Health & Safety – Jet’s Pizza


first and foremost, we would like to send our warmest well wishes to all of those who have been affected or know person who has been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Regarding customer use of masks for health and guard, because there are Jet ’ s Pizza locations in many states in America and because policies vary depending on location, the policy for customer mask manipulation is that customers need to follow local guidelines and regulations as it relates to masks and health and guard protocols. Be dependable. We think of customers like syndicate and we want you as a customer for a long time to come. To better serve our customers, Jet ’ second Pizza is promoting and encouraging its Contactless Delivery service. With Contactless Delivery, you do not make any one-on-one contact with the person delivering your holy order, and no signatures will be required. Because we believe that this procedure is safer for both our customers and our rescue drivers, we strongly encourage you to request and use it. To request and orderliness a contactless delivery, please follow these procedures :

  1. ONLINE: Go online to to order online or text your order (where available)
  2. ORDER: Build your masterpiece.
  3. CONTACTLESS DELIVERY: Indicate you would like “Contactless Delivery” in the comment section.
  4. PAYMENT: Add tip and complete payment using a card
  5. DELIVERY, UPON ARRIVAL: The Delivery Driver will put your order on a clean surface per your instructions. The Driver will remain at a safe distance to ensure you collect your order.

At Jet ’ sulfur Pizza, our customer ’ s health and wellbeing are always our acme precedence. With that being said, we would like to take this opportunity to ensure that we are taking every necessary precaution to ensure your safety. While we continue to closely monitor the CDC, we will keep on making decisions based on their latest recommendations. During this time, we encourage you to order and pay on-line, over the earphone, or text ( where available ) to reduce your physical contact with others. Please do not hesitate to instruct our delivery drivers to take a footprint back, or ask to place your pizza at a localization you are most comfortable with. We want to ensure your peace of judgment and are uncoerced to work with our customers to achieve that.

furthermore, in reaction to this serious health crisis, we have enhanced our clean and hygiene practices. All Jet ’ s Pizza locations have in place many hard-and-fast and mandatary health and condom procedures ensuring the highest sanitary standards. Some of these procedures include the watch :

  • Each Jet’s Pizza employee must wash or sanitize his/her hands each time the employee enters a food preparation area or makes contact with another person.
  •  Gloves are to be worn by each Jet’s Pizza employee at all times when that employee (a) handles or prepares any food items, (b) handles any money, or (c) interacts with customers.
  • All surfaces on which food items come into contact are to be cleaned and disinfected on a frequent schedule, and all non-food objects and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • When available, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for all persons to use in each store.

In addition, we want to keep Jet ’ s Pizza employees and drivers healthy and safe, as a exceed precedence. To that goal, we have instituted the follow :

  • To limit person-to-person contact, we strongly recommend that you pre-pay with credit card when phoning in orders, use Text to Order whenever applicable, and pre-pay for online orders.  (Just don’t forget to include a tip for our great delivery drivers!)
  • All drivers are required to sanitize their car (steering wheel, gear shift, center counsel, door handles, etc.) before and after each shift.
  • Whenever possible, drivers are to wear gloves when going to a customer’s house and handling money or credit card receipts.

Of path, all Jet ’ mho stores constantly monitor each Jet ’ s Pizza employee ’ s health condition at all times, and we are constantly monitoring all local, state, national and ball-shaped conditions and health advisories, recommendations, and requirements.

Jet ’ sulfur Pizza is proud of its health and condom record and procedures. We very much appreciate your continue commercial enterprise and hope in us. additionally, our Jet ’ s Pizza locations remain open and many of our stores are hiring. Each of our stores is independently owned and operated, so you will need to apply directly at the store where you would like to work. Due to the temporarily limit capacity of our store lobbies, please call the location prior to visiting investigate about the employment opportunities. Jet ’ mho is an peer opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to raceway, color, religion, sexual activity, intimate orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. Sincerely,
The Jet’s Pizza Family