How To Roast Garlic In The Microwave – Totally Tornado Way

Garlic is a unique vegetable that acts as an freelancer serve and a blue additive at the like meter. It has been known to mankind for thousands of years as food and medicine .
however, it became a part of culinary masterpieces not indeed long ago. You can choose a variety of technologies for preparing this merchandise, but professional chefs advise roasting it in a microwave .
This method will not take you much time and allow you to get a blue serve. so, how to choose and prepare the product correctly in this way ?

Types of garlic

There are many varieties of garlic, but some of them are specially democratic in cooking. Give preference to the following types :

  • Marbled purple stripe. This product has the most attractive appearance and a strong garlic flavor. You can store it for up to 6 months.
  • This garlic has a rich earthy and spicy taste. Use it raw for full disclosure of flavor qualities.
  • Such a product has many cloves and an irregular shape. Heat treatment reveals its taste better.
  • It is a fairly dry type of garlic with a large number of small cloves. The heavy cleaning process makes this product difficult to use in cooking.

How to choose garlic for roasting

Remember two timbre indicators for choosing the right garlic : severity and sobriety. They will help to get the maximum profit from this merchandise. Chefs rede taking garlic of a belittled size : it has a more finespun taste and perfectly complements many dishes .
Pay attention to the garlic head. It should have large cloves and be elastic to the touch. Check the vegetable for maturity. In ripe garlic, you can well count the cloves .
naturally, if the vegetable has started to sprout, do not buy it. This intersection has already largely lost all its beneficial properties .

Is microwave garlic healthy?

Is garlic roasted in the microwave condom ? It is rich in a diverseness of beneficial sulfur-containing compounds. Some of them are creditworthy for the pungent smell of the vegetable .
Garlic besides serves as an excellent reservoir of manganese, selenium, vitamins B6 and C. This product helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and besides strengthen the immune system .
regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of cancer and other infectious diseases .
Do the healthy qualities of the product change after roasting in the microwave ? If you mix garlic with olive petroleum before roasting, it retains 2-3 times more valuable substances. In the absence of butter, the merchandise will lose merely a little region of the beneficial compounds .

Can roasted garlic harm the body?

Before baking or roasting garlic in the microwave, you should study the contraindications. The vegetable contains a certain sum of sulfonyl poison, which has a negative effect : cause languor, sleepiness, degraded memory .
Although fried garlic has a much mild effect on the body than raw, it still significantly irritates the intestinal and abdomen mucous membrane. The use of this extractive herbaceous plant has many contraindications :

  • diseases of the stomach
  • various intestinal disorders
  • pancreatitis
  • kidney disease
  • epilepsy
  • individual intolerance
  • pregnancy and lactation

besides, taking garlic causes side effects. Eating it in unlimited quantities contributes to abdominal pain and intestinal broken. Before starting regular consumption in boastfully quantities, consult a specialist .

Is raw garlic different from roasted garlic?

Raw and roasted garlic differ from each other only in sample properties. The thermal contentedness practically does not change, the chemical composition besides remains the same. extra ingredients such as vegetable oil, and salt play a key character .
If you are disquieted about gaining extra pounds – there is no reason ! Just don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate add excessive amounts of oil. It saturates a healthy vegetable with toxins from the combustion process .

Does garlic catch fire in the microwave?

Garlic in truth catches fire in the microwave. literally, 15 minutes after the startle of warming up, each cling of garlic begins to burn, and then besides quickly fades .
After that, the product turns blacken and begins to smoke a little. What are the independent causes and how to avoid garlic burn ?

  1. Choose garlic with large cloves. A large surface will resist the effects of high temperatures.
  2. Lubricate the product with oil. Wet сloves will not be able to catch fire.
  3. Remove the garlic roots. The earthy structure causes this part of the garlic to burn first.

Does roasting garlic destroy allicin?

Allicin is responsible for the demonstration of garlic ’ s medicative properties. The antibiotic contained in the vegetable is very fluid. You can only keep it in an intact garlic head .
Despite all these losses, even in roasted and boiled form, garlic and onions retain potassium, calcium, cast-iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt, and vitamins of group B. If you want to get the fully amount of allicin, eat the vegetable chopped, crushed or stewed in water .

Ingredients for roasted garlic in the microwave

What ingredients do you need to prepare for roasting garlic in the microwave ? The list is little : a little water, a headway of garlic, olive oil, and spices to taste. This recipe will turn out to be very cheap and not time-consuming .
If necessary, you can combine garlic with potatoes, other vegetables, or kernel. then the amount of oil and water will change importantly. Why is everything thus dim-witted ?
Garlic itself is a savory product, you only need to reveal its taste with the basic ingredients .

How to prep garlic for roasting

The method acting of preparing garlic for roasting depends on the choose cooking engineering .
If you are going to roast a hale point of garlic in the microwave, you precisely need to clean the product. There are respective ways :
Using two bowls. Take a oral sex of garlic, press it down a little so that the cloves separate from each other. then put it in a bowl and cover the top with a second gear bowl. Shake well a few times. frankincense, the chaff should fly off and you will have peeled cloves.

