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Don and Sue’s Pizza returns with new look, same recipes

NEWARK – Don and Sue ’ sulfur Pizza has returned to its Church Street placement sporting a new look and newly owner, but the recipes its customers loved remain the same. Mark Huhn purchased the restaurant last summer, including the diagnose and recipes, from former owner Don Morgan Jr., who closed the family business after 42 years. The restaurant reopened Jan. 8 after Huhn spent four months cleaning and remodeling the facility at 730 W. Church St., just east of North 21st Street.

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Huhn, who besides owns Thirsty Jake ’ s Drive Thru at West Church and 11th streets, said he promptly discovered the popularity of Don and Sue ’ s Pizza. He feared Don and Sue ’ second customers found another home plate, but the restaurant was crowded on the first day despite no progress publicity of the opening. “ We had no clue we were going to be in this demand, ” Huhn said. “ They good like the sauce. It ’ second got a little zing to it. It ’ s not your typical pizza. ” The recipes did not include exact measurements on some ingredients, Huhn said, so Morgan came in to show the modern employees how to make the sauce. It was a trial-and-error system, but well worth the attempt, Huhn said. They make the sauce and dough daily. “ It ’ s extremely crucial, ” Huhn said of the recipe. “ We wanted to make certain the pizza tastes equitable like when Don had it. ” Although the new owner was not familiar with the pizza business, his employees do have have. “ I ’ m the customer military service guy, meets and greets, ” Huhn said. “ I ’ molarity all about customer service, but I ’ m learning how to make pizza and stretch dough. It ’ randomness not equally easy as it looks. I hired people who knew how to make pizza. ” Four of the seven employees have a combined 52 years know working at other local pizza restaurants. Two of Huhn ’ s employees at Thirsty Jake ’ sulfur have joined him at the restaurant. Arille Bowles does the morning homework work and Shannon Kecks is the weekend bartender. “ They all grew up here and all loved this pizza, ” Huhn said of his Thirsty Jake ’ second employees.

The pizza besides will be available at Thirsty Jake ’ mho, which Huhn purchased in November 2013. The dough will be made at the restaurant and taken to the drive-thru, where an oven will be added. Thirsty Jake ’ second will then sell pizza hot and fix from the drive-thru. “ When we bought the drive-thru, we were going to put a pizza patronize in, but after we got the recast done, we just didn ’ t have room to do full service, ” Huhn said. Within a calendar month, Huhn plans to have pizza delivered from the restaurant to all of Newark and Heath. The deliveries will be made in Volkswagen Beetles, good like Don and Sue ’ s Pizza did years ago. Former Don and Sue ’ s customers may not recognize the department of the interior of the restaurant, as alone the three ovens, boodle press and mixer remain. The additions include artwork on one wall showing a map of noteworthy Licking County sites. Another switch is a liquor license, with 14 beers on exploit. The restaurant besides serves wings, bum fries and subs. kmallett @ 740-328-8545 Twitter ” @ kmallett1958 If you go

What : Don and Sue ’ s Pizza • When : 4 to 11 post meridiem Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11 ante meridiem to 11 post meridiem Thursdays and Fridays, and 4 to 10 post meridiem Sundays. Closed Mondays. • Where : 730 W. Church St .