Does Chuck E. Cheese REALLY Serve Recycled Leftover Pizza?

YouTube/Shane Dawson
Unless you ‘ve spent the last 2 months in a sensory privation chamber, you have probable heard about the conspiracy theory, proposed by YouTuber Shane Dawson ( watch his video here ), that Chuck E. Cheese collects uneaten pizza left behind by guests and pieces it together to serve as fresh pizza to early patrons. In the video, Shane and his friends go to the restaurant, camera in tow, to order a few pizza and test his theory. Shane initially thought that nothing would come of their visit and they ‘d just have some goofy clips to add to their video, but when the pizzas arrived at their table, jaws dropped.
Ew, good ? The identical idea is wholly disgust, but to me, it just doesn’t make sense. Pizza is a cheap product to make, and Chuck E. Cheese is a huge chain. realistically, the employees would be spending a distribute of time trying to collect, match up, and re-heat uneaten pizza, and that time wasted would be worth more money than the money saved by reusing slices. not to note they would be risking a massive lawsuit and possibly even criminal charges if any of their employees decided to leak if they were actually engaging in such gross practices .
Ex employees chimed in on Reddit debunking the claim and offering an explanation for why pepperoni sliced in one-half on the border of a slice had no coordinating one-half on the adjacent slit :

person else, an employee of Little Caesar, admitted that while sometimes half-pizzas are placed together and sold as a whole, the pizza itself is fresh, and does n’t explain the trouble of crusts and slices on similar slices not adding up .

Whether you buy into the theory or not, Shane’s video is a fun watch if you ‘re into conspiracy theories. I think they are fun to entertain even if I think they are dispatch bull ( and honestly, I think this one is bull ). still, I thought I ‘d have a little fun and take a browse through social media. Since it ‘s been several weeks since the theory was proposed, I wanted to see if Chuck E. Cheese was even serving up funky looking pizza. here ‘s some images I found :

This one looks precisely fine … the edges and the cuts all line up nicely .

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At first glance, this is a questionable pie, but if you mentally scoot the pieces together, you ‘ll see that things still line up .

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This is where things get hairy. Even if you line up the outer edges, there are pepperonis that are missing their other halves, cuts that don’t line up, etc.

then you have the people that are being obvious trolls by switching out slices of their pizza, that are n’t evening from Chuck E. Cheese, to join in on the madden .
But careless of which side of the argue you ‘re on with regards to this theory, it ‘s a fact that the good ol ‘ Internet has latched onto the viral craze and turned it into a large antic, likely increasing business for Chuck E. Cheese as social media exploded with mentions of the brand and people flocked to buy their pizza to conduct their own experiments .

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Could this be affecting future makeup trends ?

The company did make an official response not long after the television was posted .
In a instruction to E ! News, the company said :
“ The claims made in this video about Chuck E. Cheese ‘s and our pizza are unambiguously false. No conspiracies here – our pizza are made to holy order and we prepare our boodle fresh in restaurant, which means that they ‘re not always absolutely uniform in form, but always delightful. ”
Then Dawson himself had a rather witty response:
“ imagine if chuck e. tall mallow equitable leaned into this whole thing and was like “ come try our pizza for yourself and see what happens ? ”. I think we all would respect that hussle hahaha hypertext transfer protocol : // ”
— Shane Dawson ( @ shanedawson ) February 15, 2019

sol while the initial wave of media attention over this conspiracy hypothesis has died down, I wanted to put up a promptly short post because I thought it was an interest, fun ( and yeah, gross ) proposal and I wanted to make certain none of you missed out. Do n’t worry, you can always merely try another pizza restaurant out there .
What do you think of this conspiracy theory?  True or false?  Let me know in the comments!