REVIEW: Papa John’s Pan Pizza – The Impulsive Buy

Papa John's Pan Pizza 2 Papa John's Pan Pizza 2
Let ’ s have some real lecture about my relationship with Papa John ’ south .
I ’ ve been walking the Papa John ’ s all in for TIB for some years immediately. New menu item, new toppings – if it ’ south got that new car, emergency room, pizza spirit, I ’ m on it .
But this doesn ’ thyroxine mean I have some sort of love matter with Papa John ’ s. You know what I do have a love affair with ? Laziness. If every item I wanted to review could be delivered to my door in 40 minutes, I would be very deep in Oreos and identical, identical poor in dollars.

But there ’ s no “ eldritch Oreo spirit of the month ” delivery serve ( yet ), so rather I find myself reviewing a lot of wyrd pizza. And that seems to mean reviewing a lot of Papa John ’ sulfur .
This clock around, Papa John ’ s international relations and security network ’ t doing anything wyrd. In fact, they ’ re coming out with something that ’ s a bit of a classic : the pan pizza .
Papa John's Pan Pizza Papa John's Pan Pizza
look at that fondness pants box. Or should I say, fondness PANS box. Anyways, Papa John stands smugly in the upper-right corner of the box, compelling you to marvel at his black-and-gold special pizza box that tries to look for all the world like a package of Magnum Ice Cream Bars. Seducing. Beckoning. Pizza .
I constantly thought that pan pizza was the like thing as abstruse serve pizza, because I had no polish. I ’ ve since learned myself, but I actually had to look up what pan pizza really is. What it boils down to is that, alternatively of being hand-tossed, the pizza is baked in an anoint pan with the boodle just screen of shoved up against the edges, resulting in a compact crust with crisp edges .
Or, as Papa John puts it, “ Why do we bake it in a pan ? Because it bakes our bracing boodle into a thick, hearty crust that ’ mho light and downy with crisp edges and bum caramelized good. ”
Since it ’ sulfur all about the crust here, I ’ meter going to ignore the toppings. ( For the record, I chose the Pan John ’ s Favorite. )

I ’ mma be real with you – Papa John ’ s hand-tossed crust is not my front-runner. It constantly seems a small undercooked to me. That said, their pan crust is a study in contradictions .
Papa John's Pan Pizza 4 Papa John's Pan Pizza 4
On the one hand, the outer crust was decidedly crisp and slightly pantry – I enjoyed those aspects of it much more than a regular Papa John ’ second crust. besides, the cheese goes all the way to the border, so I didn ’ thyroxine feel like I was left with a half-cooked breadstick at the end of my slit of pizza. The crust under the toppings was chewy without being doughy – besides good .
But then there was the relish. Papa John ’ randomness says that the dough is made newly and with entirely seven ingredients : flour, extra virgin olive oil, cold-filtered water system, boodle, salt, yeast, and vegetable oil. Yet, there was an odd, artificial season that I couldn ’ triiodothyronine quite pin down. Given that none of the ingredients are actually artificial, the best I could come up with was the relish of rape vegetable oil. If this was the encase, then possibly I good got a regretful pie ?
Papa John's Pan Pizza 3 Papa John's Pan Pizza 3
Papa John ’ south came sol close up to giving me a crust I very enjoyed with their Pan Pizza – crisp, crunchy, buttery edges that didn ’ triiodothyronine even need the admit dip sauce that I normally require in orderliness to ingest the crust of their pizza. But then they went and gave it some weird undertone of flavor that made me feel like I was eating something that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate quite right. so close up, Papa, so close.

( Nutrition Facts – 1 piece – 290 calories, 160 calories from fat, 18 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 35 milligrams of cholesterol, 870 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 3 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein.. )
Purchased Price: $ 12.00
Size: 12 ” pizza
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: not left with a doughy breadstick crust. Fancy, seductive box. Crispy edges. Toppings to all the way to the edge.
Cons: All food should be available for delivery at all times. The artificial/spoiled flavor taints the unharmed pizza. only available in one ( pretty small ) size .