From heart-shaped pizzas to candy, 16+ places to get Valentine’s Day treats in Louisville

From heart-shaped pizzas to candy, 16+ places to get Valentine’s Day treats in Louisville

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precisely in time for Valentine ‘s Day all of them can “ BE MINE. ” Time, Time What ‘s the best way to person ‘s heart ? Some say it ‘s through the digest. For Valentine ‘s Day, that might mean you could treat your limited person to locally-made chocolates, a decadent cupcake or even a cordate pizza. There are tons of area bakeries offering up dessert treats for Valentine ‘s Day, including Heitzman Bakery, 3333 Bardstown Road, Heitzman Traditional Bakery and Deli, 9426 Shelbyville Road and Nord ‘s Bakery, 2118 S. Presto St., but here are a handful of early restaurants and shops that besides have everything covered for whatever suits you this vacation. here are 16-plus places to find angelic and savory treats for Valentine ‘s Day around Louisville .

Where to find heart-shaped pizza in Louisville for Valentine’s Day

Bearno’s Pizza ( multiple locations ) : is serving cordate pizza for Valentine ’ s Day. Find a list of all Bearno ’ mho locations at Papa John’s ( multiple locations ) ; is serving thin-crust, cordate pizza for Valentine ‘s Day. It arrives uncut “ because we don ’ t want to break your kernel, ” the company says. California Pizza Kitchen ( 7900 Shelbyville Road ) : cordate pizza are available in any crispy-thin-crust pizza season for dine-in only. California Pizza Kitchen is besides offeringa Valentine ’ s Day Sweet Deal for Two that includes one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert. For dine-in or on-line orders. 502-425-5125 ; Papa Murphy’s ( multiple locations ) : Papa Murphy ’ s ( home of the “ take ’ n ’ bake pizza ” ) will be offering its HeartBaker pizza. The HeartBaker pizza will be available in either cheese or pepperoni. The chain will besides offer a “ Sweetheart of a Deal. ” available in stores and on-line, and includes a HeartBaker Pizza ( tall mallow or pepperoni ) and chocolate chip cookie boodle. Pizza Hut ( multiple locations ) : pizza Hut is offering cordate pizza for Valentine ‘s Day. You can upgrade the manage to include an ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie or Triple Chocolate Brownie. Pizza Hut ’ s cordate pizza will be available to order on-line, through the Pizza Hut app or in-stores, and via rescue, carryout or contactless pick-up. You may like: here are 20+ places to dine-in or grab a meal to-go for Valentine ‘s Day around Louisville Chick-fil-A ( multiple locations ) : is offering a 30-count nugget, 10-count Chick-n-Minis, six-count of chocolate chunk cookies, and 12 chocolate brownie halves with each of the menu items is placed in cordate trays. White Castle ( multiple locations ) : White Castle is offering the Love Cube Meal for two ( eight cheese sliders, two piano drinks, and two shareable sides for $ 14.69. )

Where to find Valentine’s Day treats in Louisville

From doughnuts to cookies, cupcakes and fruit, here ‘s where to find some dessert treats in Louisville for Valentine ‘s Day : Edible Arrangements ( multiple locations ) :   Love-themed fruit arrangements, chocolate-covered strawberries, flowers and more. Including the Valentine ‘s Day Berry Bouquet, Valentine ‘s Day Sweetheart Platter, Valentine ‘s Day Bouquet, Valentine ‘s Cookies & Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Bouquet, Valentine ‘s Cupcakes & Treats Platter, chocolate-dipped strawberries and more.

Krispy Kreme ( multiple locations ) : cordate decorate Kreme-filled doughnuts that are decorated with the saying, Bee Mine, My Batter Half, Cookies to My Kreme and Beary Best. For those who order a twelve, they will be placed in a especial endow box with a pop-out Valentines to share.

  • Bee Mine: A heart-shaped doughnut filled with Strawberries and Kreme, dipped in red icing, and decorated with a pink icing drizzle and a bee fondant piece.
  • Cookies to My Kreme: A heart-shaped doughnut filled with Cookies & Kreme, dipped in white icing, then decorated with a chocolate icing drizzle and confetti heart sprinkles.
  • My Batter Half: A heart-shaped doughnut filled with Cake Batter, dipped in pink icing, then topped with heart sprinkles.
  • Beary Best Valentine: A heart-shaped doughnut with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, decorated like a teddy bear with Chocolate Kreme and icing.  

