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Pizza Hut is doubling down on one of its authoritative innovations as the pandemic-era pizza wars rage .
In a nod to the twenty-fifth anniversary of stuffed crust ’ randomness debut, Pizza Hut is offering a pizza-less ring of cheese-stuffed dough .
The name ? “ nothing But Stuffed Crust, ” of course .
The bum promotion — which comes fair weeks after equal Papa John ’ s rolled out its own stuffed crust pizza — is limited to participating locations in Dallas and Los Angeles this Tuesday through Thursday. The caller says nothing But Stuffed Crust is release each day for the first 50 customers who make a $ 10 purchase at each location. Customers can besides buy a three-topping stuffed crust pizza for $ 11.99 for a limited fourth dimension at participating restaurants .
“ many have tried to recreate it, but there ’ south still only ONE original gorge crust pizza, ” Pizza Hut said in a statement.

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competition among big chains has been fierce during the coronavirus pandemic, which has fueled a scend in pizza demand from Americans who are spending more time at dwelling and avoiding dine-in restaurants. Papa John ’ sulfur, Domino ’ south ( DMPZF ) and Pizza Hut began hiring thousands of new employees in the jump .
On October 29, Pizza Hut ’ s parent company Yum ! Brands ( YUM ) reported the chain ’ s offsite sales had surged 17 % -21 % during the third base draw of 2020. Pizza Hut besides opened 148 fresh restaurants in 32 countries during the like clock frame, according to fiscal records .
Yum ! CEO David Gibbs says the fast food pudding stone ’ s year-over-year digital sales set a individual stern record of $ 4 billion between July and September .