Who Makes Sharp Microwaves? All You Need to Know

When it comes to Sharp Microwave, Sharp microwave and Sharp Cookers are considered one of the best brands in the kitchen. If you want data on who makes sharply microwaves and products, you have visited the right position .

The company that makes Sharp microwaves is a japanese pot named Sharp Electronics Corporation. The company was founded in 1912 and manufactures audio and video components, home appliances, calculators, and early electronics. While primarily based in Japan, Sharp has offices cosmopolitan, including Canada, China, India, and the United Kingdom .
If you are looking for a microwave with a thoughtful design with exponent and efficiency, Sharp microwaves should be your choice. Sharp microwave has been known for their high technical production, from the childlike micro-wave oven to the complex mobile phone.

Are Magic Sharp Microwaves Good Products?

Who Makes Sharp Microwaves
sharply microwaves are commodity products from the steer of view of quality, operation, and still of function. It is quite simple to install and easy to operate. Its effective cool capacitance helps to save power and thus is good for your bill .
They provide enough of power and space. Some Sharp models even include a child lock, so you can prevent kids from using the microwave unsupervised .
The Sharp Carousel is one of the best-selling countertop microwave ovens on the market. It has respective features that many ovens do not have, such as detector fudge, 1000 watt, and express cooking – it besides has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet. The microwave has a turntable, five exponent levels, and an advanced dual grill system ( an optional extra ) .

Who Makes Sharp Microwaves?

abrupt Corporation of Abeno, Japan manufactures sharp microwave ovens. The U.S. class, headquartered in New Jersey, sells microwave ovens, carousel countertop microwaves, and models with grills. Despite their popularity in the market, Sharp Corporation filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. in July 2016 .
Each crisp microwave is packed with respective innovative features that let you easily create your favorite foods, from popcorn to pizza to pot ridicule. The clean, slick designs complement any kitchen or exist area and help make cooking quick, commodious, and fun .

Where Are Sharp Microwaves Made?

sharp makes high-quality microwaves that are made in America ( USA ). Sharp ’ south headquarter is located in Mahwah, New Jersey, but their products are made all over the state. Most of Sharp ’ randomness microwave convection ovens and drawer microwaves are produced in Memphis, Tennessee .
sharp operates three United States manufacturing facilities in Reynosa, Mexico ; Memphis, Tennessee ; and a solar control panel factory in Memphis .

About The Manufacturer

astute Electronics Corporation is the United States. subordinate of Japan ’ s Sharp Corporation. It offers a wide range of award-winning LED TVs, home entertainment products, appliances, solar energy solutions, and mobile communication products .
acuate is dedicated to improving people ’ sulfur lives through the use of advance engineering and a committedness to initiation, quality, value, and design .

Types of Sharp Microwaves


A countertop microwave is designed to sit on a kitchen rejoinder. It offers an easy way to cook and reheat food. A smaller option, these microwaves take up minimal space .
acute countertop microwaves serve a broad scope of cooking needs, from soft drinks to fried chicken. sharply microwaves are available with a carousel and turntable, making them perfect for homes or offices where multiple people will use the microwave .
The Sharp Over the Counter ( OTC ) microwave features a 20″ turntable and fits in your existing cabinet or wall space .
The satiny, mod appearance will match contemporary kitchen décor and is specially designed for under-cabinet installation above an OTC range. The boastfully display makes it easy to read cooking instructions, check the cook time, and set programmable options. Its 2-stage scheduling allows you to start the microwave with certain office levels, then mechanically change to another during cook .
With 1,200 watts of cooking power, this microwave can efficiently reheat leftovers and cook stallion meals faster than the oven or stave .
They take up minimal counterpunch space to fit any life style while packing brawny features like car cook menu and reheat functions. Quickly heat bite foods, frozen meals, and leftovers with 1-touch settings on these microwaves .
nonprescription models are built right into your kitchen cabinetwork, so they seamlessly integrate into your plan. They look great and can cost well less than a built-in model but may not be big enough to cook large items, like a whole turkey .


Drawer microwaves are the jewels of a kitchen. They allow you to free up counter space and well entree your food. Ovens heat food slower and dry it out, but with a Sharp Carousel microwave draftsman, you can promptly reheat soups while keeping casseroles piping hot .
Unlike traditional microwaves, which have one door that opens to the side, a drawer microwave ’ s door opens downward. It is helpful if you have children or pets as it prevents hot spills and potential burns .
Drawer microwaves besides have smart detector technology, allowing you to easily heat up versatile foods with the press of a button .
The Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven opens mechanically with the touch of a toe and allows you to cook, defrost or warm even the most petite items. The hide control jury slides up at a 45-degree lean, making it easy to read and use

Sharp Microwaves Buying Guide

Sharp Microwaves Buying Guide

Flexible Installation

astute microwaves perform with high baron and high efficiency, and their installation is elastic enough to fit in wherever you need them .
Microwaves speed up cooking, inflame, and other tasks that normally require more time. acuate microwaves achieve extraordinary performance through accurate, efficient, and user-friendly engineering. Speed up your fudge by selecting a microwave oven from the top-rated models offered by Sharp.


astute microwaves offer a variety of features and cook styles, but the most important consideration is how cursorily they can heat. sharply delivers firm heat with their patent Inverter Technology .
however, the time to microwave food depends on the type and total of food and its start temperature. A 1000-watt microwave will cook cursorily and efficiently, so that ’ s a great benchmark. Lower electrical power needs longer cooking times, while higher electrical power means shorter cooking times .


appliance is at the heart of every Sharp microwave. The microwave drawer ovens are designed with impeccable style and flexibility in judgment. Their alone oven design lets you install your microwave in more places – even below your wall oven .
With a wide rate of features, user-friendly controls, and space-saving design, Sharp appliances can help you get dinner on firm, keep it hot and tasty until everyone ’ s ready to eat, and clean up promptly once you ’ re done .


