The Subway Secret Menu Is Totally Awesome (and May Even Save You Cash)

I constantly like to “ Eat Fresh ” at Subway and it ’ randomness normally a courteous stand-in to a greasy hamburger. But sometimes their bomber get a small boring and bland and it would be nice to be able to spice things up a little bite. Enter the Subway clandestine menu. little-known substitute and sandwiches that ’ ll spark your resource, not to mention your taste bud. hera ’ s what we know so far, and I hope to add newly Subway clandestine menu items to my tilt as I discover them .
The Subway Secret Menu Is Totally Awesome

1. Subway “Old Cut”

binding in the day, Subway artists would slice their bread a little differently than they do now. alternatively of slicing the boodle in one-half, they would cut a v-shaped trench on the crown. The leave ? A bomber that was easier to load with meat and veggies and kept them from falling off .
besides, I know for a fact the honest-to-god stinger would hold more veggies than they do now and it would result in a bigger meal for those with a BIG appetite. Order the v-cut and test out my theory for yourself.

update : According to person who left a comment, who use to work at Subway, they called this the “ u-gouge ” and she said it doesn’t hold about vitamin a much stuff .

2. The Wing Effect

Order your bomber with “ Wing Effect ” and the artist will leave your meat of choice suspension over the side of the bread. This is done by not folding the meat onto itself, but alternatively laying it flat on the bread .
It allows you to nibble on the kernel before taking a adult bite out of your submarine. Hey, whatever floats your gravy boat, I ain ’ thymine estimate .
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3. The Pizza Sub

The Pizza substitute is a long time darling on the Subway secret menu .
order it and you ’ ll get a submarine with loss tomato sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and your choice of bread. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to get it toasted, add some parmesan, and you ’ ll end up with a delectable pizza on a sandwich .
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4. Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub

club this and you ’ ll get a delectable concoction with your choice of bread along with wimp breast, ham and cheese .
Make certain you get it toasted for the full cordon bleu feel .

5. The Footlong B.M.T.

According to this Reddit thread, you can rate a privy bomber that ’ ll feed an army .
hera ’ s how the conversation with the sandwich artist went down :
Truck Driver: “ Son, are you ready to make the biggest baddest submarine of your life ? ”
Subway Employee: “ I make big bomber all the time. ” ( Laughing profoundly )
Truck Driver: “ Oh boy, you ’ ll never see this again. ”
Subway Employee:  “ Try me. ”
Truck Driver: “ Give me a footlong B.M.T. ( Biggier. Meatier. Tastier. If you ever wondered ). I want 8 double meats, 8 double cheese, 9 layers of bacon, more bread and every vegetable. Two forks. ”
Subway Employee:  “ So you want more bread added in between levels of meat ? ”
Truck Driver: “ Yes. If it looks like it needs bread, add more. ”
entire cost for this bad bargain, $86. And obviously it was so big, it didn ’ triiodothyronine come close to fitting in the bag. I would ’ ve enjoyed watching this ridicule try to eat it, must have been a sight .
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6. Deconstructed Breakfast Taco

This beauty sounds delicious and will take your breakfast to the future flat. Order it off the Subway secret menu and you ’ ll suffer flatbread loaded with egg whites, steak, guacamole, spinach, red onions, sliced tomatoes and topped with delectable Chipotle sauce .
I ’ meter all over this one like “ white on rice ” the following I stop at Subway for breakfast .

7. Eggs Florentine Flatbread

This can be ordered any fourth dimension of day and is loaded with protein. It ’ s made on balmy flatbread and comes with egg whites, red onion, banana pepper, spinach, black olives and topped with a lemony italian dressing. This sandwich makes for a decent alternative to the bore submarine found on their regular menu .

8. Chicken Parmesan Sub

back in 2010, Subway took this smasher of their unconstipated menu, but never fear, most employees silent know how to make it and it ’ s been mysterious menu fixture for years.

If they don ’ metric ton know how, equitable ask for a submarine with ridicule wimp, marinara sauce, and Parmesan cheese. I recommend getting it toasted so you get all of the gooey good of the melted cheese and toasty boodle .
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9. Big Philly Cheesesteak

This Subway confidential menu item is a darling among many Subway loyalists. Order it as a footlong and you ’ ll get a substitute with 3 boastfully scoops of steak and twice the tall mallow as normal .
Don ’ t forget to get it toasted with onions and peppers to make it a true Philly submarine .

10. “The Feast” Sub

This badly son is made with ham, turkey, knock beef, salami and pepperoni piled high. cost ? obviously a foot farseeing comes in at about $ 13. possibly split one with a friend unless you have a HUGE appetite .
Great FRUGAL tip from Jen, “ To make The Feast a cheaper bomber, ask for a golf club ( roast beef, joker, overact ), then ask to double the meat using the ingredients for a blue Italian ( salami and pepperoni ). then you get all of the meats without having to pay individually. ”
Brilliant Jen, absolutely brainy .
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11. The Meat Lover

besides known as “ The Carnivore ” by many submarine enthusiasts, this Subway clandestine menu sandwich piles on the kernel. What meat you ask ? How about 4 scoops of steak, 6 slices of bacon, and a handful of pepperoni. Throw on all your favorite fixings and you have a substitute made for a athirst lumberjack .

12. The Sunrise Melt

This sounds like a REALLY delectable breakfast treat .
It ’ s a toasted sandwich that comes with testis, turkey, ham, bacon and your option of cheese .

13. Chicken Pizziola

This one is buried deep on the secremt menu I ’ thousand think .
If the sandwich artist doesn ’ t know it by name, it ’ south roasted chicken summit, ham, and mozzarella tall mallow, TOASTED. Got tantalum get it toasted, very important .

14. Breakfast BMT

Get the footlong adaptation and get 2 eggs, 6 slices of pepperoni, 6 slices of salami, and 6 slices of ham .
According to “ Subway Guy ” in the comments section, it ’ second district attorney turkey .

15. The Albuquerque Turkey

besides from the “ Subway Guy ”, the Albuquerque Turkey is made with joker, add bacon, add k chili, toast it, then add avocado .
OK, I ’ m not gon na lie, that sounds REALLY commodity and love the tex-mex feel of it .

16. Chicken Bacon BBQ Flatizza

This delectable concoction ( that helps me hang on ) is flatbread pizza made with BBQ sauce rather of marinara sauce, chopped chicken strips, bacon, onions and bell peppers then topped with mozzarella cheese .
Ask the Reader: Which one of these Subway secret menu items sparked your interest ? Do you have any “ mysterious ” subs I should add to my list ? Let me know in the comments. Thanks .

By Kyle James