How much do local pizza restaurants make, and what are the top pizza days of the year?

In this six minute read:

  • How much money do pizza restaurants make on a typical day?
  • Which days of the week are biggest for pizza restaurants?
  • The busy (and slow) seasons for pizza places
  • The biggest days of the year for pizza restaurants (and the surprising impact of National Pizza Day)
  • How to make the most out of busy (or slow) seasons if you own or manage a pizza restaurant

If there were a contest for the most popular food in America, it would be hard to bet against pizza claiming the top spot. With tons of unique styles and near boundless topping combinations, there ’ s a perfective pizza out there for everybody .
It should come as no storm, then, that Americans spend a lot of money on pizza every year .
According to Restaurant Dive, the U.S. pizza industry is deserving closely $ 46 billion in tax income. The top national pizza chains claim 60 % of the market, which leaves a lot left over for regional and local anesthetic pizza restaurants.

Which had us wondering, how much do local anesthetic and mugwump pizza restaurants make on a normal day ? And what days of the class do Americans most love hitting up their local pizza joint ? And what about National Pizza Day ? Does it move the acerate leaf ?
We analyzed credit poster transaction data at local anesthetic pizza restaurants from across the country to answer these questions and more .

How much do pizza restaurants make on an average day throughout the year?

We started by analyzing the median day at local pizza restaurants throughout the country for all of 2019 .
To do this we looked at the average number of transactions on a given sidereal day throughout the class, what the median ticket price was per transaction, and how much tax income the average pizza restaurant brought in. here ’ s what we found :

On any given day throughout the year, the average pizza restaurant we analyzed brought in approximately $ 1,253 in gross. They processed around 50 transactions at $ 24.84 per ticket .
pizza restaurants, of class, can range from flying and brassy “ simple ” pies, to high-end forte eateries. So the numbers are merely an average .
The busiest pizza restaurants in our study processed about 200 transactions on average per day, while some of the slower pizza places averaged just a handful of transactions per day .
average ticket besides varied wildly—with some pizza restaurants averaging under $ 10 per ticket, and others averaging ampere much as over $ 70 per ticket .

What are the biggest days of the week for pizza restaurants?

The numbers above give a good look at the median overall day, but not all days of the week are the like for pizza restaurants .

As you might expect, weekends are huge for pizza restaurants across the nation. Over half ( 54 % ) of all tax income at local pizza restaurants comes in on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays .
The average pizza restaurant processed 68 transactions on Fridays, making it easily the busiest sidereal day of the week in terms of orders placed. Saturdays, meanwhile, see the largest average tag of the workweek at $ 27.51 per ticket .
When you look weekdays, interim, you can see a brace day-over-day uptick in transactions as the workweek progresses. Suggesting, possibly, that Americans increasingly seek easing in a cut of pizza as the employment week drags on .

What time of year do pizza restaurants make the most money?

It ’ randomness clean that weekends are big for pizza restaurants, but what about sealed weeks and months of the year ? Are there “ busy seasons ” when it comes to grabbing cut of pizza ? Or do Americans like pizza equally throughout the year ?
We answered this interview by looking at the average amount of entire money being spent at pizza restaurants during each week throughout the year .

pizza restaurants are particularly slow to start the year, possibly as millions of Americans make New Year ’ s resolutions to eat healthier and swear off pizza “ for good. ”
But, as you can see, sales promptly increase in February and through the spring before reaching a reproducible high throughout the bounce and summer. Sales start decline slightly during the fall months, although we see spikes during Halloween and again to close out the class .

What are the biggest days of the year for pizza restaurants?

spring and summer are home to the busiest months of the year, but the fact is that pizza restaurants stay systematically busy careless of the temper. So we future wanted to see which days of the year were the biggest .
In order to find out, we decided to looks at the “ biggest pizza days ” a few different ways :

  • Biggest overall days: the days when total revenue had the biggest increase vs. the average day
  • Biggest “surprise” increase days: the days when total revenue had the biggest increase vs. a comparable day of the week
  • Busiest transaction days: the days when pizza restaurants saw the highest number of average transactions
  • Most expensive ticket days: the days when pizza restaurants had the highest average ticket price

The top five days of the year for pizza restaurants by total revenue

not much separated the top days of the year for pizza restaurants by entire outgo vs the average day. Each of the lead 5 days were all Fridays in leap and early summer .
This shows spring and summer cross off the seasonal high target for pizza restaurants and emphasizes good how large Fridays for pizza places across America. In fact, each of the top 32 days of the year were all Fridays .
Put just : the average Friday sees Americans spend more money at pizza restaurants than any major vacation or event during the class .
An crucial caution, of course, is that these figures alone include local anesthetic pizza restaurants of all shapes and sizes. The crown days at major national delivery chains might include a set more major holidays .

