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I was invited to learn about Cici ’ s New # BetterBelieveIt Taste Better at a local Cici ’ s Pizza. And now I want you to know Cici ’ s own ’ t the same locate you and I used to eat at. All the comments are all my own .
Do you remember your first time at Cici ’ s Pizza ?
For me it was in college when I had $ 4 left in my bank score and I was starving. But after searching for that supernumerary dollar in change I found in my car, I was able to scrape together $ 5…That got me an endless supply of pizza or at least as much I could put it my mouth at that setting. This is how many of us did it for years – go to Cici ’ south and get high gear quantities of pizza. It wasn ’ triiodothyronine precisely our front-runner pizza, but you couldn ’ thyroxine argue with the prize for your $ 5 .

obviously, I wasn ’ t the only one that thought Cici ’ s Pizza was alright, but wasn ’ t my front-runner pizza to eat. I wanted more toppings and less crust to bite through. I wanted to taste my pizza, not merely eat it .
Nine-Reasons-To-Go-to-Cicis-Pizza-Tomorrow #BetterBelieveIt
thankfully, they listened to my request and many others and this calendar month Cici ’ s Pizza launched a new pizza .
1. The sauce is zestier with a fresh recipe ( in truth )
2. The pizza is cheesier by doubling the cheese on more ( truly )
3. The toppings are tasty with better quality toppings and adding more to each proto-indo european ( actually )
4. The crust is yummier with a new made-from-scratch with garlic butter and less thick so there ’ sulfur board for more stuff

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Cicis-Pizza #BetterBelieveIt
But there was a set more about Cici ’ s Pizza that I learned that I didn ’ triiodothyronine know, excessively .
5. While Cici ’ s Pizza doesn ’ triiodothyronine serve a gluten-free pizza, you can bring one from family and they will cook it for you !
6. Cici ’ s Pizza serves the community in so many ways including school fundraisers. youth sports discounts, birthday party packages, lunch and learns and a distribute more .
7. Macaroni and Cheese Pizza ? Yep. They got that and whole lot more like Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Spinach Alfredo and other fun combinations, I never knew they had. actually, you can create your own and they ’ ll bring it to your table. All you have to do is ask .

When a little girl ’ sulfur favorite thing is Mac n cheese, you should expect her favorite pizza to be Mac normality cheese besides. # betterbelieveit # pizza # macncheese
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8. For $ 5.99 you can get a full pizza buffet with dessert, salad browning automatic rifle and pasta for adults ( it ’ s even cheaper for the kids. ) That ’ s a batch. Don ’ thyroxine believe me ? You better believe it !
9. I am giving away a gift card for $10 to Cici’s Pizza for you to try for yourself! 
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