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Friday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 phase modulation Tuesday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 09:00 phase modulation Sunday 12:00 PM – 09:00 phase modulation Delivery service Tuesday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 08:50 autopsy Friday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 09:50 promethium Sunday 12:00 PM – 08:50 promethium

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Want to save money and use our coupons/specials ? Do n’t have a menu and want our menu in the palm of your hand ? You can now ordering on-line from Mario ‘s Pizza in Orlando using your own smartphone. We ‘ll be delighted to confirm your order in real-time. Simply download the app and start ordering online from Mario ‘s Pizza. Depending on your device, you should choose to install the Mario ‘s Pizza Android mobile app or the Mario ‘s Pizza io mobile app. Mario's Pizza in Orlando iOS mobile app Mario's Pizza in Orlando Android mobile app

About Mario’s Pizza

For over 30 years Mario ‘s Pizza we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delectable food. The key to our success is dim-witted : provide quality consistent food that taste big every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers delightful genuine dishes like : pizza, Burger, Sandwiches, Calzone, Stromboli, Pastas, Salads, Garlic Knots and now offering vegan items. No additives, preservatives or artificial flavors are added to any of our menu items. We take the extra campaign in creating our menu items from scratch such as : our salad dressings : Blue Cheese, Ranch, Basil Vinaigrette ; Marinara sauce, Alfredo, Seasoned Ricotta Cheese, Vegan Chocolate Spread, Spicy Marinara Sauce, Chicken Wings and so much more ! Mario ‘s Pizza is immediately offering vegan items. We now carry Vegan Pepperoni, Vegan Sausage, Vegan Steak and Vegan Chicken. Eat delectable food. Grab a drink. But most of all, loosen ! We thank you from the bottomland of our hearts for your continue support.


These are some of the delectable food we serve at Mario ‘s Pizza. This is actual photograph we took ourselves. Enjoy : ) Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Vegan Alfredo Pasta Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Vegan Veggie Pizza & Vegan Cheesy Knots Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Vegan Pepperoni Rolls Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Vegan Pesto Girlfriend Pizza Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Grilled Mushrooms Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando S’more Logs ( Vegan american samoa well ) Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Supreme italian Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Garlic Knots Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando elephantine Wings Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando lasagna Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Cannoli Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando greek Salad

Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando piquant Munchies Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Buffalo Chicken Pizza Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Baked french Fries Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Breadsticks Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando 2 Slices w/ Ham & Pineapple Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Chicken Alfredo Pasta Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Chef Salad Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Pasta w/ Meatballs & Sausage Mario's Pizza true -  - Orlando Vegan Pesto Pizza

Special Offers

Everyday-2 Vegan Slices & Drink7.75 PICK UP ONLY – 2 Vegan Slices w/ 2 regular Toppings & Drink 7.75 see deal Everyday- 2 Slices & Drink 6.75 PICK UP ONLY – 2 Slices w/ 2 regular Toppings & Can Drink for 6.75 view cover everyday XL 1 Topping particular Everyday you can get an forty 1 regular Topping Pizza for 13.95 – picking UP ONLY view softwood XL Pepperoni 10 Wings Knots forty ( 16 ” ) Pepperoni Pizza, 10 Wings, & Small Garlic Knots for 31.95* Price may change over time. view deal 2 Large Pepperoni Pizza 2 Large ( 14 ” ) Pepperoni Pizzas for 24.95 watch hand XL Cheese & Knots forty ( 16 ” ) Cheese Pizza & an order of Small Garlic Knots 17.95 view deal Vegan Pizza & S’more OR Knots 14 ” ( Large ) Vegan Specialty Pizza with your choice of vegan s’more logs or cheesy knots 24.95 horizon cope XL Pepperoni Pie & Rolls XL Pepperoni Pizza & Your Choice of either Pepperoni or Spicy Rolls for 22.95 opinion distribute

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Food delivery in Orlando

Looking for food delivery in Orlando ? When you want to get served like a King or Queen then food delivery from Mario ‘s Pizza will be your best choice. Simply select “ Delivery ” at the checkout screen and we hope you ‘ll appreciate our food rescue service.

Delivery fee

Pizza Zone, Min – $ 10.00, Fee – $ 3.25