15 Food Pool Floats Best for Lounging on the Water All Day Long

nothing says the unofficial start of summer like blowing up a giant star inflatable watermelon pool float and rise right into the cool body of water on a scorch summer day. Afternoons lounging by the pool and family BBQs under the sun are the perfect ways to spend your summer and holiday weekends .
To add some fun to your water-filled adventures, we ‘ve gone ahead and found some of our darling food-themed inflatable pool floats that we love, just for you. I remember when I first bought my pizza slice pool float and now I ca n’t seem to go to the lake without it. These floats are then appetizing, you ‘re going to want to eat them !

Auntie Anne ‘s pretzels have nothing on this salted dream of a float. Get tangled up in this inflatable consortium miniature, and make sure to bring the mustard.

There ‘s nothing like the sweetly and refreshing taste of water on hot summer day. The like goes for the ice-cream soda adaptation, besides !
Unlike the smaller watermelon cut versions, this round watermelon float means you can share or it could barely mean more board for you !
This pool float will leave you with the biggest sweetness tooth. This sprinkle doughnut is a fun twist on the average float .
I never knew how much I missed methamphetamine cream sandwiches until I saw this ice-cream soda. This chocolate dream is going to float you into chocolate heaven .
Okay, avocado lovers, this one is for you. here is one way to up your avocado obsession. Be one with the avocado in this float .
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ? You do, sort of ! float at the beach with this fun inflatable pineapple float and you ‘ll be the spill of the browse .
The merely disadvantage of this float is that it leaves me wanting pizza when I am done using it .

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I ‘ll drink to this. This margarita float is the float of all floats. Seeing as though you ‘re probably going to enjoy plenty of these frozen drinks this summer, why not float in one besides ?
This Smarties float is evocative of the previous school foam consortium noodles, but better because who does n’t love Smarties ? ! It’s a bang-up option for smaller pools as well !
This tri-colored pool float is Americana on the water. Measuring in at 5-feet wide, you ‘ll float serenely all day .
Declare your sexual love for cabernet sauvignon on the lake with this wine bottle consortium float that’s the perfect condition for lounging around all day .
Every day is Taco Tuesday with this 6.5-foot raft that ‘ll have you craving some serious Tex-Mex after a long day on the water .
Get your ballpark frank on with this hot cad pool float complete with all the best toppings, including fake catsup and mustard .
This double yolk consortium float is perfective for sharing or going it entirely under the sunday .
This giant green gluey yield pool float is the best because if you ride in it like a tube, you can lean back onto its belly for extra support. Most tubes do n’t offer that extra back indeed have your gummed bear and possibly do n’t eat it, besides.

These floats are ace fun and will be the life of any pool party. Invite over the gang for a good swim and some cute Instagram-worthy photos. Your summer is bound to be packed with many pool days with these amazing urine accessories .

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