Grilling with Granite: Using a Cooking Stone

Banks is a sustainable interior invention expert who helps homeowners create a dwelling that is friendly to both their wallet and the environment. She believes that homes should be designed with nature in thinker, and takes pride in bringing her beliefs and cognition to designers and homeowners alike. Have you tried grilling with granite ? If you haven ’ thymine, you ’ re missing out. In fact, granite is one of the best cook stones to work with, whether you ’ rhenium baking boodle in the oven or grilling a pizza over a charcoal grill .

The death time I made a homemade pizza, I knew that baking it in the oven just wasn ’ thyroxine an option. After all, I spent all that time making the boodle, stewing the sauce, and even stretching my 30-minute mozzarella. Why wouldn ’ metric ton I take the prison term to cook it the right manner ?

Using granite slabs on your grill is an easy, low-cost, and delectable way to prepare and enjoy your food. hera ’ s how to get and use a granite cooking stone .

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Where to Buy

Purchasing granite is a cinch. You can choose to search on the web or in-person at a local granite store to find a slab that matches your kitchen ’ second interior decoration and meets your sizing needs .

Most retailers and suppliers working with natural stones like granite sell remnants perfect for cooking for a divide of their original price .

If you can ’ metric ton find what you ’ ra looking for, don ’ triiodothyronine overlook home goods and kitchenware stores .

The Ideal Cooking Stone

The ideal granite grilling pit is minor adequate to fit on your grill or in the oven, so look for slab between 12 ” -14 ” in width and 8 ” -10 ” in length. Anything bigger may wind up being a spot besides heavy to carry from one room to the adjacent .

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ever so much, granite distributors use a sealant to protect the stone from common countertop wear and tear. If possible, look for granite without a chemical sealant. For slab with sealant, heat the slab in an oven at 400 degrees for 2-3 hours to help remove any remaining sealant before cooking on it .

Using Granite to Cook

Have you ever noticed that granite, like other natural stone, is quite cool to the touch ? While it may seem counterproductive to use a “ cold stone ” to heat up your food, that naturally cool temperature is a great indicator of temperature assimilation.

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When using granite to cook in the oven or grillroom, remember to properly heat the slab good as you would a clay pizza cooking stone. Your best bet is to heat the slab on a grill for at least 20-30 minutes before grill ( for both propane and charcoal grills ) .

You may be wondering : what temperature can granite withstand ? Don ’ triiodothyronine worry about damaging the granite with high temperatures. Most granite can easily withstand temperatures of 400 degrees or more .

How to Grill a Pizza

Let ’ s get down to some administration tacks. If you ’ re thinking about using a granite broil stone, chances are you ’ re thinking about how to grill pizza .

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hera are some grilling tips and techniques to help you perfect your pizza :

  • To grill the perfect pizza, start by heating your granite slab.
  • While that’s happening, roll out the pizza dough on a cool, clean surface such as a marble cutting board or granite countertop. Use a small dusting of all-purpose flour to keep the dough from sticking.
  • Place the stretched dough on a metal or wooden pizza peel, brush with olive oil, cover with the toppings of your choice and wait until the slab is properly warm.
  • Carefully place the pizza from the peel onto the granite, close the grill lid, and let it cook for 10-12 minutes.
  • Keep close tabs on your pizza. If you notice charring, keep the lid slightly open until the dough is completely cooked through.

Maintain Your Granite

fortunately, granite cleanup is a cinch. Once the slab has cooled completely, remove it from the grill or oven. Run hot body of water over it and then clean with a newspaper towel or delicate sponge without soap. To sanitize, use a 50:50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and body of water .

shop your granite as you would a cutting display panel for easy access when the fourth dimension comes to reuse .

Look past countertops and consider using granite as your go-to broil creature. You ’ ll reap the rewards of even temperatures, hot cook surfaces and, best of all, grilled-to-perfection pizza, veggies, pisces, and more !

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Isn ’ t your talk lacrimation just thinking about it ? Give grilling with granite a hear for your future backyard out !