FAQ about Tritan Drinkware and our snap fit lids

How do I order additional lids and straws for my Tritan USA drinkware?

Ordering new or surrogate parts is easy – simply click here to order on-line .

How do I remove my snap fit lid?

Our elasticity fit lid is designed to be snug, but like a new pair of shoes, you ’ ll love it once you get it “ worked in ” a bite, and when there is liquid in the cup it makes a huge remainder. To remove the lid station the tumbler with lid on a come on with the hat pill facing you. Pick up the tumbler with both hands grasping it near the lead surrounding the hat and topographic point the balls of your thumbs under the tab, then press it up. It should snap right off .

How do I wash my tumbler?

Tritan™ USA drinkware is clear rack dishwasher safe but can be hand washed vitamin a well .

Is my Tritan USA drinkware microwave safe?

Yes, you can put the Tritan USA drinkware in the microwave, but liquids should be heated in 30 second intervals to avoid overheating. ( Please use caution – contents may be hot. ) If the decoration contains a metallic component it may not be microwavable so if you think yours does, be certain to read the poser on the merchandise before microwaving. If your tumbler has an element that can not be used in the microwave the poser will indicate that.

Can I use my Tritan USA drinkware for hot liquids?

Yes, the Tritan USA drinkware is designed to be used for both hot and cold beverages .

Can I use my Tritan USA drinkware for cold liquids?

Yes, the Tritan USA drinkware is designed for both cold and blistering beverages. Please note that some citrus products can cause slender discoloration of the roller .

Can I put my Tritan USA drinkware in the freezer?

Yes, the Tritan USA drinkware can go immediately into the deep-freeze and keep your cold beverage even colder !

Do I need to use a coaster with my Tritan USA drinkware?

The design of the Tritan USA drinkware greatly reduces the chances of compression and the want for a coaster, but does not wholly eliminate it. Condensation can occur based on the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is used .

Why is my Tritan USA drinkware cloudy?

sometimes slender compression can occur between the walls of your Tritan USA drinkware. This can be caused by the heat of the dishwasher or other external factors. If little condensation or “ cloudiness ” appears it should disappear within a day or sol. If it doesn ’ triiodothyronine and the cloudiness is a result of a defect, please click on the Lifetime guarantee radio link to learn how to return the roller for a successor .

Will Sunscreen harm my Tritan USA drinkware?

Some sunscreens can cause the Tritan USA drinkware to fade or discolor, merely like many other plastics. You can still use the tumbler as common if this occurs. To help decrease the probability of sunscreen price to your tumbler you should avoid any contact between your tumbler and sunscreen products, and wash your hands after applying sunscreen before using your tumbler. If you do get sunscreen on your tumbler you should wash it immediately. sunscreen damage is not covered in our Lifetime Guarantee.

Does my Tritan USA drinkware contain harmful BPA?

No. The Tritan USA drinkware is BPA exempt, american samoa well as phthalate free, and FDA and Prop 65 compliant unlike other products on the market .

How does the Tritan USA drinkware Lifetime Guarantee work?

Your Tritan drinkware product is made of Eastman co-polyester Tritan material, and comes with a life guarantee. Under normal use it won ’ thyroxine pause, snap, melt, shatter or chip. If your tumbler becomes bad during normal use, you may return it for a successor. ( guarantee does not pertain to accessories such as lids and straws. ) Please pawl on Lifetime Guarantee connection for refilling instructions .

I got my Tritan USA product through a Fund Raiser. Who do I contact for questions regarding my tumbler and/or Fund Raising opportunities?

On our Contact Us page, click the Fundraising box at the top of the page and then complete the kind on the following page .