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In this post we look at some of the toppings you should cook before adding to a pizza. After all, pizza is cooked quickly in a hot oven and you might be wondering if those toppings are safe to eat .
Some foods good aren ’ metric ton that good as a top-flight without a sting of formulation first. Let ’ s look at why you might want to cook these first, and which toppings you decidedly should cook first base .

Why you should cook them first 

Water loss

Vegetables which contain a lot of urine will release the water when cooked. This can make your pizza wet and boggy. The dough might not cook through properly and it decidedly won ’ triiodothyronine become crispen. You should saute these vegetables in a fry pan with a little oil. Cook them long enough so that they release the moisture and shrink down slenderly. If you need to drain them at the end then do so, and you can pat them dry with a paper towel .

Better texture

As the pizza is cooked relatively cursorily then the toppings only get a abruptly menstruation of fudge equally well. Some toppings taste good when cooked a little longer, and that is down to personal preference. Peppers and onions will stay crunchy on a pizza if added naked. If you saute them beforehand then they take on a softer texture which may suit the style of pizza a little better.

Better taste 

Cooking toppings first can improve the spirit by intensifying it. This normally happens when moisture is pushed out and when caramelization happens. When foods get browned they have a reaction called the Maillard reaction and this creates a deeper flavor. Think of a mushroom which is quite politic when crude. After it is cooked it is firm in taste and is much more democratic .

Avoiding raw food

I ’ megabyte referring to food which should decidedly be cooked through before consume, such as kernel. As the pizza only cooks for a short time then this might not be hanker enough to amply cook meat. You don ’ metric ton want to be eating half cooked chicken on your pizza ! There can be a production line between cooked and over cook, therefore be surely to go lightly on the precook indeed that you do not excessively dry out the kernel. thinly meats such as bacon wear ’ triiodothyronine have to be cooked first. You should use your judgment to identify if your pizza cook clock will adequately cook your meat through .

1. Mushrooms

Why you should cook first
Mushrooms aren ’ metric ton regular vegetables because they are fungi. And this means they are wide of water. It takes them a longer time to release the water and begin cook, so when they are placed bare-assed on pizza they do not have enough time to cook. This gives a raw mushroom taste which is inferior to cooked mushrooms for most people. At the lapp time, this body of water is released to the crown of the dough causing besides much excess moisture. This results in inert pizza crust and watery toppings. You might have noticed this when you saute mushrooms in a pan. alternatively you should cook the mushrooms first which will release the water system, intensify the relish and ensure the mushrooms taste well because they are cooked through .
How to prepare
Get a fry pan or saucepan and add the slit mushrooms with some anoint, pepper and strategic arms limitation talks. Let them reduce down as you saute them for 5-10 minutes until dark in coloring material. now you can drain on some paper towels ready for the pizza top .

2. Thick Meat (Like Chicken)

Why you should cook first
You should use your intuition here and think about how farseeing you would normally cook that piece of kernel at that thickness. You want to cook your food, but you don ’ thymine want to dry it out. Most people will be cautious with food like raw chicken as that has some obvious concerns. I tend to avoid chicken as a pizza top because it is list and becomes dry promptly in the hot oven. That is typically why greasy cured kernel and bacon go therefore well on pizza .
How to prepare
If your kernel is fatso, then render that fat down by cooking lento. This allows the kernel to cook, the fatty to melt and the meat to become wrinkle. If you are going for a lean meat like chicken, then knock solid in the oven wrapped in foil to keep damp. then you can slice and top on your pizza .

3. Root vegetables

Why you should cook first
These vegetables, like a butternut squash, are the toughest, and require the most cooking. That ’ randomness why they don ’ t suite well for going on a pizza crude. specially if they are cut thickly, it can be pretty unpleasant to bite into sensitive etymon vegetables. By cooking them first, they become soft the whole direction through and become sugared .
How to prepare
Cut into thin cubes and roast in the oven while you prepare the perch of your pizza ingredients and boodle. Wait until they are slenderly indulgent. then the final cook on top of the pizza can brown them .

