Gluten Free Domino’s – Is Domino’s Pizza Coeliac Safe?

This post may contain affiliate links for which I earn a small comission at no extra cost to you. For more info, check out my Disclosure Policy. Thank you for your support! well what a week for pizza fans – it looks like gluten free Domino’s is back on the menu ! Domino ‘s gluten free menu returned this week ( w/c June 22, 2021 ) after a very long foramen due to the current pandemic. It ‘s return has caused a bit of a discussion on sociable media with the chain now advertising its bases as Schär gluten free ones.

dominos gluten free pizza There have been thus many discussions around the return of gluten free Domino ‘s, I thought I ‘d put together a little ‘need-to-know ‘ template to ordering your gluten unblock pizza. This information is for UK Domino ‘s stores merely and is correct at the time of writing ( June 2021 ) – though of course if anything changes I will try to update this .

When did the Domino’s gluten free menu launch?

Domino ‘s actually launched its UK pizza bases back in 2012 with the wax back of Coeliac UK ‘s accreditation scheme. It ‘s hard to believe we ‘ve had about a decade of being able to eat a gluten free menu at Dominos ! At the time the gluten free base was available as an option for any of the pizza on the Domino ‘s menu. This mean you could pick and choose any toppings you liked – but a couple of years ago Domino ‘s changed the social organization of it ‘s gluten free menu. rather of picking ‘gluten free ‘ as a pizza base choice, the app started to only list certain flavours available gluten rid. This mean alternatively of customising your pizza, you could only ordain, for example, a Gluten Free Pepperoni Passion – though I believe at the time you could still add extra toppings. And then fair as COVID hit, disaster struck for gluten loose Dominos fans – as the chain announced it would be temporarily ceasing gluten free pizza countrywide .dominos gluten free pizza launch 2012Throwback to me with my first ever Domino’s in November 2012 – cuuuuute!!

Why did Dominos stop gluten free pizzas?

In December 2019, Domino ‘s delivered an early on Christmas salute in the imprint of removing its entire gluten spare menu. And with it came an explanatory blog post, detailing the reasonings behind this The chain said due to sociable distance measures, it had to reduce staff in its kitchens. Of these ‘major changes ‘, Domino ‘s said : “ To enable all the above means the specific areas we previously had to make GF pizza are no longer available – and of run sending them down the makeline with other products mean we can no longer guarantee the gluten free condition of your pizza. ” And while this angered many people – I wholly get it. I ‘d much rather they stopped preparing gluten free pizza if they can not guarantee their gluten free status. Domino ‘s is Coeliac UK accredited which means they will have very stern procedures to adhere to in club to advertise as gluten free. So it would n’t have been right for them to continue to prepare our gluten absolve pizza in an environment they could n’t confirm was safe. And now, 18 months late, with restrictions in the UK last starting to relax a little ( for the foreseeable future, anyhow ) the gluten free Dominos pizza are back !

How do I order gluten free Domino’s in the UK?

Ordering for Domino ‘s gluten rid pizza is now available on-line and on the app. When ordering on the app, you ‘ll need to scroll past all the delectable, colossus, gluten-filled pizza until you find the ones specifically marked as gluten complimentary. And yes, that ‘s good, they ‘re all only available in a small. Classic. hera ‘s a screenshot to show you what you ‘re looking for …gluten free dominos uk june 2021 The gluten free pizza options on the Domino’s UK app.

The current Dominos gluten free menu consists of:

  • Gluten Free Cheese and Tomato – £10.99 for a small
  • Gluten Free Pepperoni Passion – £14.99 for a small
  • Gluten Free Vegi Supreme – £14.99 for a small
  • Gluten Free Texas BBQ – £14.99 for a small
  • Gluten Free New Yorker – £14.99 for a small

All of the gluten free pizza are only available on a 9.5 ” bantam small basis, which is nowadays made by Schär. They are besides the same monetary value as a little ‘normal ‘ pizza, so there is no excess cost for a gluten spare free-base, which makes a nice change .

Can you customise the gluten free pizza?

Unortunately, unlike before your options are very specify. You can only customise the toppings presently included in each person pizza. so, for example, on the Gluten Free New Yorker, you can remove or add supernumerary of any of the toppings included on that pizza. But you can not add any different toppings to it. And with the cheese and tomato pizza, you ca n’t make any changes at all .gluten free dominos toppingsYou can only remove or add extra of the toppings on the specific gluten free pizzas.

What about the Schär base?

It ‘s nice to have the reassurance that, as before the pandemic, the gluten free pizza bases will be brought in pre-packed to ensure there is no thwart contamination. however, many begrudge the fact that you can just nip down to Asda and buy a throng of two Schär gluten free bases for £3. But if you love spending £14.99 on a pizza ( let ‘s face it, on a hangover, who cares ! ? ) then at least you can nowadays get one delivered to your doorway .

Is Domino’s gluten free pizza safe for coeliacs?

