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The most authoritative thing to consider while designing a kitchen is the appliances you are going to install in it. This equipment not entirely makes it easy for you to search out the items in the kitchen but it besides determines the functionality of the lapp. If you are looking out for the best countertop microwave oven then what is better than purchasing an over the range microwave ? normally, over the roll, microwave oven looks most appropriate and desirable for the small spaced kitchen. however, before updating an over the compass microwave oven in the counter, it is all-important to consider the gene that the oven is positioned in a direction that it must ventilate in a correct form
The major profit of installing over the range microwave is that it plays an essential part in saving the distance of your kitchen specially in the one where it is hard to locate the other appliances. immediately the questions arise where to place this oven or can you use over the crop microwave on anticipate ? If you very desire to save the space in your kitchen, then nothing is better than installing the over scope microwave on a countertop. Though the installation requires a few types of equipment to fit the oven, it is cheap. hera I am presenting the coarse ways to install an over the compass microwave oven on the countertop by your own.

DIY ways – How can you use over the range microwave on the counter

You can begin the initiation of the microwave once you get the want tools for it. here are the steps following which you can get an over the stove microwave oven installed on the counter :

  • Determine the height to install the oven – basically, the base of the oven should not exceed the height of 55 inches from your kitchen floor. So in order to ensure the secure utilization of the oven, it is advisable to place the same at a height of no more than 30 inches. Moreover, a microwave also has a fan that ventilates in the outer surface. In such cases, check the microwave kit to get the additional fittings that are used to fit the oven and make it ventilate properly.
  • Get the installation template from your microwave kit – a template comes with the microwave to make it easy for the user to install the microwave in the most appropriate location so that the oven would ventilate properly. You might also observe a mounting bracket along with the template. Do not forget to examine whether the template is square or not? And if the microwave is fitting well in it?
  • Find a stud– to position the over the range microwave oven, you need to find minimum one stud in the wall to attach the mounting hardware. You can either ascertain the stud in the wall using the electronic finder or can opt for tapping the wall with a hammer. If you observe a ‘thunk’ sound, then it is the stud and right place to attach the oven. In most of the cases, the studs are sited at a distance of no less than 15 inches on the wall. So take a measuring tape and compute the distance to 15 inches to get the next stud. Once you have marked and drilled the studs, the next step is to fit the microwave oven on the same.
  • Fit the microwave onto the wall plate – make sure to take the assistance of a supporter to hold the microwave and place it on the wall plate. However, if your model doesn’t consist a wall plate then position the over the range microwave underneath the cabinet.
  • Drill holes beneath the cabinet – the next step is to plug in the cord on the top of the appliance. For that, you are required to drill holes beneath the cabinet and set the cord in the same. Do not switch on the power unless you have finished the setup.
  • Feed the bolts – fasten you’re over the range microwave on the counter by positioning the screws in the drilled holes at the bottom of the cabinet. The screwdrivers are the top-most tools to fasten it. Make sure to examine whether the oven is tightened properly
  • Connect the fan – take out the fan from your microwave kit and connect the same according to the location of your ventilation system. Usually, the fans and the ventilation varies as per diverse models and the manufacturers; you can easily place the fan changing the direction of the same towards ventilation.
  • Test the microwave – at this time, the over the range microwave is settled on your countertop and its ready to prepare the hot meals. Examine whether the system is working properly? It is recommended to take the aid of the professional contractor or approach the manufacturer to sort out the troubleshooting problems if any.

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