Using only a knife. Just take a clove of garlic, put it on a board, and press the flat side of the blade. When you press down the cleave, the husk will come off very well .
Using a whole clove. lightly press down the clove with a tongue, but do not remove the husk from it. so all the juices will remain inside the vegetable. The chaff besides contains essential oils that will help the dish become more fragrant and saturated .

How to roast garlic in the microwave

This meal will be a bang-up addition to potatoes or stewed vegetables. To roast garlic in the microwave, prepare the necessary ingredients :

  • garlic – 4 heads
  • water – 2 tablespoons
  • olive oil

Step-by-step technology of preparation :

  1. Cut the top off the garlic head.
  2. Place the vegetable in a deep saucer, drip water on the bottom, and sprinkle olive oil on top.
  3. Cover the saucer with a plastic lid and cook in the microwave on medium power for about 9 minutes.

How to roast individual garlic cloves

If you need to save time, you can cook individual garlic heads in a microwave oven without peeling and slicing the pulp .
The technology of formulation is as follows :

  1. Rinse the desired number of heads, wash them, cut the top with a sharp knife.
  2. Place the product in a glass container, add a teaspoon of water, sprinkle with vegetable oil.
  3. Cover the dishes with a plastic lid and roast on medium power for 8 to 10 minutes. Do not overdo the garlic during roasting, otherwise, it will be bitter.

How to roast peeled garlic cloves

If you have a few peel off garlic cloves left, good roast them in the microwave. You can add such a product to meat or potatoes. Marinate the garlic in a mix of olive oil and spices in advance. This will help the purify product not to burn instantaneously in the microwave oven .
then, what is the remainder between the engineering of preparing peeled vegetables ? The husk does not allow garlic to acquire a aureate caramelize crust .
however, this method acting is not desirable for subsequent addition to mashed potatoes. The garlic fried without a peel off turns out dense and dry enough .

How to soften the garlic in a microwave

You can cook soft garlic in the microwave without much difficulty. This product will be an excellent addition to mashed potatoes, salad trim, or garlic boodle .
Baking magically transforms garlic : alternatively of crunching, it will melt in your mouth. rather of distinctness, you will get bouquet and a rich olfactory property of caramelization. To prepare such a serve, do not lubricate the garlic with vegetable oil .
precisely place it on a baking dish, add some spices, and ridicule for 5-8 minutes. If you want to get an tied more delicate product, increase the preparation time .

How long to microwave garlic

The time of roasting garlic in the microwave significantly differs from baking garlic in the oven. It all depends on the microwave baron and the hope result. Roast the vegetable for 5 minutes at 850 watts to get a crisp crust .
adjacent, capable the microwave and let the steam come out. Take out a plate of garlic and keep the door open for 1-2 minutes so that the moisture evaporates. If you want to get something softer, increase the roasting clock by 3-5 minutes .

How to store roasted garlic

Store the roast garlic in newspaper bags in a cool, dark invest. Refuse using the refrigerator to prevent the vegetable from sprouting .
Professional chefs have highlighted some tips for storing the product that will help you :

  • Keep the garlic heads away from light, heat, and moisture.
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place with good ventilation.
  • Use a ceramic vessel with holes on the side and a lid.
  • Do not cover the fried garlic with plastic wrap or a plastic lid.

What to do with the roasted garlic

There are many methods to use microwave garlic. The most common room is to add the merchandise to a salad dress or spread it on crispen boodle. besides, fried garlic is an built-in separate of Oriental cuisine .
Cooks add the merchandise to pilaf, schnitzel, and grilled vegetables. You can make garlic croutons, and get an excellent alternate to black boodle. Don ’ metric ton be afraid to experiment with modern recipes and surprise your loved ones with something beneficial and new .

Which spices to choose?

Garlic itself is not entirely a vegetable but besides a piquant seasoning. however, if you want to roast garlic in the microwave and get a golden crust, prepare a marinade. For it, you can choose the follow spices : black pepper, Adyghe strategic arms limitation talks, cinnamon, and nutmeg .
It is besides possible to prepare a special garlic mix. It includes 2 tablespoons of earth black pepper and parsley settle. Do not forget to mix all the seasonings and herbs with olive oil, otherwise, all the additives will merely get burned .

General tips from chefs

Professional chefs have highlighted some tips that will help you roast garlic without any problems :

  • Roast whole garlic cloves for no longer than one minute.
  • Do not peel garlic from the husk if you want to get a crispy product.
  • Do not pour out the remaining oil from roasting. Add it as a dressing to a salad.
  • Choose large garlic heads to avoid dryness and burning.


Garlic is a unique smasher with lots of beneficial properties. You can do many things with it – knock, bake or use the vegetable raw. Just one head garlic will radically change the taste of the solid dish.

Give up a steaming kitchen in the choice of cooking engineering. Just discover the promptly roast in the microwave .
This method acting will help you get a crisp caramel crust of the product .
Don ’ metric ton be afraid to experiment with adding garlic to any dishes. If you have such a vegetable in your refrigerator, start surprising your love ones with such an strange and goodly meal !