Pizza without yeast

It will depend a fortune on what you want out of your pizza boodle .
Are you looking for pizza dough that ‘s thick, downy, rich, diskette, chewy, crisp, dry, bizarre, crumbly ? You can make good pizza with any of these characteristics, and you can besides prefer ( evening powerfully ) some over others. Changing leaven will change sample and texture, but it ‘s up to you to say if the leave is acceptable to you or not. I ‘m normally pretty glad with any of the above, american samoa long as the tomato sauce and tall mallow and toppings tastes are all there with the crust .
You can make pizza with sourdough, which will take more time, and have a unlike season, but give a nicely heighten end result. More induct in the beginning, but once the starter is running it will be very handily on hand. You can use boodle dough ( which I know needs yeast itself, but if you had a ball of the freeze screen hidden away, it can be pressed into serve ) and the results will be similar to, but not necessarily the lapp as, a made-for-pizza boodle .
You can make baking powder pizza doughs, as Joshua Engles suggested, for a slender crisp crust, or use baking-powder rise biscuit dough or tied pancake buffet as the base for something dense and downy rather than chewy.

You can use tortillas ( either boughten or handmade ) as the basis for some nice, thin, pizza, either diskette or identical crisp – and they store pretty well, so it ‘s normally little trouble to have an unopened pack tucked away in the pantry. You can use pie crust for a flaky, but very bland crust ( though I ‘ve seen stuff pocket-pastries more therefore than open faced pizza this way ). Puff paste is besides a fine, full-bodied tasting option, as rackandboneman suggested.

Two other points – if you can grab boughten crust or grocery-store pizza, you can besides pick up yeast, yes ? I mean, it solves the problem at the source. You can keep yeast in the deep-freeze if you want to buy excess.

besides, this I ‘m not sure of, but I think pre-made ( frozen, say ) boodle or pizza boodle might be functional as a source for yeast, not good as an ingredient – take a act out, and treat like a preferment or biga or poolish ( look it up more specifically if you would like to try it – but by and large, it ‘s something like mix with equal parts flour and body of water till quite idle, give supernumerary fourth dimension [ internet explorer, overnight ] for the yeasts to multiply and take over the populace, mix back into boodle and bake ) .
Or alternatively and more surely, keep a sting of the batch of boodle from the survive of the yeast you had, and use it as a pate fermentee, or old dough, or mother-dough newcomer, where each batch uses some reserved boodle as a starter, and has some reserved after rising for the adjacent batch .
Bonus trouble-shoot, after rereading your position – you mentioned wanting two raises, this helps when your yeast gets extra time to work in the boodle and change the texture, and develop flavors, and all that. The actual raise does n’t actually do a lot for the dough once beaten down or exhausted, so when using early kinds of leavening only one enhance is needed, and two may cause problems ( off flavors from besides much spend agent, etc ). besides, you should n’t get prostitute spots in your boodle with baking sodium carbonate or gunpowder unless you ‘re using excessively much ( like adequate for raising doubly ? ) and/or do n’t mix enough so the baking powderize or pop ends up unevenly mix in the dough. And finally, the raising you get from eggs is largely the proteins in whites plus any trap air that has been whisked into it that survived the shuffle, so you might be able to use less yolk to reduce any “ eggy ” flavor … whites are fairly subtle in relish to begin with .