CVS Pharmacy expands selection of frozen foods, better-for-you snacks

CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, is ramping up its choice of freeze foods and better for you snacks .
CVS Pharmacy is offering frozen food options that make mealtimes flying and simple, including Beyond Meat meatballs and burgers, Bird ’ s Eye vegetables and 50 products that are completely new to CVS shelves .
Select stores nationally now have a refresh assortment of more than 100 freeze foods from popular brands like Beyond Meat, Bird ’ mho Eye, Ore-Ida and Amy ’ s Kitchen that simplify creating a balance meal that meets respective dietary preferences such as gluten-free, certified-organic and vegan. Customers can find everything they need to create a well-balanced, easy-to-assemble meal, including plant-based protein options from Beyond Meat as a infrastructure, rice, fixed vegetables, and refreshing beverages to complete the meal. Those seeking immediate grab-and-go meals can besides find a kind of fresh prepare foods and early refrigerated options in choice stores .
Product highlights include :

  • LesserEvil Organic No Cheese Cheesiness Popcorn (New to CVS);

  • Beyond Meat Beyond Burger (New to CVS);

  • Beyond Meat Beyond Meatballs (New to CVS);

  • Bird’s Eye Sweet Cut Corn (New to CVS);

  • Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Frozen Broccoli Florets (New to CVS);

  • Healthy Choice Spicy Black Bean & Chicken Bowl (New to CVS);

  • Healthy Choice Basil Pesto Chicken Bowl (New to CVS);

  • Amy’s Kitchen Three Cheese and Kale Bake Bowl (New to CVS);

  • Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl, Meat Lovers (New to CVS); and

  • Red Baron Pizza (New to CVS)

According to a survey conducted on-line by The Harris Poll on behalf of CVS Pharmacy in March of 2021, closely three quarters of american adults ( 74 % ) say their meal and/or bite habits have changed during the pandemic. When thinking about choices at home compared to what they would normally do anterior to the pandemic, 67 % of american english adults who snack say that in cosmopolitan, they find themselves snacking at home more now, and 52 % of american english adults find themselves choosing better-for-you snacks and meal solutions.

Starting adjacent month, CVS is introducing an inflate categorization of more than 140 better-for-you snacks, including more than 60 that are completely modern to CVS shelves. The assortment includes popular national and recess brands like LesserEvil, SkinnyDipped, Soley and more – a well as choices that cater to dietary preferences and offer fresh relish combinations. Shoppers can find a variety show of organic and plant-based options, zero-sugar-added options, meat and cheese snacks, grab-and-go bars, and bold flavors to satisfy their cravings and help them stay fueled with healthy options throughout the sidereal day, specially when afternoon starve hits .
Product highlights include :

  • LesserEvil Organic No Cheese Cheesiness Popcorn (New to CVS);

  • Solely Organic Pineapple Fruit Jerky (New to CVS);

  • Quinn Paleo Friendly Grain Free Pretzel Chips (New to CVS);

  • Bobo’s Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bar (New to CVS);

  • Beanitos White Bean Chips, Hint of Lime (New to CVS);

  • KRAVE Sonoma Style BBQ Zero Sugar Jerky (New to CVS);

  • SkinnyDipped Lemon Bliss Almonds (New to CVS);

  • Quest Loaded Taco Tortilla Style Protein Chips (New to CVS);

  • Ketologic Keto Crisps, Pizza (New to CVS); and

  • SkinnyPop Kettle Corn, Hint of Vanilla (New to CVS).

For convenient and quick access to these products, choice food and grocery items are available in-store and on adenine well as available for purchase and manner of speaking through Instacart, DoorDash and Shipt, from choose locations .