The top five days of the year for pizza restaurants by total revenue vs a similar day of the week

Another way to look at the biggest days for pizza restaurants is to see which days saw the biggest increase in full gross compared to what the restaurant might have otherwise expected on that day.

For exemplar, while Friday, May 31st was the biggest day of the year in terms of sum spend, it was only a 9 % increase v a distinctive Friday, so it might not have felt particularly busy at most pizza restaurants .
sol here are the five days that saw the biggest increase in gross when compared to the weekday average :

here you see the holidays and events that move the needle for pizza restaurants on days that might otherwise remain quite slow .
New Year ’ s Eve was the clearly achiever here, with a 57 % increase in tax income compared to a typical Tuesday. Thanksgiving Eve was besides large, with Americans distinctly choosing to take a nox off cooking before the adult sidereal day. Halloween, the day before Independence Day, and Valentine ’ mho Day each orotund out the top five .
Super Bowl Sunday just missed the trimmed as the 6th biggest day. It was the biggest Sunday of the year equally well, with a 21 % increase in gross compared to a typical Sunday, no small feat considering Sundays are already the third base biggest day of the week .
Read more : Super Bowl Sunday : a boost or break for local anesthetic restaurants & bars ?
therefore while these days might not see sum tax income numbers vitamin a large as any given Friday, they ’ ra days that prove to drive lots diners to local pizza places regardless of the day of the workweek .
The top five days of the year: average transactions and average ticket
ultimately, we wanted to see which days of the year saw pizza restaurants process the most average transactions, and which days saw customers spending the most per-ticket .
The top ticket days of the year were all around Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. This is likely due to larger order sizes for big family gatherings, or perhaps even higher-end restaurants being more popular on those days.
The crown ticket days of the year were all around Christmas, Mother ’ s Day, and Father ’ sulfur Day. This is likely due to larger club sizes for boastful family gatherings, or possibly even higher-end restaurants being more popular on those days. Unsurprisingly, the busiest days in terms of average transactions were all on Fridays, including the first gear two Fridays of the March Madness tournament .
Our key takeaway : if you own a local anesthetic pizza restaurant, expect bigger orders during the holidays and major events, and bank on increased foundation traffic on Fridays during the spring .

How big is National Pizza Day at local pizza restaurants?

finally, we wanted to take a closer look at National Pizza Day, which takes space each year on the 9th of February. National Pizza Day 2020 falls on a Sunday, so the numbers will likely look reasonably different from National Pizza Day 2019, which was a Saturday .

As you can see, National Pizza Day ’ sulfur achiever came wholly from an increase in customers, as the average ticket price was actually lower than on a typical Saturday. This suggests that pizza restaurants would be well-advised to tie the vacation to special deals and discounts .
strictly speaking, National Pizza Day wasn ’ triiodothyronine huge. It was the 71st biggest day of the year in terms of entire tax income. But, remember, February is one of the slowest months of the year for pizza restaurants. Any lift in tax income on February 9th compared to the annual modal on a Saturday is no modest feat .
National Pizza Day may not be on equality with Halloween or New Year ’ randomness Eve, but it appears the unofficial holiday actually does drive extra business to local anesthetic pizza places .

Which cities saw the biggest increases in revenue on National Pizza Day?

National Pizza Day may not be particularly huge for local pizza joints nationally, but are there parts of the state where National Pizza Day is a particularly huge day ? We dove even deeper into the data to find out which cities saw the biggest increase in gross compared to their distinctive Saturday .

pizza restaurants in Santa Rosa experienced an impressive 48 % increase in tax income compared to a distinctive Saturday, easily the biggest addition in our psychoanalysis. February 9th was then big in San Antonio and Las Vegas that it was actually the # 2 day of the year overall !
It ’ south important to note, of course, that there may be early factors contributing to February 9th being huge at these particular cities. But no matter where you live, you should consider hitting up your favored local pizza locate on National Pizza Day .

If you own or manage a pizza restaurant: here’s how to get the most out of the busy season, and get more customers when things slow down

No matter how you slice it, Americans are crazy about pizza. But, as we ’ ve just discovered, pizza restaurants can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always trust on our shared love for bum good to drive reproducible business from daily and week-to-week .
Knowing which days of the week, month, or year are the days when you should expect larger orders or increase foundation dealings can help you know when and how to advertise to new and returning customers alike. restaurant owners should come prepare for days like National Pizza Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Christmas Eve, etc. with special package deals, discounts on group-orders, forte pizza, and more .
restaurant owners should besides be prepared to take advantage of the soar in sum number of transactions. Take advantage of the days/times that bring an increase in fresh customers by using creative solutions to capture customer information therefore and inviting them back with a limited discount or distribute late down the road.

Check out our post on 4 key elements of an effective market scheme for your restaurant for evening more ideas and suggestions .
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