Dairy Queen ( multiple locations ) : The return of two ice cream treats, the Dipped Strawberry Blizzard and the Dipped Strawberry Cupid Cake are back. Both are topped with very strawberry and chunks of Ghirardelli chocolate. Dunkin’ Donuts ( multiple locations ) : Two classic donuts will return this year at Dunkin ‘, including Brownie Batter and Cupid ’ sulfur Choice doughnuts, both are cordate. The Brownie Batter Donut is filled with rich, chocolatey brownie batter-flavored butter-creme filling and frosted with vanilla ice and cocoa sprinkles. The Cupid ’ mho Choice Donut is filled with bavarian Kreme and frosted with strawberry-flavored ice and pinko sprinkles. For Dunkin ’ coffee drinkers, they have a seasonal worker coffee blend known as Dunkin ’ Winter blend chocolate. You may like: Why this boutique bakery with craftsman breads, European-style pastries is a must-visit Gigi’s Cupcakes ( 1977 S. Hurstbourne Parkway ) : Valentine-themed treats including a Sweetheart Box of miniskirt, Kandy Kiss, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more. 502-499-4998 ; Nothing Bundt Cakes ( 12949 Shelbyville Road, Suite 101, 502-874-5848, and 4505 Shelbyville Road, Suite 100, 502-835-2001 ) : This bakery offers love-themed treats, including their “ Love You to Pieces ” patty and heart-shape “ Bundtini ” toppers. For details : Plehn’s Bakery ( 3940 Shelbyville Road ) : Since 1924, Plehn’s has been serving up angelic treats for Louisville. This Valentine ‘s Day, you can snag cordate cakes, frosting cookies, butter heart cookies, meringue kisses, cordate cookies and more. Call 502-896-4438 or visit for more details. Sweets by Morgan ( 533 Spring St., Jeffersonville, Indiana ) : cordate cookies, cake pops, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and more. It besides offers gluten-free options ( cupcakes, cakes and cookies ). custom orders must be placed on-line. 812-725-0080 ; Please and Thank You ( Multiple locations ) : Get a boodle cookie cake, crush boodle catch cup of tea, Be My Valentine Chocolate Chip Cook Cookie Dough Dozen Tube, Squeeze & Spank You sweatshirt and the 10 annual mixtapes. For details, visit .

Where to find candy for Valentine’s Day in Louisville

Looking for a more traditional sweetly regale ? Check out one of these Louisville-area candy shops for the perfect holiday-themed give : Art Eatables ( 9816 Lynn Station Road ; 819 W. Main St. ) : This bourbon-focused chocolate shop specializes in bourbon chocolates and truffles. For more details, inflict Muth’s Candies ( 630 E. Market St. ) : This candy shop class in Louisville ‘s NuLu neighborhood features craftsman goods, including bourbon balls, Modjeska ‘s, hearts, red-and-white sanded gluey hearts, sour pucker lips and more. For more details, visit or call 502-585-2952. You may like: here ‘s why science says sentimental gifts are better than ‘wow ‘ gifts for the holidays

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Rawnaissance Desserts ( 1759 Bardstown Road ) : This sweet shop in the Highlands specializes in bare-assed, organic desserts including chocolates, cakes and more. They besides offer Keto options. For more details, visit ; or call 502-424-3639. Schimpff’s Confectionery ( 347 Spring St., Jeffersonville, Indiana ) : This historic sodium carbonate shop has been around since 1891 and features antique sweets and internal-combustion engine cream plus a small sugarcoat museum that includes the popular cinnamon bolshevik hots. And extra equitable for Valentine ’ s Day, it offers the Cinnamon Red Hots in the determine of a heart. It will besides offer cordate cocoa candies for Valentine ’ s Day. Reservations for candy demos take plaza Monday through Friday. Or, you can check out a show on a Saturday, which takes invest at 11 ante meridiem, noon, 1, 2:45, and 3:45 post meridiem For more details, travel to or call 812-283-8367. Reach Features News Gege Reed at avarice @ .