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The Highlights

  • If you work as a delivery driver for pizza hut you need special car insurance
  • Personal car insurance will not cover delivery work, so you will need a commercial policy to protect you
  • There are several types of commercial coverage available depending on your location and budget

Extra money, driving around your township, listening to music while you work, sounds like a great conduct, correct ? That ’ s probably what drives so many people to become a pizza delivery driver .
however, despite all the apparent advantages, there are some things about being a Pizza hovel pitch driver that you may not know .
The biggest one ? Pizza Hut cable car insurance is not offered to pitch drivers. In fact, if you have ever worked for a food pitch servicing, Pizza Hut, Domino ’ second, GrubHub, etc, you have likely done thus uninsured .
The reason ? flush if you have a policy with the best policy company in your area, they won ’ metric ton cover using your car for commercial purposes. alternatively, you will need a commercial policy policy. This makes sense as your personal car indemnity policy is intended for a car you use for personal reasons lone .
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What car insurance does Pizza Hut offer?

ampere far as you and your property are concerned, Pizza Hut, and most early food manner of speaking companies, offer no indemnity to their food delivery drivers. They have liability policy that protects them if you injure person else or damage property during an on-the-clock accident .
That means that you could find yourself on the hook for thousands of dollars of damage if you get into an accident while delivering pizza.

In fact, according to the CDC, the average cost of a slip to the hand brake room after a car crash is over $ 3,000 .

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What insurance do I need to deliver pizza for Pizza Hut?

Using your car for solve means you will need a type of commercial car indemnity to be properly protected .
The two most park ways to cover your delivery job are to get a separate commercial policy from your car indemnity company or an addition to your current policy .
Another type of coverage is that offered by GEICO commercial car insurance. They have created a rideshare policy that acts as a hybrid, bridging the col between a personal and commercial policy to include the best of both .
This GEICO food pitch insurance policy acts as commercial insurance while you are working and when you are off the clock, it returns to being a personal car policy .

How much does commercial insurance cost?

The price of commercial car policy can vary wide, depending on everything from your drive phonograph record to what car you drive. The best car policy for a Volvo S8 is going to vary a draw in monetary value compared to a 12-year-old Chevy .
however, the most common price for an wholly distinguish commercial car indemnity policy ranges from $ 700 to $ 2,500 per class on average. policy coverage options and policy limits will vary .
Rideshare overlay, however, will come much cheaper. Some of these policy add-ons can cost vitamin a little as six dollars per calendar month .
The average cost is broadly less than $ 30 per month .

Who offers commercial car insurance?

fortunately most large car indemnity companies will offer some type of commercial coverage, beyond insurance for personal vehicles. This can make bundle policies easier if you are required to get a separate policy of insurance for delivery drivers .
however, while many companies will offer the coverage, the most low-cost Pizza Hut car policy is inevitably available everywhere .
Rideshare coverage may be the most cost-efficient choice but it is not available in every city or state of matter. This can make covering your cable car a little more expensive.

To make surely you are getting the best deal, it ’ mho important to comparison shop car indemnity regularly .
now that you know more about Pizza Hut cable car insurance, you are cook to start looking for the best car insurance quotes in your area. Enter your ZIP code below and we will pull up car insurance rates near you. Be informed before you buy cable car policy .