Can You Microwave A Starbucks Plastic Cup? (Solved) | Kitchen Appliance Answer

It is common to take your cup of Joe with you when in a rush to work or school. many people drink their chocolate and tea from a Starbucks cup, and the idea of microwaving it is not besides far-fetched. Starting to wonder if this action is condom ? This article will answer that doubt and more .

Can You Microwave a Starbucks Plastic Cup?

You can’t microwave a Starbucks plastic cup. Starbucks plastic cup is designed to hold cold beverages and is not meant to use in the microwave. The reason is that the plastic used to make a Starbucks cup is only intended for holding cold beverages and not hot beverages. Under the heat of a microwave, the cup may warp, melt or leach chemicals into the beverage.
While you might have seen some videos on YouTube showing people successfully microwaving their Starbucks cups, there is a large debate on whether or not it ’ sulfur safe based on the contents of the fictile .
I would insist on not using your Starbucks cup as a vessel for heating up your coffee in the microwave. There ’ south no point in risking your health when you can equitable as easily heat up your drink in a different direction.

If you can ’ t use a Starbucks formative cup in the microwave, then what should you use ?
The best container to reheat your Starbucks coffee will depend on what type of cup you have. If your coffee comes in a plastic cup, then transfer it first to another microwave-safe container before microwaving. If you’re using a reusable cup, you can simply reheat it using a microwave oven right away.

Why Is It Not Safe To Microwave Your Starbucks Plastic Cup?

Starbucks fictile cups are such popular items that they are available for practically any Starbucks drink you might have. They are bum, lightweight, and most of all, convenient .
due to the convenience of grabbing one when in a haste, many people are tempted to throw them into the microwave for flying heat up. But it is not safe to microwave Starbucks cups because of the materials they are made up of .
Starbucks fictile cup is made of polypropylene, but only 5.1 % of it is recycled. This makes the cup besides sparse even to hold warm coffee, and microwaving it will only cause the cup to warp .
not lone that, although credit card cups from Starbucks are BPA-free, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bastardly that there are no chemicals at all that leach into your toast when heated up in the microwave. tied without BPA, there are still early chemicals like wax or glue that could make their direction into your coffee .
however, this doesn ’ t mean all Starbuck cups are insecure to use in the microwave. Starbucks hush provides you with other options for keeping your drink warm, including their own reclaimable fictile cup. If you ’ re looking to reuse your Starbucks cup over and over again, then this is the perfect option for you .

How Do You Know If a Starbucks Cup Is Microwave Safe or Not?

now, you know there are Starbucks cups that can be microwaved and some that can not be microwaved. But how will you know which one is safe for the microwave ?
The surefire room to check if a Starbucks cup is dangerous for microwaving or not is to look at the recycling code located on the bottom of the cup. The recycling code on the bottom of the cup ranges from 1 to 7, and if your Starbucks cup ’ mho code is a 5, then you can be sure it is safe .
however, even though your cup is marked with recycling code 5, it doesn ’ t inevitably mean that your Starbucks cup is wholly safe to microwave. You should besides check the instructions on the cup before putting it in the microwave.

If the instructions do not specify that the cup can be microwaved, you should not attempt to do so, even if it is marked with recycling code 5. The reason is that evening though the cup has recycling code 5, there are many other factors that will determine whether or not the cup can withstand microwaving, such as the thickness and the design of the cup .
so far another way to check if your Starbucks cup is safe in the microwave is if you can see any microwave-safe labels on it. If you don ’ t see any, then don ’ t risk it .
For those who are curious whether or not the Starbucks cup you have is condom or not flush if it does not have a recycle code five or microwave-safe tag, you can do the follow bare test .

  1. Pour water into your Starbucks cup and put it into the microwave.
  2. Microwave the cup for one minute.
  3. After one minute, carefully take out the cup and check it.
  4. If the Starbucks cup is warm or hot to the touch, then it is not safe to microwave.
  5. On the other hand, if the cup is cool or only slightly warm, but the water in the cup is hot when you check it, then your Starbucks cup can go in the microwave.

Which Starbucks Cups Can You Microwave?

Starbucks sells different types of cups, from their regular newspaper cups to the reclaimable plastic tumblers that you can take with you anywhere. For cups that can be microwaved, the company offers ceramic, glass, and reclaimable plastic cups .
All of these three cups are dependable to put into the microwave. Be careful, though, with the ceramic and glass cups because they tend to become hot when microwaved, and you may end up burning your mouth if you drink from them right away .
The reclaimable cup is the more popular option. aside from being reclaimable, it is besides microwave and dishwasher condom, which means you can use the like cup over and over again in a assortment of settings .

The Best Way To Microwave a Starbucks Coffee

How you reheat your Starbucks coffee depends on where you are and what you ’ re using to heat it up. If you are at the agency, then your best option is to use a microwave oven since microwaves are besides found in most commercial buildings. however, if you are at home and only have access to a stovetop, that would be better .
If your coffee bean comes in a credit card cup, then you need to transfer it first to another microwave-safe container before microwaving it .
If you ’ re using a reclaimable cup, then merely reheat your Starbucks coffee bean on high power for about thirty seconds increments and touch it up before repeating the process again until the drink is hot enough.

For those who are heating up their coffee in a ceramic or glass cup, try lowering the power level of the microwave. Be careful when heating up the drink for this specific type of cup may become besides hot to handle when microwaved .
Let it sit a minute or two after reheating it before drinking it so you can cool down the cup .


so can you microwave a Starbucks fictile cup ? The answer is straight no. But this doesn ’ metric ton beggarly you can ’ t microwave Starbucks cups at all. There are other types of Starbucks cups that you can use in the microwave, so hanker as they have a microwave-safe label. Be careful, though, since evening these types may become besides hot to handle when microwaved indeed let it sit for a few minutes before drinking it .