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Kitchen space is always at a bounty, but minor apartments and bantam houses specially need every available column inch of space. It ’ south perfectly normal to ask yourself if you can or should put things on top of the microwave. As an appliance that creates heat, you surely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to melt anything or start a arouse. How dependable are microwave tops ? Do they overheat, and should you be concerned ? Depending on the long time and style of your microwave, it may have vents on peak. undoubtedly, it would be best if you never blocked a vent, but not all microwaves have this have. I did a draw of research before I bought my last microwave, and some of what I learned may surprise you. Before you put anything on top of a microwave, make surely you have all the facts.

Can you put things on top of the microwave ? You can put things on top of a microwave when it’s not in use. The top of your microwave is a perfectly safe, flat surface that you can use for storage. However, be careful about the weight of things you place there, avoid blocking vents, and remove things before turning the microwave on. 

Does The Top of The Microwave Get Hot

The reason you can only store things on top of your microwave when it ’ s not in use is that the clear and sides get hot. specially if you are cooking things that take a while, the heat inside will transfer to the external case over time. unfortunately this can result in melt and damage to the store items, or the microwave itself .
By taking electricity from the mercantile establishment and authorize it through a pit magnetron, the world power gets converted into radiation. That radiation then goes through a waveguide which directs them into the fudge bedroom. These waves bounce around inside the harbor box, and a turntable moves the food in circles to get an even heating pattern as the waves pass through it over and over, exciting the molecules .
however, the microwave is not in gesture, which can result in unexpected hot spots inside and even on the forbidden subject. Just as the electromagnetic waves heat food, they heat the microwave itself. Although this takes more time, it is even unwise to place anything on clear until the microwave has cooled down.

typically, a few seconds is not retentive enough to cause concern if you forget to remove something. however, it ’ sulfur constantly best to take anything you placed on top of the microwave down ahead hitting the get down release .
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Can I Put a Coffee Maker On Top of a Microwave

When you have a modest kitchen, it seems lifelike to use any bland surface you can to maximize space. Can you use the microwave to memory and use early kitchen appliances like a chocolate manufacturer ? Since we ’ ve already looked at using the microwave while things are sitting on crown, let ’ s consider the effects of a chocolate maker in-use. Will it damage your microwave ?
Most chocolate makers have a hot plate near the base. Below that is a fictile compartment where most of the electronics that drive the operation are stored. There are besides normally vents on the bottom and very small rubber feet. These help disburse any heat so that the electronics inside wear ’ metric ton melt .
Although I don ’ thymine commend trying it for safety reasons, most times you can touch the plastic near the burner without getting injured because heat rises. Since heat tends to travel up, most of the hot plate energy goes directly into the coffee pot and chocolate above. Hence we can safely assume the most of the heat from the coffee is traveling aside from the area where the manufacturer would sit atop your microwave .
You can put a coffee bean manufacturer on clear of the microwave, though it ’ s a sub-optimal localization. however, since it is both heating and filled with liquid you should take extra steps to ensure your safety, or else find another position to make coffee bean. For example, an glutted chocolate tank will spill water down the second of both the coffee maker and the microwave. additionally, I recommend placing a silicone mat with design features that can catch any spill liquids below the chocolate manufacturer .

Can You Put a Toaster On Top of a Microwave

Toasters don ’ t tend to have the same level of shielding as many appliances. Often they have only a metallic element plate underneath and they tend to get much hotter than a coffee godhead. Resultantly, making toast on lead of the microwave is a identical bad plan .
In summation to heat, the crumbs can get into your microwave heat vents and induce issues. even if you use a alike silicone master of arts in teaching to catch crumbs and disburse heat, the result wouldn ’ thymine be the same. Placing a toaster directly on top of a microwave is a awful mind .

Can You Put a Plant On Top of a Microwave

While coffee makers tend to be designed to avoid heat and water transfer, and toasters tend to transfer a distribute of heat, plants are the third separate of this triangle. While houseplants do not create much heating system, they do memory and habit water. General damp and body of water leak is damaging to any appliance. furthermore, the system of weights of a ceramic toilet, dirt, and water is probably excessively much for your microwave top.

Although you can use a large catching washbasin under a plant, I still do not recommend putting it on the microwave. The heat from the microwave may slowly cook the roots of your plant while the add system of weights and moisture can damage your microwave. This is a bad match and should be avoided .

Can You Put Bread On Top of a Microwave

Bread falls outside of the estrus, water or both trouble, so you can put it on top of the microwave, right field ? Well, in this case, the suffice is a yes and no. Bread in a criterion thin credit card udder could easily be an publish. not only does thin formative melt well, but it blocks vents exceptionally good, and heating credit card might release chemicals into your food that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want there .
additionally, breadcrumbs could be an issue depending on how well you seal your bags after you eat. however, a relatively lightweight bread-bin would solve this topic. Since most breadboxes are made of wood and well-sealed, you could probably store your boodle in a proper bread-bin. distillery, you would need to remove it precisely like everything else when you cook things in the microwave .
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Is It OK to Have a Shelf Directly Over a Microwave

It is only sometimes approve to put things directly on top of a microwave, but you could install a ledge above it rather. Both countertop shelves that stretch over the microwave and wall anchored shelves should be no problem. Unlike sitting something directly on the hot case, this gives you more space for any built-up heat to dissipate .
fair a few centimeters gap above a microwave would allow more airflow. Heat will rise and disburse naturally in the kitchen. hence, you silent want to avoid putting say, a reduce formative boodle base excessively close, but most other options would be safe enough. Plants and body of water over a microwave are calm a bad idea, but using a solid ledge would keep any crumb from a toaster out of the microwave easily enough .
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Final Thoughts

There are batch of doctor of osteopathy and don ’ triiodothyronine where microwave base hit is concerned. fortunately, placing things on exceed of your microwave international relations and security network ’ t a big concern. thus long as it ’ s not turned on, setting a few items out of the way is merely a smart consumption of space. Set some lighter system of weights objects on belittled microwaves or a bowl of fruit on a larger, more durable appliance. It should be fine deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as it ’ s not damaging the microwave character .
I recommend avoiding some items when you set things on top of your microwave. For example, composition and fabric are broadly a bad option. Anything that might get stuck to a vent or sucked into one is a sub-par choice. furthermore, make certain nothing drapes down in a way that catches in the door, and skip anything wet or damp to prevent accidental damage .
The exceed of a microwave is normally a sturdy, flat area that can handle having some ‘ stuff ’ seat on it. If you are worry about accidents, then don ’ t do it, but otherwise, fair remember to move things before you cook, and you ’ ll be finely .