Since its gluten complimentary launching in 2012, Domino ‘s has worked closely with Coeliac UK and is share of its accredit venues scheme.

This scheme has identical stern protocols in stead for foods to be labelled as gluten dislodge. It besides means Domino ‘s pizza will be regularly tested to ensure they calm meet the requirements of containing below 20ppm of gluten .gluten free dominos

Domino’s cross contamination procedures

On it ‘s web site, Domino ‘s has a identical farseeing number of all the procedures in topographic point to ensure there is no risk of intersect contamination for gluten release pizza. Domino ‘s gluten complimentary bases are made by Schär in a controlled, 100 % gluten dislodge facility, and brought into store in seal pouches. team members all undergo training on how to prepare gluten exempt foods. There are besides separate readiness stations and ingredients ONLY for use on gluten free pizza. To ensure there are no blend up, Domino ‘s uses unlike sized screens to cook gluten free bases, the bases are a slightly different shape, and stickers for gluten exempt boxes. I ‘ve seen a few people worried about the traverse contamination risk from the ovens and the planning of non-gluten-free pizza. domino ‘s does not use offprint toppings for gluten free pizza but it says there are controls in place to eliminate the risk of contaminant from the three toppings which do contain gluten. It besides does not use freestanding ovens for cooking gluten release pizza .gluten free dominos however, Domino ‘s states that even test has concluded the procedures in put have ensured all gluten unblock pizza persist under the 20ppm threshold. In terms of the flour used to stretch the ‘normal ‘ pizza bases – this is actually cornstarch. domino ‘s does n’t handle wheat flour at all in any of its venues, thus do n’t be put off by the sum of flour lying around, as it ‘s actually gluten free. And finally, Domino ‘s does n’t cut it ‘s gluten free pizza. I ‘ve never understood why they can not precisely have a gluten unblock pizza cutter, so fair remember this when you ‘re ordering somewhere you do n’t have cutter. Yes, I have eaten a wholly gluten free pizza without cutting it before. Got tantalum do what you got ta do, right ! ?

Can you get the gluten free pizza in any Domino’s deals?

so can you push the price down at all with any of the Domino ‘s deals ? unfortunately, most of the deals in storehouse apply to medium or bombastic pizza only – and of path gluten free people only consume miniature food. thus naturally, a batch of the deals do n’t apply to the gluten free pizza .

The gluten free pizza can be included in the following UK Domino’s deals:

  • Two For Tuesday – any two pizzas for the price of one. It won’t knock a lot off if your partner in crime is demolishing a large pizza, but it might help a bit.
  • Lunchtime Sharer – any size pizza for £13.99. That’s a whole £1 off the cost of the gluten free standard pizza with toppings. Steady now!
  • Any Size Pizza – Get any size pizza for £9.99 when you buy two sides. So that’s one pizza and two lots of nachos for me.
  • Double Delivery Deal – Any two pizzas delivered for £10.99 each. Again, not a mega saving, but it’s enough to go buy a pack of pizza bases for next time.
  • Buy One Get One Free – If you can be bothered to drive to the store to pick up, which let’s face it, defeats the whole object of a Domino’s, right!?

There are of course numerous deals which change all the time, but these are equitable a few I ‘ve discovered which include the gluten free pizza .gluten free dominos

Is Domino’s gluten free pizza vegan?

well, gluten rid vegans, you ‘ll love this riddle. Because while the Schär gluten rid pizza base used at Domino ‘s is vegan – all of the vegan pizza options contain wheat. There is no option on the menu which is gluten complimentary AND vegan, and you can not customise the orders on the app or web site to even swap for dairy detached cheese. The tomato sauce topping is of course vegan, so if you can persuade them to swap your tall mallow for vegan cheese, you can make a gluten free and vegan pizza. If you want to try this you ‘ll have to ring up your memory though, as there is no option to customise gluten loose pizza on the app or web site .On the Domino’s UK app you can’t swap for vegan cheese. however I have seen some people on Facebook saying they ‘ve been successful in ordering vegan cheese on their pizza over the phone. I guess it ‘s the pot luck of whichever memory you get !

What gluten free Domino’s side dishes are there?

previously the Domino ‘s gluten barren menu was pretty poor when it came to side dishes. however there do presently appear to be some new options labelled as gluten absolve. The side dishes marked gluten loose on the Domino ‘s menu are :

  • Nachos – £3.99 per portion
  • Nachos with jalapeños – £3.99 per portion
  • And of course, all of the dips and sauces!

Will you be ordering gluten free Domino’s?

personally I have never had any issues with ordering gluten free from Domino ‘s. And while it ‘s expensive, it ‘s courteous to have the option of a gluten release treat nowadays and then.

Do n’t forget you can besides order gluten rid pizza from Pizza Hut and Pizza Express besides. Plus lots of other independent retailers besides offer gluten free – so it ‘s worth shopping approximately. Will you be getting a gluten free Domino’s now they’re back? Did you miss them? Or will you be avoiding them? Let me know in the comments below!