Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican pizza — and South Asians are rejoicing

Taco Bell has announced the hark back of the Mexican pizza, a favored for South asian communities across the country .
Like many children in indian families, Krish Jagirdar was raised vegetarian, meaning most fast food joints were off the table .
“ The one identify that we were allowed to go to, that we did frequently go to, was Taco Bell, ” he said. “ The Mexican pizza was the item that I gravitated towards again and again. enormously, enormously democratic amongst indian Americans. ”
Jagirdar said he would swap out kernel for vegetarian ingredients. But it was n’t precisely vegetarian options that drew Jagirdar ‘s class to Taco Bell — he says the flavors and emphasis on spice appealed to indian Americans because they ‘re alike to food at home.

“ They have a fleshy stress on spice, ” he said. “ so I think in a batch of ways, it ‘s kind of arsenic close as they can get to, like, indian fast food while silent being obviously separate of american culture. ”
Despite the name, the Mexican pizza is a distinctly american concoction. No such matter exists in true Mexican cuisine, and some might argue the bite does n’t actually even look like pizza either .
however, Taco Bell ‘s universe developed a potent postdate since it debuted as the Pizazz Pizza back in 1985, particularly among south asian communities .

“ It ‘s about like an inwardly joke with people where it ‘s like you meet another brown person, you ‘re precisely like, ‘What do you get at Taco Bell ? ‘ Like, obviously the Mexican pizza, ” said Rima Parikh, a comedian and writer who professed her love for the Mexican pizza in a 2020 article .
She had even customized her go-to ordering : beans alternatively of gripe, adding potatoes and nacho cheese sauce. At some steer, she besides added nacho fries .
thus, when the token was discontinued in 2020, she felt at a passing .
“ I was kind of adhere where I was like, oh, I do n’t even know what I ‘m supposed to like. I guess I ‘ll try something else. But I think in terms of my independent item, I was like, I do n’t know what that is anymore, ” she said.

When the beloved menu item was discontinued a year and a half ago, the disappointment ran deep .
indeed Jagirdar rallied to bring it back. He started a change.org prayer that gathered more than 170,000 signatures .
Jagirdar's petition really hit a nerve, as this screenshot of the signatures shows.
NPRJagirdar’s petition really hit a nerve, as this screenshot of the signatures shows.

“ I sent it out to my friends and my family, and I mean it when I say that petition started spreading like wildfire through text message chains, e-mail chains, like I ‘m talking about old indian uncles and aunties that are sharing it in their groups. ”
then, final week, to Jagirdar ‘s surprise, Taco Bell got in touch .
“ They ‘re like, ‘Hey, we ‘re bringing back the Mexican pizza. And, you know, we super, ace appreciate everything that you did to in truth kind of stoke the desire for the revival of it. ‘ ”

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The Mexican pizza hits menus again on May 19, and both Parikh and Jagirdar have the sidereal day marked on their calendars. copyright 2022 NPR. To see more, visit hypertext transfer protocol : //www.ozumarestaurant.com.