Pizza Hut’s Book It reading program is coming back this summer

If you have a arduous clock getting your kids to read during the summer months, here ’ mho something that should help. The Pizza Hut Book It ! broadcast is formally back this summer, giving kids the ultimate incentive to read : a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza .
Called Camp Book It !, the program is an extension of the Pizza Hut Book It ! program that is offered every year from October to March. The parent-led Pizza Hut Book It ! summer reading program makes its return from June through August, when kids can work on reaching their monthly interpretation goals and earn a pizza each calendar month as a reward. ( Yes, that means kids can get up to three pizza per summer — one for June, July and August. )
Parents can enroll pre-K through sixth grade ( ages 4-12 ) children online and then track what they ’ re read, which can include books, eBooks, magazines and more .
Throughout the summer, the broadcast will besides send reading recommendations and activities to enrolled parents in order to extend their children ’ mho read adventures beyond the Pizza Hut challenge. Once a child reaches their reading goal, parents will receive a certificate by e-mail that includes a serialize code for a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. The certificate can be redeemed when ordering on-line, in-store or via phone.

Pizza Hut
If the program sounds familiar, it ’ s because you might have participated in it as a child. The Pizza Hut Book It ! program began in 1984 as a manner to encourage interpretation in schools. It is nowadays the largest and longest-running corporate-supported learn program, reaching more than 14 million students per annum .
stopping point class, when the COVID-19 pandemic intend kids didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have access to summer camps, Pizza Hut turned the read program into a camp and held it during the summer, making this the second year in a row for the Camp Book It ! program .
Though presently sold out, parents matter to in tapping into their own Pizza Hut Book It ! childhood nostalgia can even grab a vintage-inspired Book It ! jersey for $ 10 once it ’ s available again.

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Pizza Hut
The revival of the summer reading course of study is depart of Pizza Hut ’ s Newstalgia political campaign, which offers up some nostalgia to everyone who has childhood memories at Pizza Hut .
To kick off the campaign, Pizza Hut partnered with Pac-Man to offer a limited-edition Pac-Man box, which featured an augmented world adaptation of the iconic game printed directly on the box. Fans could play the game using their smartphones for a casual to win an Arcade1Up Pac-Man bet on cabinet .
The campaign besides includes food deals, like a $ 10 Tastemaker pizza that first launched death year. available at participating locations nationally, the $ 10 Tastemaker is a large pizza with up to three toppings, with 17 to choose from and 680 likely top combinations.

Pizza Hut
Parents who homeschool and teachers of students grades kindergarten through one-sixth class can besides still enroll in the regular Book It ! platform begin in September for the 2021-2022 school year. Teachers and parents can set a finish for their students and once the goal is reached, they can give the students a security for barren pizza .
Will your little one be participating in the Pizza Hut Book It ! program this summer ?