Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu

Pizza Hut ’ s Gluten-Free menu only has one thing that makes it less than perfect, and that ’ s that their gluten-free pizza crust international relations and security network ’ t required as a standard staple industry-wide. This means that, while the gluten-free choice is available it isn ’ t available everywhere so you have to call and ask about it first. If you find out your local branch has it, however, you ’ re in a world of fortune ! Their gluten-free pizza crust can be used for any of their menu items ( except stuffed crust ) and is sure to be a push pleaser among the gluten-sensitive. Their full gluten-free menu can be found below :

Food Size Price


Hand-Tossed Pizza Medium $11.99
Hand-Tossed Pizza Large $14.99
Pan Pizza Personal $4.79
Pan Pizza Medium $11.99
Pan Pizza Large $14.99
Thin N Crispy Pizza Medium $11.99
Thin N Crispy Pizza Large $14.99
Stuffed Crust Large $16.99
Skinny Slice Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $16.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $14.99
Create Your Own (Gluten-Free Crust) Small $9.99


Classic Marinara Pizza Sauce $0.60


Diet Pepsi Bottle $1.79
Diet Pepsi 2 Liter $2.99
Mountain Dew Bottle $1.79
Mountain Dew 2 Liter $2.99
Pepsi Bottle $1.79
Pepsi 2 Liter $2.99
Sierra Mist Bottle $1.79
Sierra Mist 2 Liter $2.99

Popular Gluten Free Items at Pizza Hut

With Pizza Hut you basically have two types of branches, you have those that are a gluten-free barren, and those that provide a authentic panorama of gluten-free options, there is no in-between. thankfully there are a growing total of Pizza Hut locations that are offering the gluten-free pizza crust on their menu, and that means there ’ s a growing number of places that you can enjoy the incredibly wrinkle and buttery flavor of the Pizza Hut gluten-free crust. Be sure to give your location a call before you place your order.

Their most celebrated gluten-free options are below :

Cheese Pizza

This is the basis of all good pizza, a simple layer of delightful tender crust topped with their house pizza sauce and a layer of incredible cheese. No matter what you want to order, it ’ s all going to start with these three ingredients, and the gluten-free option doesn ’ triiodothyronine change that fact one shred. Get your Cheese Pizza for $ 8.49

Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza

Another classic propose, and for most people the beginning pizza they ever put tooth to. This patch of vintage proto-indo european plan is available from Pizza Hut on their gluten-free crust and ensures that even with a gluten-sensitivity affect you, you can still enjoy the fine things in animation. Pizza Hut Pepperoni is a delectable and savory kernel that brings a classifiable taste to the meal.

Get your pepperoni for $ 12.49

Meat Lover’s Pizza

This pizza is easily one of the most popular ones on their menu, particularly among those of us that are practically obligate carnivores. From the savory reason gripe to the piquant, crisp bacon everything on this dish is designed to tantalize the senses of the most dedicate pizza sports fan. Add in a gluten-free crust, and it ’ s prison term for some fear free dine in the gluten-sensitive kingdom Get yours for $ 12.49

Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza

Take your sleep together of the cheese pizza one step far by ordering this masterpiece of dairy delights, this Count of Cheese, this prince of Pizza. here you ’ ll find a delightful blend of cheeses coming together in what may be the arrant cheese pizza. available, as constantly, on a gluten-free crust, this one satisfies the want for GF and vegetarian alike !

Get yours for $ 12.49

Enjoy Pizza Hut’s Gluten Free Offering

Pizza Hut was one of those pizza companies that promptly saw a need and moved to fill it ; they lone failed in that they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate begin providing it sooner, or more universally. What they did correctly was ensuring that when their gluten-free pizza crust is available that it ’ s available for every pizza they offer. Pizza Hut is one of our darling GF pizza stops, and we hope to see them expand their size options to go with the GF pizza .