to show love for our community, and then to see that love reciprocated, it ‘s beautiful. And life is curious right now, and we ‘re all experiencing it together right now, and we will continue to get through it. ” LOCATIONS:
Elkhorn : 1024 N. 204th Ave. Elkhorn, NE 68022
Rockbrook Village : 10821 Prairie Brook Rd. Omaha, NE 68144

Elkhorn : Monday – Wednesday : 4 – 8PM | Thursday – Saturday : 11AM – 2PM, 4 – 8PM | Sunday : 3 -8PM
Rockbrook Village : Tuesday – Saturday : 11AM – 8PM | Sunday : 3 – 8PM SERVICES:
Curbside, rescue, carryout CONTACT:
Elkhorn : 402-289-9800
Rockbrook Village : 402-933-3190