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Pizza is a meal that is about constantly a reach with the family. But, it can be a little slippery when it comes to the actual pizza. I mean we all like them, but we all like them our own way. therefore, when having pizza, it ’ randomness good if we can all make our own with everything we like ( and nothing we don ’ t like ). What better way to be the happiest with our own pizza then to do a DIY pizza cake ? ( We ’ ve got gluten detached, we ’ ve got dairy spare, we ’ ve got no tall mallow liking, thin crust love and sauce hoarders ! )
easy diy pizza bar with aldi

Mr. Serious made an hand brake trip out of town, so it was the girls and me flying solo for our pizza barricade. I figured it was a good way for everybody to stay busy and entertained before dinner and for everybody to eat their dinner. It was decidedly a win .
I partnered with ALDI to get all of the ingredients and get everything together for an amazing and easy DIY pizza cake. Earlier in the day, I went to ALDI and bought everything I needed for our feast. If I haven ’ triiodothyronine said it before, or you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know, we already love ALDI ( check out the 16 things you might not know about ALDI ). We grocery denounce there every workweek ! Everything we bought for our pizza barricade was under $ 20. That is $4 per person and we ended up with a long ton of leftovers ! ( Did you know that pizza toppings make great additions to omelets ? )
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
My kitchen-loving 7 year old helped prepare the toppings. From the grow section, we cut up tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and spinach. We besides bought some turkey pepperoni and real bacon bits. The tomato basil chicken sausage was besides a huge stumble from the ALDI Never Any! meats ( no antibiotics, no hormones added, no animal by products, fed a vegetarian diet, no preservatives, no nitrates and no nitrites ). We thought about adding shrimp, but decided to save it for another time !
All of the toppings went in a muffin tin for slowly distribution and placing on pizza .
Aldi pizza bar 5
then we got out the crusts. here ’ s where things get catchy. We used tortillas for super slender crust individual pizza. We used the prepare thin crust pizza ( that come two to a tamp down with two packages of pizza sauce ) for those that liked a little more, and I prepared the know Gfree gluten free pizza crust for myself. In hindsight, I should have grabbed some gluten release flatbreads or wraps for myself .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
I charged the 7 class old with spreading the sauce on everybody ’ s pizza. She received some requests for a reduce layer of sauce and some for chummy. I honestly can ’ t even keep square who has what on their pizza anymore .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
then it was time for the cheese. Again, some pizza got cheese and others didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. At this point, it was every person for themselves .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
This pizza ? My meat daughter. All pepperoni, very fiddling tall mallow, thin sauce and thin crust. I think it ’ sulfur just a vehicle for pepperoni .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
The 4 class erstwhile wanted to do the “ big ” pizza and decided to do half with just cheese and half with mushrooms and tomatoes. honestly, I was shocked she went with this, but ended up eating two pieces .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
mine was my darling. I cooked the gluten free crust, put on the sauce and adding all of the vegetable toppings. Some time after this movie and before cook, I realized that I forgot the bacon. WHO DOES THAT ?
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
All of the pizza were cooked at 425F for 8 minutes and came out absolutely. I was worried we would have some burned, but they were all amaze .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
The 7 year old made her pizza with the chicken sausage, chime peppers and tomatoes .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
There is it. My delightful gluten-free, dairy-free pizza with the bacon I about forgot. And look at all of those delectable vegetables from the produce section .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
here ’ s the curious contribution. My intention was to do a movie night in the live room, picnic-style with their personal pizza creations. I think they had so much fun creating their pizza that they weren ’ thymine even matter to. Everybody was waiting ( not so ) patiently at the table for their pizza to come out of the oven and enjoy .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
needle to say they were a bad hit ! Everybody got their pizza precisely how they wanted it, and since they had a hand in making it, I ’ meter convinced they enjoyed it even more .
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
A DIY pizza cake is a great way to make pizza fun for everybody despite having allergies, intolerances or barely plain dislikes !
easy diy pizza bar with aldi
After dinner, you can make a delightful gluten-free dairy-free apple dessert pizza. It was a hit with everybody, excessively !
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Easy DIY Pizza Bar | An Allergy-Friendly ALDI Family Dinner

plan and pick whatever you and your family desire for your pizza creations and have fun with it .

Cook Time



Total Time




  • Pre-made pizza crust
  • live Gfree gluten loose pizza crust
  • tortillas
  • pizza sauce
  • mozzarella cheese
  • peppers
  • mushrooms
  • pepperoni
  • pizza
  • tomato basil blimp
  • real bacon bits
  • tomatoes
  • any other toppings you like


  • Depending on your crust, read the directions for planning .
  • For the already cooked crust and tortillas, they are ready to go .
  • Top the crust with craved sum of sauce .
  • Add cheese if you ‘d like .
  • Top the pizza with your front-runner toppings .
  • Bake for 8 minutes at 425F .

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What is your favorite way to enjoy a pizza at home?