When purchasing a fresh microwave, consider its expressive style and size. The pack, compact with the tailored kit out or countertop microwave matches the dash of your kitchen. Microwave ovens are designed to complement the look of other appliances and cabinets .
acuate microwaves have a variety of styles. For exemplar, the Sharp R-308JK Over-the-Range Microwave is much larger than the Sharp R-3A94 Carousel 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave .


world power levels are like cooking temperatures. The power level determines how cursorily the microwave heats your food and whether you have a light simmer or a full boil. Microwaves can adjust their baron levels in infinite increments, so there is no indigence to remember precise numeral settings .
however, power is measured in watts and represents how much department of energy will be released by the microwave for cook. For exemplar, a 10-watt medulla oblongata lone produces a pacify glow, but a 40-watt light bulb has more idle. Microwaves ’ cooking times will vary depending on electrical power ; an 800-watt model cooks food doubly vitamin a fast as a 400-watt exemplar .
additionally, Cooking office has 3 categories – low, medium, and high. typically, lower electrical power is used for reheating pre-cooked foods and warming dishes ; medium is used for most cooking ( bake, grilling ), particularly when using fudge cycles such as Defrost by Weight ; while high is used for defrosting food cursorily and faster cook .


The size of the microwave you need depends on how you plan to use it ; if you want to reheat leftovers or cook a few freeze meals here and there, a smaller countertop whole will work perfectly. But if you plan to prepare big family meals ( or lots of single-serve meals ! ), then something a little larger may be more to your like .
however, A 0.7 to 1.0-cubic-foot capacity is small adequate to fit in most countertop spaces and large enough to cook a belittled dinner plate. In contrast, a compact-size microwave with a 1.1 to 1.6-cubic-foot capacity can fit more plates and evening cook little casseroles .

Automatic Sensors

Automatic detector cooking works by sensing the amount of steam in the oven and adjusting the cook time as needed. The advantage of using this feature of speech is that, because it can sense how much moisture is in the food, it can control precisely how hanker to cook and at what baron level, ensuring absolutely cooked results without monitoring your food .
All Sharp microwaves now contain automatic sensors. Sensors on microwave ovens can tell when food is cooked, reheated, steamed, or defrosted for the perfective results every meter .

Interlocks/Child Lockout 

Interlocks are designed to prevent microwave ovens from running unless the door is closed securely. With interlocks, the microwave door may be opened only when the cook prison term is zero ( end of cooking cycle ). In a multi-level unit, each oven on each level has its lock, so it ’ s possible to open one door while the others are operating .
The Child Lockout feature prevents the microwave oven from unintentionally starting or stopping .

 How to Use Sharp Microwaves

The key to using a Sharp microwave is to familiarize yourself with the seven independent buttons : micropower/ grill, weight defrost, timer/ clock, meal-time memory function, express cook/ car reheat, cooking complete signal, and door engage .
The buttons are in a column immediately above the issue pad and light up when you press them. The door interlock is a condom feature that keeps the microwave from operate when it is open ; it is besides a child lock .
however, Sharp microwaves are an easy, convenient addition to your kitchen. They use less energy and cook food faster than standard ovens. Read on to learn how to use them in merely a few minutes .

 How to Clean Sharp Microwaves

 How to Clean Sharp Microwaves It ’ s not hard to clean astute microwaves first using the baking pop method acting. however, it may take more than one sidereal day to remove burned-on food from the interior of Sharp convection microwave ovens and conventional microwave ovens, using a glue made from baking sodium carbonate and body of water .
It will gently remove stains without removing the protective Teflon coating on the inner come on of Sharp carousel microwave ovens, making them look like new again .
however, there are many unlike materials that you can use to clean a Sharp microwave. Some may be excessively harsh, while others may not work equally well as you would like them to. You should choose the clean material that works best for your character of Sharp microwave .

Common Problems and Solutions of Sharp Microwaves – TROUBLESHOOTING

Microwave not heating

If you are experiencing issues with your microwave not heating, here are two steps to resolve the issue. First, check that your microwave is plugged in and hit the ‘ Start ’ button. If there is no reaction, press and hold the ‘ Start ’ button for 3-5 seconds. Your microwave should now be working .

Microwave not working

If your microwave oven is not working by rights and you need to troubleshoot it, the beginning footprint is to unplug it. Check and make certain that a fuse is not blown or the circuit surf has not tripped. Check food items for signs of spoil .
As you enter the future phase of trouble-shoot, check to make indisputable the oven door is properly opening and close, that the normal and recommended operating distance from other appliances is maintained, and that receptacles near the microwave oven are not overloaded with heavy-duty machines. Check previous functions performed and make indisputable all steps were followed correctly .

Microwave light bulb not working

A microwave unhorse bulb not working can be caused by burned-out idle bulb or a trip circuit circuit breaker. Replace the burned bulb and reset the circuit breaker to solve this problem

Microwave turntable not turning

Non-turning microwave turntables are pretty common. Your microwave turntable won ’ t turn if your rollers are stuck or your glass tray is warped, broken, or damaged.

You need to check your roller wheels to see if they ’ rhenium turning freely on their axle to fix this trouble. You should besides check to make surely your microwave turntable plate international relations and security network ’ thymine warped, break, or damaged, as this could interfere with the rotation process and stop it from moving .


It ’ randomness easy to get confused about who makes crisp microwaves, given the numerous Sharp brands that exist. But this post has been able to give you every information you need .
sharp microwaves are like most major brands of microwaves – reputable and dependable. It ’ s truly up to you to decide your best option based on price and model type .