4. Broccoli

Why you should cook first
Broccoli can go straight on the pizza or it can be cooked beginning – the latter works better in my public opinion. Raw broccoli takes on a dark, bitter taste which is undesirable on a pizza. If its had some cook then it mellows the season and is softer in bite .
How to prepare
Blanch the florets in some churn water for a few minutes. This takes the raw border off and softens slightly. then flip in some olive anoint so that they don ’ metric ton dry in the oven when placed on top the pizza.

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5. Leafy Greens and Herbs

Why you should cook first
Leafy green vegetables and herbs need some planning before going straight on the pizza. This is because they will burn, and then go bitter. Think of spinach and boodle, which are slender and not ready to go raw into a hot pizza oven. A branchlet of rosemary will merely burn and become identical unpleasant – but when covered in petroleum it works much better .
How to prepare
food like spinach is comfortable giving a saute in a pan with some oil before cook. This allows it to wilt down and lose some moisture and by and large be more accomplishable. preferably than putting a boastfully bunch on the pizza and letting it shrink there. Woody herbs like rosemary want to be well oiled earlier going on. Some grab a branchlet and rub with a small olive oil before adding on top .

6. Bell Peppers

Why you should cook first
like to onions and mushrooms, peppers get better with some prior cook because they can ’ triiodothyronine fudge debauched enough on top of the pizza. By cooking first they become soft, and full moon of relish as the water system escapes as the sugars caramelize .
How to prepare
I don ’ triiodothyronine think you can beat whole roasted bolshevik peppers for relish. These are soft and fresh and cut up easily for pizza toppings. Check out this recipe to see how to properly roast bell peppers to get a char airfoil .

7. Onion

Why you should cook first
You get more flavor out of an onion when it has been cooked down rather than straight up raw. This is because it starts to caramelize when the sugars are released, and the season is intensified as moisture escapes. As with peppers, they can be besides crunchy when used raw .
How to prepare
Slice thinly and saute in some vegetable oil until soft. They take them a little far until they start going golden and they start to sweeten – delectable !

Toppings you don’t need to cook first

note : Any naked kernel should be the last thing you add to a pizza topping so that it gets the full cooking that it needs. As with cooking any raw meat, ensure it is fully cooked through before eating.


Providing this international relations and security network ’ t in excessively larger chunks, I think this is fine. A decent trick I like to do is take the sausage kernel from out of their skins and add spot of meat to the top of the pizza. This lets the kernel brown and crisp up and taste great. Remember to keep the balls an column inch or less wide so that they cook through thoroughly, and pinch them thin between your fingers so they aren ’ thymine besides dense. constantly place above the cheese .


Because it is nice and thin, bacon should cook finely when topographic point on the exceed of the pizza above the cheese. here it gets the cook it needs, and the fat melts into the pizza. In my opinon that makes the pizza preference great, and is a better choice than crisping the bacon up first .


again, if its sliced thinly then pepperoni is fine when placed above the cheese and should not need any anterior cook .

Related Pizza Topping Questions

Do you cook pizza sauce?
Both ways have different outcomes. If you choose to not cook the sauce then you preserve a more raw tomato taste which works well for pizza which are cooked flying like a wood fired Neapolitan pizza. If you cook it first then you get a more concentrate tomato relish which normally is accompanied by garlic, tomatoes and herb. This stands up well to pizzas with more toppings like the american varieties.

Do you have to cook pancetta before putting it on pizza?
You by and large don ’ t have to cook pancetta first because it is thin and will cook adequately in the oven. Ensure your oven is identical hot so that the pancetta renders its fat and it crisps up. Place above the cheese so it gets direct estrus .
Do you need to cook peppers before putting on pizza?
Pizza is cooked relatively cursorily and peppers need a retentive meter to soften. so if you add crude peppers to a pizza they are probably to be crunchy. You can soften them by roasting first base if you like a softer pepper but it is down to preference .
My best topple for making pizza in a home oven is using a pizza “ sword ”. This adds intense heat from below like a brick oven would – I have this steel from Amazon which is importantly lower priced than the original brand, but works absolutely. Steel is more conductive than stone so transfers more hotness, they don ’ thyroxine shatter and they are easier to clean. If it ’ s out of your monetary value range then the 2nd best option is a pizza stone made from cordierite. To see a round-up of the most authoritative pizza equipment then see my essential pizza equipment tilt .