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Can An Over-The-Range-Microwave Be Used On A Countertop?

If an over-the-range microwave is all that you have, it can be tempting to put it on the counter. however, this is a bad theme for respective reasons, but the bottom is the biggest reason. Between heat problems and the base of the microwave, follow along as we explore why it ’ mho plainly not compatible with countertops .can over the range microwave be used on countertop Depending on when your house was built, you may have an over-the-range microwave in your kitchen. They ’ re more common in new homes and are a bang-up means to free up some rejoinder outer space .
Over-the-range microwaves can not be used as a countertop microwave because the underside is not flat and it will not be stable enough to sit on the counter. Plus, over-the-range microwaves have the venting built into the range hood, which you can’t convert for countertop use. It’s best to just buy a countertop microwave. 
I ’ ll help oneself you decide between a countertop microwave and an over-the-range option. There are batch of pros and cons to both styles. One may be better for your life style, and we ’ ll discus good which option will be best for you.

Over-the-Range Microwaves


One of the chief highlights of using an over-the-range microwave is the built-in vent. There ’ s a featured exhaust vent that can help to remove things like smoke, moisture, and smell. On top of this, it doubles as a range hood for your stovetop .

Cleared Countertops

Using an over-the-range microwave removes an appliance from your countertop. This gives you more quad to use your counters for prepping meals or storing things like flour and carbohydrate. You can besides use the extra board to keep blenders, can openers, coffee bean pots, or toasters .

Improved Cooking Flow

Over-the-range microwaves are known for cooking food better. You can besides easily use the microwave and the stove at once, making your meals faster to make. Since the microwave is immediately above the stove, you ’ ll besides save time from running to and from appliances .

satiny design

Another highlight of using an over-the-range microwave is that they make a kitchen spirit fancier. They ’ re fashionable, mod, and can flush add prize to your home .

easy to Clean

Over-the-range microwaves are often built with a fingerprint-resistant finish. This makes it easy to clean. The interiors are normally made with a non-stick fabric, making it easy to wipe away splatters and spills .

  • You ’ ll have extra counter space for things like meal readiness and smaller appliances .
  • They frequently have more functions than a standard countertop microwave .
  • You won ’ t need to purchase a range hood for your stave, saving you money .


  • The cabinets above the microwave are hard to reach .
  • The fans of the image hood have ⅓ of the power of a standard range hood .
  • Over-the-range microwaves are much much more expensive than counter microwaves .

Countertop Microwaves

No initiation

One of the main highlights of using a countertop microwave is the ability to plug it in and start using it. There are enough of alone models to choose from that will fit your kitchen aesthetic perfectly .
Another great thing about this style is that they can fit anywhere. You can use a snip kit out to convert a countertop microwave into a built-in adaptation that can be fixed to a wall .


Countertop microwave ’ second best feature is that they ’ rhenium fabulously portable. When you ’ re not using it, you can put it in a pantry water closet or in a cabinet. You can besides easily move it from one position to another on your countertop .


Countertop microwaves are very easy to access for most people. Whether you live with kids or person in a wheelchair, they ’ ll be able to use the microwave. Over-the-range microwaves can be difficult for a lot of folks to reach .

easy to clean

last, this style of microwave is incredibly easy to clean. You don ’ t have to reach and possibly miss spots. Since they ’ ra at about waist altitude, you ’ ll be able to see inside and clean every corner and cranny .
Plus, you can move them approximately to clean under and behind the microwave .

  • It ’ sulfur easy to access for shorter people, disabled individuals, or children .
  • They ’ re portable and can be easily moved from one space to another .
  • Countertop microwaves are much more cost-efficient than OTR .
  • There international relations and security network ’ metric ton any complicate installation march required.


  • They take up valuable counter space and a distribute of it .
  • Countertop microwaves can make a kitchen look cheaper or less seamless .

Buying Guide

Below are a few things you ’ ll want to consider when comparing over-the-range microwaves and countertop versions. While you can ’ t use an OTR on the counter, this will give you a good mind at which will work full in your home .

Kitchen Size

The first thing you ’ ll want to keep in mind is the size of your kitchen. If you ’ rhenium living in a bantam house, you may not have room for a lot on your countertops. Using an over-the-range microwave saves you outer space .
If you have a larger space, you ’ ll have more board for a countertop microwave. If you live in an apartment, you may have no other choice than to use one that goes on your counterpunch a well .

Venting power

Something else to consider is the venting power that comes with an over-the-range microwave. They double as a rate hood, creating two appliances in once. If you ’ re fair an average Joe who cooks a couple of meals a day in your kitchen, this is a great option .
If you do some professional cook, the breathing that comes with an over-the-range microwave may not be enough. They vent air at a rate of 300 cubic feet per infinitesimal, while most range hoods do so at 1,000 CFM .
Consider how much you cook to help you choose. If you ’ re person who entirely cooks dinner a few times a workweek, a countertop microwave will get the job done. besides, if you ’ re person who has a busy life style, a countertop style will fit your life good angstrom well .

Microwave Height

One of the main downfalls of over-the-range microwaves is that using one international relations and security network ’ t the most virtual. People on the shorter slope, kids, and those with physical disabilities could have worry operating one .
The stopping point thing you want is for person to spill their hot food or drink onto themselves and get burned. Countertop microwaves eliminate this gamble and are much more accessible for all households to use .
There are besides people on the diametric goal who don ’ t like leaning over to get their food. If you or person you live with is improbable or has back pain, an over-the-range microwave is a capital choice .

rest of installation

The last thing you want to ask yourself when comparing over-the-range microwaves and countertop ones is the initiation march. Do you have the time, skill, and budget to install an OTR microwave ?
The decent thing about countertop microwaves is that there international relations and security network ’ metric ton any initiation required. You can unbox it, plug it in, and use it immediately. They ’ re besides portable, which is a boastful asset for folks without a lot of counterpunch space .
Installing an over-the-range microwave international relations and security network ’ t a long ton of work. indeed, it is more expensive than the other options. If you have it in the budget and have the correct kitchen for one, it ’ sulfur something to consider .

relate Questions

How close can a microwave be to a stovetop ?

When installing an over-the-range microwave having the proper space between it and the stovetop is essential. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that the bottom of the microwave be no higher than 54 inches off the grind .
This gives around 18 inches between the bottom of the microwave and the stovetop. The top of the stove is normally 36 inches off the earth. This can range slenderly depending on the manufacturer .

Do microwaves need space around them ?

Having adequate public discussion is important for any character of microwave. If you ’ re using a countertop microwave, expect for the vents on the side of the appliance. Make sure nothing is excessively airless to these vents, giving the microwave enough of board to work without creating a fire gamble .

Are over the range microwaves out of manner ?

While over-the-range microwaves have been known to be fabulously stylish over the years, this can change. Trends shift reasonably often, and we ’ rhenium seeing fewer over-the-range microwaves in 2020 kitchens .
I personally think they ’ ra dateless and always make a kitchen spirit a bit more arrange together. It ’ s a expressive style predilection that can change depending on the individual.

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