Rewards Case Study: Hut Rewards vs Piece of the Pie

Whether it ’ s a local pizzeria or a giant chain, everyone has their favored pizza joint that they ’ ll battle tooth and nail down to defend. With that in mind, it ’ s merely fitting then that the biggest players in the diligence have two of the best rewards programs to fuel that devote loyalty. With a combine deserving of over $ 20 billion, Domino ’ sulfur and Pizza Hut both use rewards programs to might their incredible growth. Although they each might have some winning attributes, in the end it ’ mho Pizza Hut that ends up nailing the delivery. Let ’ s find out why .

What is Hut Rewards?

pizza hut dominos rewards hut rewards.png Being the largest pizza party in the US, Pizza Hut needs a impregnable memory scheme to maintain its number one spot. Hut Rewards does a phenomenal job at providing prize to both the consumer and the stigmatize through a great excerpt of rewards, premium branded content, and inexhaustible points earning .

What is Piece of the Pie Rewards?

pizza hut dominos rewards piece of the pie We ’ ve talked about Piece of the Pie Rewards quite a act in the past, largely because it ’ south mention is such a bang-up exemplar of a creative rewards course of study name. It has a fortune of things going for it and decidedly gives Hut Rewards a run for their money in terms of stigmatize and value for the consumer.

Putting Hut Rewards and Piece of the Pie Head to Head

There are a fortune of factors that make the remainder between a leading rewards plan and a not thus leading one. From the types of rewards to how points are earned, all of these elements are important in their own way. We ’ ve looked at both programs with these factors in mind, and while Domino ’ sulfur might give Pizza Hut a streak for its money, Hut Rewards is clearly the better broadcast .

Pizza Hut’s Explainer Page Provides More Value

The most significant thing that Pizza Hut nailed with this rewards program is how it is explained. A reward program can not succeed if the customers don ’ t know how to earn points, how to redeem rewards and why they should be excited about it. The key to a good explained plan that gets customers enthused and ready to engage is a well designed explainer page .pizza hut dominos rewards explainer page
Hut Rewards ’ explainer foliate goes above the call of duty, tied placing a brief video on their course of study page to make it decent and easy to get an mind of what the program is all about. They even use the video to take shots at the competing Piece of the Pie Rewards, which has a lackluster explainer page in comparison, and no video of any kind. Besides the video, Hut Rewards ’ explainer page besides has a well laid out FAQ department and is very easy to find on the independent Pizza Hut web site. It besides shows a mental picture of each reward that can be earned in all of their bum good, a well as showcases the early benefits that come along with joining the program. All of these these factors add to up make Hut Rewards easier to understand and digest, than Piece of the Pie. Pizza Hut 1 : Domino’s 0

Piece of the Pie’s Branding is More Creative Than Hut Rewards

As we constantly preach, amazing brand is a necessity for a solid reward platform. You want the program to resonate with your customers and act cohesively with your brand alternatively of feeling like a tacked-on afterthought. While we have a bunch of branding tips, one of the best ways to ensure that your rewards program actually hits home is by giving it a creative and attention-getting name .pizza hut dominos rewards creative name

Domino ’ s hits it family on the creative names front with a witty diagnose that ’ s a unharmed distribute more creative list than Hut Rewards. The cause a platform identify is so important is because mighty branding keeps you in the consumer ’ second mind and encourages them to talk about the platform with others. When it comes down to the battle between Domino ’ second and Pizza Hut, the one with the stronger stigmatization will decidedly be circus tent of beware when customers are craving that late night slit, giving Domino ’ s it ’ s inaugural point in this neck and neck conflict. Pizza Hut 1 : Domino’s 1

Pizza Hut Offers Limitless Points While Domino’s Restricts Points Earning

We ’ ve discussed how Pizza Hut offers a bunch of variety show with their rewards platform, but we ’ ve failed to mention that they besides allow you to limitlessly earn rewards points whenever you want. Piece of the Pie Rewards actually limits you to earning points alone once a day, mean that even if you want to order pizza for a huge party, Domino ’ s will only reward you once.

The reason that this international relations and security network ’ t such a great decisiveness on Domino ’ sulfur separate is because this fails to reward their most firm and most passionate pizza lovers who have undoubtedly spent more with the restaurant. Piece of the Pie rewards is missing the opportunity to thank those fans, get them to keep coming back, and encourage them to buy more Domino ’ south. Pizza Hut 2 : Domino’s 1
Domino ’ south is the Better Deal For Customers On a Budget If the only argue people are joining these programs is to get the best bang for their tear, then Domino ’ second is straight up the better deal. To achieve a average pizza with two toppings with Piece of the Pie, customers only need to spend $ 60. For that like reward at Pizza Hut, customers have to spend $ 75. consequently, if all a customer wants from a reward platform is transactional value, any grok consumer would mechanically look to Domino ’ south .pizza hut dominos rewards earning points

Although this character of discount can be a slippery slope, Domino ’ sulfur has found a balance that keeps their customers fed, satisfied, and coming back for more. More importantly, they ’ ve got Pizza Hut beat, putting the estrus on their most serious rival. Pizza Hut 2 : Domino’s 2
Hut Rewards Offers Significantly More Rewards and Benefits nothing can get customers more stimulate about a rewards program than a variety show of rewards. Providing your customers with batch of reinforce options is a great way to increase program engagement by appealing to all potential customers and letting them choose rewards that match their values. Hut Rewards beats Piece of the Pie here by offering a wider variety of pizza. With Hut Rewards you can redeem your points for a metier with 2-toppings, a medium with any toppings, or a large with any toppings. When you compare this to Domino ’ s advantage of only a medium pizza with two toppings, it seems like Pizza Hut is the obvious choice for the consumer that wants just a little extra .pizza hut dominos rewards benefits additionally, Hut Rewards piles on other benefits on top of the already superscript pizza options. Pizza Hut will not only send you exclusive offers but besides give you a little surprise on your birthday. If that wasn ’ thymine enough, you won ’ thymine have to type in your information and address every prison term you place an order because you already have a rewards history. This makes the wholly checkout procedure nice and fast, contributing to a antic customer experience.

Pizza Hut 3 : Domino’s 2

The Dominoes Fall in Pizza Hut’s Favor

As you can see, both of these programs have a lot going for them. Both programs are actually therefore good equipped that they made it into our top 10 rewards programs of 2017. Hut Rewards has a courteous excerpt of offerings, unlike pizza, and a in truth hearty explainer page. On the early hand, Piece of the Pie Rewards has apt brand, and it offers grok customers the better deal. That being said, Domino ’ s restricts points earning to once a day, they only offer one reward, and their assemble of the Pie page seems to have only a slice of the information that Hut Rewards has. then despite both of them having a becoming rewards broadcast and pretty delicious pizza, the following time I ’ thousand thrown into the pizzeria debate, I ’ ll be fighting in Pizza Hut ’ s corner .

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