Can I Use Normal Bricks In A Pizza Oven? – My Northern Backyard

My wife and I are starting over in our backyard I was recently looking into some cool things that I could do with all the brick from the current patio. The think came to me : “ I wonder if I could use regular bricks in a pizza oven ? ” So I did a little research .
sol can you use old brick into a pizza oven ? If the bricks are made of clay and are kiln fired (firebrick or red clay brick) they can be used for a pizza oven, but if they are concrete bricks you should stay away.  Clay bricks can withstand the heat from a pizza oven, and concrete bricks can’t.
Brick character matters for many things in a pizza over, particularly including how hot it will get and how long the oven will last over time. Firebrick is the choose construction material for most pizza oven builders, but a clay brick oven is better than no oven at all ! Read on for more…

So What’s in a Brick and Which Do I Use?

Bricks are made of many materials and in many unlike manners, and then they ’ rhenium put in many different places ! The three most authoritative types of brick that we ’ ll look at are :

  • Firebrick
  • Red Clay Brick
  • Concrete Brick

Firebricks are particularly made bricks that are built to handle high temperatures. They are frequently used in fire boxes, fireplaces, and industrial furnaces, ampere well as wood-fired ovens. These bricks are naturally white and made of a type of burn clay. The large deviation with these bricks is that the composition of the mud ( the alumina and silica ) and the admixtures used allow it to be highly heat immune, and less likely to crack or flake ( aka spall ). These can come in a diverseness of shapes, but are solid cored as they intended to actually take the heat .
red cadaver bricks are the more traditional loss house brick. While they besides come in many shapes, they are naturally crimson, have use a different type of clay ( alumina and silica ) and admixtures. These can be solid cored or hollow cored, but if they are excavate you ’ ll want to fill them with mortar before placing them. You might besides see red clay bricks in the form of pavers for the road, driveway, or patio. These bricks are not as heat tolerant as firebrick and long use or high heating system could cause them to crack or start to flake .
Concrete brick has a huge stove of styles and can be found in a great softwood of modern construction. Concrete is a very versatile house building fabric, and can be created with a huge diverseness of colors, shapes, and patterns. Sizes of concrete bricks can range from a standard brick to a cinder block. Concrete bricks are made chiefly of portland cement, water, sand and gravel, and are poured and dried preferably than kiln fired. Because the brick hasn ’ thymine been kiln fired and because of the materials it ’ s made from, it can not stand high temperature cooking .
Based on the composing of the bricks, the prefer order for using bricks in a wood-fired pizza oven is : 1. Firebrick, 2. Red Clay Brick, and Never. Concrete Brick. Firebrick is built for the high temperatures that your oven is going to produce. Red Clay Brick may be an acceptable ersatz but won ’ t last as long in some locations and environments. Concrete brick should never be used, as they will deteriorate quickly and pose a real risk of plosion with the heat. You wouldn ’ thyroxine want to be eating concrete-topped pizza .

What Happens When You Cook in a Pizza Oven

A pizza oven is built from multiple layers :

  • The base on the ground, which come in many shapes and sizes
  • The walls from the base to the floor
  • The floor or deck of the oven, on which will hold both the fire that is being lit and the food that is being cooked
  • The dome which holds in the heat and acts as the ceiling

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  • The insulation covering the dome
  • The door and chimney for the oven

The bricks that we ’ ra primarily concerned about here are the bricks that make up both the floor/deck of the oven and the dome. This is where you ’ re going to see the highest heat from your displace, what ’ s going to have to hold on to that heat to complete the cook, and what ’ s going to have to endure heat long after your fire has gone out. fortunately, these bricks are normally protected from the weather by the insulation layer and the door, so they don ’ t have a batch of urine or coke to have to deal with .
To cook in a wood fired oven you first build the fire on one english of the oven, and let it get up to temperature. At this point ( which will reach up to 800/900 degrees Fahrenheit ) you let the fire die, or keep it burning gently. The oven doorway gets closed and left for a few minutes to even out the inflame. The heat has been absorbed by the brick that makes up the deck of the oven and the dome and will continue to stay hot for hours. Because the bricks get so hot and can cool then much ( specially in a cold-weather climate ), bricks that aren ’ thyroxine made of the correct materials may not last angstrom long as anyone would like .
It ’ s this estrus that we need to be concerned about. The materials of the brick and the methods that they were created with are very important when it comes to both how much heat they can retain, and their lastingness when exposed to this inflame repeatedly and for extended periods of time .

Choose the Right Brick for Your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

It ’ s a reasonably normally held impression that firebrick is the best option for a wood-fired oven. Firebrick is literally built for the application and will last a very long prison term if properly cared for. At the same time, bolshevik clay brick can be used to produce an excellent and safe oven, even if it won ’ thyroxine be as long permanent as the firebrick .
One major consideration while building a pizza oven is constantly cost. Firebrick can run from $ 2.50- $ 5 per brick in some locations, while bolshevik clay bricks can often be picked up for free from a build web site that precisely wants to dump them or cheaply from an on-line classifieds web site – frequently about $ .50 per brick .
sol while it would be best to have a pizza oven made of firebrick, it ’ s a normally hear saying that a pizza oven of loss clay brick is better than no pizza oven at all ! And a reminder – never use concrete bricks in the deck or dome of your pizza oven. It ’ s a huge risk that you actually don ’ thymine want to take. If you don ’ t have or can ’ thymine find the right brick for a pizza oven, consider a tabletop natural gas pizza oven like the Ooni Koda 12 at Amazon.

Related Questions

Is recylced or reclaimed brick safe? ampere long as the brick is made of mud and is properly cleaned, many people have built fantastic ovens out of domesticate brick. Make indisputable the brick is solid and not water system damaged before installing
What kind of mortar should be used? A refractory cement should be used in building wood-fired pizza ovens. That kind of mortar is built for high heat and will last a long as your oven. There is some discussion out there about using 3 parts sand,1 separate portland cement, and 1-part powderize fire clay ( milled porcelain ) alternatively, but YMMV .
How much does a pizza oven cost to build? This very depends on what ’ sulfur going into the oven structure. Prices can vary from $ 300- $ 500 on the highly cheap end, to over $ 5000 for a amply tricked out outdoor oven .