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With the multitude of appliances we need for fudge, sometimes there is not enough sockets to accommodate them all. For some people, the solution is to plug these appliances into an extension cord – the most common perpetrator being the microwave. however, is it safe to do indeed ? Microwaves need a set of energy to run and thus a regular reference cord may not be able to take on the job and be a fire venture to bang. That is why I by and large do not recommend plugging your microwave into an annex cord for safety reasons. however, you can use an annex cord if ( 1 ) it is the good gauge, and ( 2 ) if it has a three-prong socket. however, it is however better to stick on the dependable side. In this article, I will explain the potential repercussions of using an extension cord for your microwave .

Why you shouldn’t plug a refrigerator into an extension cord

It is generally accepted that you shouldn ’ t manipulation an extension cord for high electricity consuming appliances like breeze conditioners, refrigerators, and microwaves. hera are the reasons why this is indeed :

1. Fire Hazard

There is a reason why microwaves are designed with a short-change and compact add cord – it ’ s because they need so a lot power, dilutant cords won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to handle it. extension cords have a lighter gauge ( thickness ) compared to the breed cord of a microwave and ampere well as the wire inside a regular family socket. Remember that the electrical power of most microwaves go by 1,000W – more than regular reference cords are rated for. If you plug your microwave in an propagation cord. it can cause it to overheat and catch fire. To ensure safety, you should plug your microwave in a ground house socket .

2. The voltage drop can damage your microwave oven

The distance and thickness of the cable affects how much electrical resistance it offers. Basically, the longer and thinner it is, the more resistance there is ( remember why microwaves have short and compact wires ? ) ; this causes electric potential drop along the manner. This voltage drop will finally damage your microwave. According to Ohm ’ second jurisprudence, voltage and amperes are inversely proportional – the lower the electric potential, the higher the amperage. The more ampere streamlined, the more inflame is produced. This heat can burnout your microwave ’ mho parts and reduce its life .

Things to consider when buying an extension cord for your microwave oven

It is always more advisable to use a permanent socket for your microwave – but we get it though, things are rarely ideal. You may have no choice but to plug your microwave into an extension cord. here are some guidelines you need to know when buying an extension cord for your microwave. While it is not best practice to do indeed, it will make your house safe compared to using any old cord you see lying about .

1. Gauge

As stated, the gauge refers to the thickness of the wire. It ’ s criterion unit of measurement of measurement is AWG ( american Wire Gauge ) .Rather counter-intuitively, the lower the AWG count, the higher the gauge.

Category Gauge Amps
Light Duty #16 7A
Medium Duty #14 12A
Heavy Duty #12 16A
Extra Heavy Duty #10 20A

*For a cord with a distance of 50 feet or less. For microwaves, a #10 heavy duty gauge reference cord should do the flim-flam.

2. Length

As said earlier, as the cord gets longer, its current carry capacity gets lower. To reduce the resistance ( and therefore voltage drop ), choose an annex cord that is unretentive and compact barely like the cord that comes with the microwave .

3. Rated Wattage

Ch Check the spectacles of the reference cord to see its rated electrical power. Never go above this act, as if you overload it, it will start a arouse. You should besides check your microwave ’ mho rated electrical power – you can see it in the rate label at the back of the unit. alternatively, you can search for it in the manufacturer ’ s web site .

4. Plug

Your microwave comes with a three-prong ground punch, hence you should besides buy a establish extension cord. The one-third personal identification number is known as the ground pin. Do not remove this as this is for your own safety ; in lawsuit of a malfunction in the electronics, the grounding fall delivers the excess electricity to the ground – rendering it harmless. If the ground pivot was taken off, then the excess electricity will go to the next best conductor – in this case, it ’ s the alloy body of your microwave oven – thereby electrocuting whoever touches it .


You can use extension cords for most humble kitchen appliances, but for a microwave ? Avoid it ; it ’ south better to err on the side of caution. Do your research first when buying an annex cord for your microwave. not all cords are created equal ; some can be more harmful than helpful.

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